Saturday, August 22, 2009

Letopho is NOT Sophisticated

This morning I woke up for wine tasting with my coworkers. I missed Sunset Junction Street Fair with Alysia for a tour of Temecula wineries.

When we arrived at the first vineyard, I was poured some wine to taste. Without knowing what to do, I downed it like a shot and then quickly realized that wine is a sipping sport. Some folks called me out, I was embarrassed. It didn't help that I was hung over from West Hollywood the night before and all I could really "taste" was the burning sensation.... but I managed.

I wasted a lot of wine, I was glad I was given the option of dumping what I didn't like. So wasteful.

After sampling 5 different wines from 3 different vineyards (EACH!) and getting a lesson on how to aerate the wine to get flavor, I concluded that... I am not a wine person. Period. There is no pretending.

The best thing that I tasted was ... the water I had with my lunch. And I was craving fast food all day.

But I did enjoy the cheese, the view and the amazing weather.


Oh and my coworkers teased me for wearing "Cholo Sunglasses." They're fucking sunglasses. LOL. And the ones my grandpa got me from a garage sale! Silly. Though I had fun putting my elbows up and going side to side, "it's cuz I'm from da bay!" I responded.

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Gauss Jordan said...

LOL. poor guy. I like going to wine tastings, wine / cheese parties, and so on. You can at least pronounce "Prosciutto," right?

I'm not a wine snob -- or a beer snob (I know both) -- but I do know what I like from certain vineyards. :-)