Sunday, August 31, 2014

XCIX - Portland Trip - Rooster Rock and Nature

Don't worry Chris and Szeto.  We're almost there!  Well not really.  We squeezed into a car and found ourselves in nature.

Portland has a lot of green that's worth seeing and we were lucky that we had a tour guide.  It was quite an adventure and the bottle(s) of wine definitely added to the fun.

I took a handful of amazing shots with lots of colors!

We got our tourist on at Multnomah falls.  But this was only the beginning of our adventure.    Our tour guide told us that we were going to get wet... I wasn't too sure how wet he meant.

We ended at a hike where we had to wade through chest level water.  It was cold, but manageable.  I risked dropping my phone to grab these pictures.

We made it!  It was refreshing and exciting and not that strenuous.  Bring water moccasins and waterproof all your gear.

Definitely worth a trip to Oneonta Falls!

Our next stop was calmer, but also very gorgeous:  Rooster Rock... which is also a gay beach... and by beach I mean sand island in the Columbia River.

The water was warm and the weather was perfect.  We had more wine and enjoyed the day.  It was spectacular.  Our tour guide flirted his way to getting on a speed boat with some new friends.

We took a walk to change scenes and found another part of the river that was extremely shallow.

You could walk across.  It was amazing.

On our way out during sun down.  Unforgettable colors!

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