Monday, March 24, 2014

Q1 - 2014

Because of work, I'm starting to think of my year in quarters.  Did we hit our goals?  Q1, 2014 felt like a bit of a waste.  Aside from a very wonderful trip to the Pacific Northwest, I find myself not as entertained with life as I used to be.

I've discovered that I've become impatient with people who lack the specific logic that I possess.  I used to be so patient.  I'm uninspired by people because there isn't anyone who I really look up to.  No close gaysian friends who are married. Though it's basically like being a part of the first Senior Class at a brand new high school... "we're allowed to marry now... um... I guess we're the first ones.  Good luck everyone."

I'm feeling old as I interact with younger millennials in various atmospheres.  The snapchat generation, the #yolo generation.  I don't understand you.  I don't understand why I complain so much about you.  But I know that you're children...

There have been projects that I've just brushed aside.  New light fixture? New photo board? new furniture?  New wardrobe? New skin regimen? New work out plan? The things that I would invest in that would be considered a "life upgrade" are afterthoughts.

I feel creepy trying to dance to songs that don't have any meaning to me.  I feel like I should have partied harder when I was younger when I had the right attitude.  Everything was still new and exciting.

How do these gays in Neverland do it?
- Party all night
- Drink all day
- Sleeping around the circle

Workout so much to preserve their bodies... but don't their minds age?  I wonder if I would be a Lost Boy in Neverland if I was single.  Or would I be complaining about the Lost Boys of Neverland after every failed date and generalize and complain about the community.

Anyway.  Let's start over 2014.

Let's start 2014 with Q2.  April.  And this is what I'll accomplish:
- Waking up early to swim... and taking a selfie to prove it every day.
... okay, let's just start there for now.

...and maybe I'll fix my bike for CicLAvia

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