Sunday, September 7, 2014

Grand Canyon Road Trip - PART 3 - Route 66

Jimmy asked if we could drive down Historic Route 66 to stop by some interesting places on our way home.  It would be an hour slower than taking the main freeway, but I was down for an adventure!

My egg's benedict in the sleepy city of Flagstaff, Arizona.  Fuel for our trip!

I made Jimmy drive 20 minutes to get this stupid picture.  It was a good picture in my head with that Arizona sign, the city in the valley and mountains in the background.  But it just didn't translate.  I was being whiney with the heat and passive aggressive and Jimmy, being the wonderful person that he was drove back around for me to snag this.  Silly silly.

This is our first Route 66 stop.  Jimmy took some desert photos which included cowboy hats and a toy horse.  That picture is on facebook.

The roads are windy and narrow.  The route is definitely historic.  There were many abandoned looking lots along the road.

We stopped by Oatman Town which "refuses to die."  A step in time with burros or mules walking around casually.  If it wasn't for tourist cars parked along the road would you think you were on a movie. Set.

Jimmy humors me.

And here we are!  Roy;s Motel and Cafe.  Jimmy took some amazing fashion pictures.  I tried to be his photographer, but failed epically when I didn't noticed wrinkles in his shirt or the button that wasn't buttoned.  He was a bit frustrated with those pics, but happy to get some good shots out it.

I'm glad this place still exists.  It could easily be abandoned, but the cafe is functional.

Route 66 Selfie!  It was so hot.

1149 Miles. 18 hours and 15 minutes round trip.  It might seem inefficient, but it was the best for what we wanted to see.  There were a few Native American monuments one hour from Flagstaff that I was interested in, but Roy's Cafe was much better... oh and being in bed before midnight  is also much better.

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