Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Attention on the Dance Floor

Me and MoAny are very adverse to Gay Dance Music.

We arrived at Shangrala at the End Up because apparently everyone was going to be there this past Saturday and we GOT OUT OF THERE in half an hour because the music was all Gay Dance music. It was free before 11 and it was already packed. Our cheap Asian community comes before cover fee together as one! HAHA! Though cover was ridiculously $15.

I looked around me. Outside there were lanterns hanging and awkward go-go dancers who were pretty um.. gross and twinky. AND a random guy giving "professional" massages. I was a little offended. This is how we define ourselves huh? I told this to John and he said I should have torn it all down and shout, "these are not the lights of my people!!!!!"

Oh Orientalism. I think there were gongs and take out boxes on the walls. But, the music was more of a problem.

I said bye to Jason and he said, "oh okay... sorry this music isn't good enough for you." Well he didn't say that exactly, but he implied it. It was then that I realized that I may be arrogant when it comes to music. That I classify what's shitty and left a club while large groups were pouring in. We tried! MoAny I just looked at each other at the patio and shook our heads, how do you dance to this? Before we left for a more mainstream, top 40 place, I got a picture with Miss GAPA! YAY! Awkward Asian boys in drag!

This past year I talk opening about my hatred of "house music" when I have actually been referring to Electronic Dance Music. My ex, Ryan, explained to me that house music is the stuff they play at raves and there are usually no lyrics. MoAny exclaimed, "you mean it gets worse? to the point where you cant sing along?"

Ryan explained to me the merits of electronic dance music:
-it makes gay boys want to grind and gyrate
-i should learn to be a more versatile dancer
-this is the type of music you imagine gay boys "doing it" to
-this is all they play at "real gay dance clubs"
-this is what New York is too
-hip hop is for girls to flaunt their booties and black guys

And gave me a link to a streaming Seattle Station. It's growing on me. Makes me clean my room.

I've decided that next Friday at Dragon when my ex is in town, im going to do the unthinkable. I'm going to dance on the DOWNSTAIRS floor of Dragon. *GASP! And maybe I will manage to do something other than wave my hips and touch my nipple. Opening my mind... the rest of the world loves this shit... i can do this. I will be more "gay."

But before that, me and MoAny hit up The Cellar and danced to some GOOD MUSIC!


I wore my FOBBY shirt to Shangrila because I figured... I was going to be around Asians. But then we ended up going to Cellar. Poor MoAny was breathing heavily trying to find a parking spot. Luckily his NEW GPS assisted him in not getting too far from our destination. We ended up in a garage and got in around Midnight.

Everyone in line looked hot. MoAny and I looked like we just came from a gay Asian dance club with drag queens and awkward go go dancers... .. ....

The bouncer was being nice, "next time wear collared shirts."
"yes sir!" I was relieved we got in. But I felt really ugly wearing my "SEVEN" shirt from Vietnam and under the black light, it was emphasized. Damn it.

MoAny and I ran into some friends!!

Before we left Shagrila, I told Henry we were going to a straight club and he responded, "ew.. a straight club?" I dunno, it's nice just to go somewhere else with more than one gender. Plus I like dancing with girls and I seem to get more attention on the dance floor.

I liked this club. In one room there was ghetto hip hop where people were getting hyphy and in the other room was more... um... real white people music. It was the other end of the spectrum. They played stuff like, Footloose, Hey Yah, Red Red Wine, and some 80's hits. Fun stuff that makes you do the twist.

I love going to straight clubs because MoAny and I put on a show. I would dance with MoAny and then with a girl and everyone get's stupid confused and clears the dance floor like we are freaks. We were doing so many body rolls that the floor also fell like it was moving. Some random people took a picture of me . Didn't know an Asian boy c/would do that?!? The black girls at the club seemed most impressed!

I got a couple of stares... Hmm.. wait ... good stares? Well, it doesn't matter.. I had fun.

Michelle told me that she was glad there were some MEN there to dance to. Aww... I like being a Man... as opposed to a fairy who dances to electronic..... (IM OPENING UP MY MIND NEXT WEEK!)



dannie said...

idk what you refer to electronic music. send me some samples!

letopho said...

I don't know either.

Remixes and excessive beats?
Stuff they play on um... 92.7?


mich said...

i'm all business when we dance.

Stanza said...

I wouldn’t say that that play house music at raves but more upbeat and energetic genres of edm like trance or hard dance.

Sadly, it seems like you have been overexposed to the cheesy/fluffy commercial house which is anything but quality edm.