Saturday, July 19, 2008

July Dragon

Yesterday was July Dragon! (I haven't been in two months!)

Poor MoAny drove me to Dragon last night even though he already hit his monthly quota the week before. JoE has surpassed his quota... going 5 weeks straight now? Is that right Joe? Slut.

The crowd was new. Joe reasoned that people were just "turning 21."

The hip hop DJ ZAX was pretty good during the beginning of the night, but as people got more drunk, he snuck in some random white people electronic music. Yes, I got mad cuz that's why there are TWO FUCKING FLOORS. The excessive beats belong downstairs bucko. Though, I did like this one mix he did with an off beat that allowed me to pop my chest ever so often. I wasn't drunk enough to dance with strangers. I noted that my targets were usually awkward wall flowers. I don't know why.

There was this one tall guy in a baby blue polo(?) who looked really familiar, but I can't pinpoint it. Bah. It's going to bug me forever now. The boys were playing with my tie. Apparently I haven't been doing the double windsor, only the single windsor. Haha. Oops. I thought I was so cool.

Straight Ticket.
Jonjon brought his straight friends from New York. Equipped with two girls each, the boys were in the safe zone. My response: no fun. That's the thing, if you're straight and you're at a gay club, you just need a girl and the boys will leave you alone. No straight person would DARE enter homoland without some protective boobies to shield them from unsuspecting gropage! Like I said, NO fun.

Registered Gays.
Everyone who goes to Dragon/Rage, is registered (for the most part.) They are registered on downelink. And downelink gives them a gay number. When I had a joint account with Chris, our gay number was in the 2000's. Now, if you want to be a registered gay, you'll find yourself in the 500,000's. Do you know YOUR registered gay number? HAHAHA.

Purikura Sticky WALL Part 1!
I amused at how many I found on downelink. Which poses the question once again, gay OR Asian?

Or maybe it's just Fobby. To me, it's catching on to the downe community like stir fry.

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