Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Theme is PINK

On Monday I attended Aileen's 24th birthday at TGIF.

The theme was pink. My Pink tie was happy it had a purpose. I love color themed photos. Aileen of course was not wearing pink.

Despite the fact that I was an outsider intruding on their Silver Creek '02 HS reunion, I was welcomed with open arms! A couple of drinks were bought for me... and some cool friends were made.

It was as if I went to Silver Creek for four years. Even though in reality, I went to 3 dances and did some community service with these fools. And check this out. MoAny and I are in a group dance picture in 2001! According to MoAn, this is where we first met, 8 years ago when he hit my head while dancing violently.... wait a minute.. is that why I have bad memory!?

As I'm sitting there and more Siver Creek people pour in, this girl comes in and shouts, "OMG, Everyone is here, CHRIS!!!!!" And she looks right at me, but I heard her say, "CHRIST!" Like Christ there is so many people. And I looked around and said, "huh?" Feeling ignored, she walked away. I looked at MoAny, "do I know her?" He said yes. I sat there in a panic for 10 minutes going through my mind cabinets until I found a picture of us at a dance. MY MEMORY IS SO BAD! OMG, I went to a Silver Creek dance with her in 2000! FUCK FUCK FUCK!

I went to apologize and made an excuse saying she looks different. And she said it's all good and bought me a drink! HAHA!! Tonight she invited me and MoAn to Bamboo 7, a Karaoke bar in J-town San Jose! WOOT! She's so fun.

Aileen was a hot mess. Well, just hot. We left before she was a mess. I was also united with Anhimals. Who is dating Josh from So You Think You Can Dance. She also loves giraffes. She... is wonderful.

Anhimals has always been a pimp! Love it.

I remember this dance photo quite clearly, maybe because it was the most awkward thing I suggested. And at TGIF, I suggested we do the awkward pose again. HAHAHAHAH:

I started to post all my high school dance pictures on thefacebook. Some of my best hair styles and colors. Haha. But that's another post.

MoAny caught me up with all the HS scandels of the group how the boys and girls dated one another. Oh goodness. Have I changed? Doesn't look like it... scrawny arms, bad hair, interesting fashion, greasy face. Good thing I loved high school... even if it was someone else's !!

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