Thursday, April 2, 2015

Manbun // Top Knot

I'm at the point in my hair length where I would probably only need one month to get a good topknot.  But why? It looks ridiculous!

I stumbled on some pictures of my hair back in October when it was pretty long too.

I'm going to cut it off... but at least I tried to stay current.  Also, there's already an Asian in the office with baby pony tail.  There can only be one.

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Oh dear - they sell Man buns at H&M.  Well actually they are for women, but men can appreciate them too now.


89% extravert... oh dear.  Jimmy is INTP.... lol

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RGB said...

LOL! My friend recently made me take one of those tests and I am an ENTP and still have no idea what that means.. I am also about a month away from my own manbun ;)