Thursday, July 24, 2008

Book Case. Nut Case

I got a letter in the mail today saying that my license has officially been revoked.

It is illegal for me to drive until January 2009.

Luckily I can apply for a "restrictive licenses" that allows me to drive to work, to school and to DUI class! Some say I should drive anyway, but with the government low on cash and the way I drive normally, I am going to get pulled over.

I'm happy that I bought a book shelf to make my room more pleasant since I'm going to be spending a lot of time here.

Please visit me. -.-

Depressed Chris says: It feels like I keep getting kicked in the stomach.

Optimistic Chris says: Time to fix up my bike!

Depressed Chris says: OF COURSE the bus station out side my court is shut down and of COURSE the light rail near my house is closed for renovation until the end of August. OF COURSE OF COURSE!!!!

Optimistic Chris says: I have great friends that always accommodate my hatred of driving in general anyway. And all I need to do is help them pay for gas.

Something good happen to me please. I can only force a smile for soooooo long.
Appreciate, appreciate, appreciate. At least I have a bookshelf. Yes. My bookshelf rocks.


I define a lot of myself with this bookshelf.

Top Shelf
-Baby Picture when I had FAT cheeks
-Christmas studio picture with my brother
-Picture with Alysia by pool in High school
-Picture with Smyr, Diana, Alysia in Alysia's station wagon in High school
-NSU Collage Azusa made for me

First Shelf
-Picture frame from John for my 23rd birthday
-Pile of random pictures from high school
-Picture frame from Tom during 2003 summer
-Professional picture from my Cruise with Chris, Michelle, Gabe and Dina 2007

Second Shelf
-Abstract Giraffe Painting from MoAny
-Candle from High school dance
-Candle stand from college apartment
-Camera tripod from Ztoe
-Studio picture of brother and Mom
-Christmas storage box when I worked at Hallmark 2003
-Bowl of necklaces
-Deodorant because I smell really bad... but some people get accustomed to my smell and associate me with that smell.

Third Shelf
-Sexy professional picture of me when I was nominated best male actor in High school
-Small books. Movie tickets
-Christmas present from my cousin Natassia of some nature shot

Forth Shelf
-Books for higher education and Berkeley must-keeps? NO! Random books you find at Urban Outfitters that include, "505 Stupid Websites," "Party Games," and "Language Myths"
-Cheddah, the Japanese Giraffe from Zto!

Bottom Shelf
-Everything photography
-Photo albums
-Photo Boxes
-Old Camera
-My favorite bear from my childhood

-Monkey Carpet from Secret Santa game Ignia Christmas party 2007
-Photoboxes with random things, office supplies, scrapbook shit, yarn
-Candles. I like candles because I smell. I really got into them when I had smoking roomates
-Desktop from High school! MoAny upgraded the RAM for me and Im about to install a DVD drive! HOT


mich said...

if you move to sf, you won't need a car! woo woo

dannie said...

your room looks super tidy. at least that area...
did you move the mess away from camera viewing angles?

Thomas said...

you still have that picture and picture frame! :)