Monday, February 24, 2014

Yelp! Elite Events 2013

I'm very ambitious... for example for 2013 I wanted to make sure that I went to my first Yelp! Elite event.  These are my life goals ladies and gentlemen.

I was able to attend 3 events in the last quarter of the year!  And they were quite enjoyable.  Fellow Elite Danster would say, "I told you Chris.... you should have gone sooner."  I was able to relive some of the moments scanning the Yelp! Flickr page.  I also realized that Yelp! across the nation has some pretty epic events.

Horse Races

Jimmy and checked out the Santa Anita Park and bid about $4 on a horse and made about $.30.  Go big or go home is what we like to say.  We got one drink voucher and a nice lunch and an awesome tour of the park.  We met the jockeys and got to see the horses  pretty up close.

Halloween - ABC Party

I borrowed these sushi chef outfits from work.  I thought they would be suitable for a Yelp! event.  Mixology drinks and finger food perfection.  Jimmy was having trouble with his chopsticks.  See him cheating with his hands!  This "speakeasy" is fun - pick the door knob that will let you enter.  It's pretty easy to figure out and of course they can't change the knob so once you know... you know.

Ugly Sweater Bash

Don and Ryan joined us at Yelp!'s Ugly Sweater party.  Lots of great sushi and a fun photobooth

 I'm really upset that I missed this year's Prom Event! (Celebrity couples) because I was preparing for Seattle.  But I'm excited to do more this year!

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