Thursday, April 3, 2014


2014 is not my year.  When I went to pick up a coworker in downtown back in December, I was going 45MPH down my usually road to Little Tokyo, this time it was during school time.  What's the cost of 45 in a school zone?  When all is said and done: $441 for the fine and traffic school to get it off your record.

I did intensive research and found this great first person account:

But instead of selecting a court date, requesting an extension and praying that my cop doesn't show up, I accidentally selected "Schedule an Arraignment" with no way of undoing it.  Well fuck, I messed that up.  What is an arraignment!??  It's when you go to court and they tell you what you did wrong - if you plead guilty you pay, if you plead not guilty you schedule a court date.  Wait.. you could avoid this extra meeting if you just pay.  I'm an idiot.

But I confirmed this notion through my adventures - go to court, your fine will be reduced.  After doing the courtroom dance lead by an amusing court officer who was both patient, positive and way too good at their job handling confused and stressed people the judge came in and said the following.

"... some of you will plead not guilty and roll your dice that your officer will not show up.  But you lose your right to traffic school and the odds are probably against you.  However, we understand everyone's economic hardships.  Your fine will be slashed in half if you plead guilty today."

And like a processed food on a conveyer belt we all stood up, walked up to the mic, said our plea and went on our way.

"Jose, you did not stop at a right turn, how do you plead?"
"Your fine is cut in half, please make your way upstairs.. you have the option for community service or traffic school."  The judge had a great motherly smile.

"Amy, you were jaywalking"  ... people waiting their turn started to whisper.  Poor tall blonde girl in a miniskirt, you should have used the crosswalk.

So my $441 didn't cut to $220.50, but to $312.  Because the court FEEs remained the same.  I'll take it.  And it's the best route to admitting guilt and paying a lower fee for those who feel morally obligated to being punished.... I did see those children I suppose.


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Total should be $12.95, no hidden fees.  That's like the cost of an Old Fashion at a trending bar or a vodka soda at the Abbey.

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