Friday, August 31, 2012

July Recap

We went wine tasting at Barnsdall Park.  Check out these cut complementary glasses.  I got a nice buzz and so did Rosario Dawson.  We waited around for a picture with her, but she aggressively declined because she was too drunk.  We politely let her be and walked away.  "The worst that could happen is they they no."  Well, it's a sad feeling when celebrities decline.

But here's a sneaky picture of her grooving to the afternoon.  What a star.


Ern's birthday at Ernie's Tacos.  I take full credit for the bomb group photo.  No awkward shuffling here.  Every year, the group grows and Ern does a really nice appreciation speech.  Look at all this love in the room.

We discovered a cute gay dive bar in Pasadena called The Boulevard.  We had a boyfriend serenade-off and guess what's happening in the bottom picture.  You got it a rendition of Proud Mary.    ROLLING DOWN THE RIVER.

Had a tiny pool party and made use of the BBQ pit: bulgogi lettuce wraps!

I connected with Irene who I haven't seen in YEARS!  She looks the same!  She claims that I do too, but lol.

Went on a pirate themed cruise ship around Marina del Rey.  YEAH, I dressed up.  What about it?!?!?!  Yeah those hats were like $6 each... and I'll never wear it again... whatever!  I got a bomb ass photo out of it.

I'm falling in love with Silverlake Reservoir.  Fly my kite, have a picnic, devour these amazing chinese fried chicken wings.

We went to San Diego for Fourth of July where Charles took advantage of OTHER people's room service.

Having more fun on these new modern playground toys than the kids around.

That's all of July!  Dear heavens, I'm almost caught up!

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