Sunday, November 20, 2011

Korean Festival

I found it very interesting that none of my Korean friends knew about the annual Korean Festival in LA.  Nor did they have any interest in checking it out.  I guess because we live next to the giant that is Ktown - everyday we drive through it's like a Korean Festival.

But I was glad to check that off the list.  (Still need to celebrate Holi - Indian Festival of Colors and the Brazilian Festival that I missed earlier in the year.

Never seen Kim Chi in bulk like this before.  There were so many Kim Chi samples!  Lots of other foods too, but I couldn't read the signs... those circles and lines... is it the food item or price?  It's like hieroglyphic binary code.

Old man planning beer pong, free clay pot (the line was too long), floral crafts and a B-BOI competition.

Check out this giant white person. "ME WANT EXOTIC FOOD."

We continued our explore heading toward Northern Ktown where we found Zion Market nested in the middle of korean shopping mall.  I concluded that as you get more north, Ktown becomes nicer and expensive.  South of Wilshire Ktown is more hood - where Koreans and Mexicans fight for parking space.

We sampled this duk bok gi, loved it, and made it that night by adding ramen.  YUM!

Oh... Koreatown Pho is always suspicious.  Pho 24 also offers authentic Vietnamese gyoja and chow fun.  STFU.

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