Monday, March 24, 2014

Q1 - 2014

Because of work, I'm starting to think of my year in quarters.  Did we hit our goals?  Q1, 2014 felt like a bit of a waste.  Aside from a very wonderful trip to the Pacific Northwest, I find myself not as entertained with life as I used to be.

I've discovered that I've become impatient with people who lack the specific logic that I possess.  I used to be so patient.  I'm uninspired by people because there isn't anyone who I really look up to.  No close gaysian friends who are married. Though it's basically like being a part of the first Senior Class at a brand new high school... "we're allowed to marry now... um... I guess we're the first ones.  Good luck everyone."

I'm feeling old as I interact with younger millennials in various atmospheres.  The snapchat generation, the #yolo generation.  I don't understand you.  I don't understand why I complain so much about you.  But I know that you're children...

There have been projects that I've just brushed aside.  New light fixture? New photo board? new furniture?  New wardrobe? New skin regimen? New work out plan? The things that I would invest in that would be considered a "life upgrade" are afterthoughts.

I feel creepy trying to dance to songs that don't have any meaning to me.  I feel like I should have partied harder when I was younger when I had the right attitude.  Everything was still new and exciting.

How do these gays in Neverland do it?
- Party all night
- Drink all day
- Sleeping around the circle

Workout so much to preserve their bodies... but don't their minds age?  I wonder if I would be a Lost Boy in Neverland if I was single.  Or would I be complaining about the Lost Boys of Neverland after every failed date and generalize and complain about the community.

Anyway.  Let's start over 2014.

Let's start 2014 with Q2.  April.  And this is what I'll accomplish:
- Waking up early to swim... and taking a selfie to prove it every day.
... okay, let's just start there for now.

...and maybe I'll fix my bike for CicLAvia

Holi - Festival of Colors 2014

Almost missed the second annual Holi Festival in Norwalk.  Last year was amazing and I was hoping to experience the same this year.  But something about Jimmy not being able to go made it a little empty.  Plus, I've already experienced Holi so the novelty wore off.  What a debbie downer.  Next year I'm thinking about going in the later afternoon, the energy and light will be a little different.

I love going through pictures from photographers who brave the colors and bring their DSLRs.

John Truong, for example, makes this event look like a dream.  He has these amazing portraits that should be published.  SEE MORE.  He also did the Holi at Will Rogers Beach which I feel like I will crash next year so that I can finally use my bags of powered that I bought separately.  These bags were not welcome at the Norwalk event so that they could profile from you buying there.   There may be safety concerns too.

Other pictures:

When people ask about this event they say.. Oh the running thing... Yeah sure.  The Color Run.  Except without the running and with food, music and dancing.. aka... the festival the Color Run was based off of.  I've mentioned this before, but people gotta look up the origin of things.

My favorite pictures from instagram (credit in the file name).  Lots of hands!

And this is us:

Purple is the harshest color.  The boys had a good time.  When we took a shower, colors covered the drain like Carrie.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

February 2014 Recap

Me... at Guisados

February... what I remember about February is captured in a couple of snags.  I'm saving a separate blog entry for my Portland Seattle trip.

I tried to attend the 115th Golden Dragon Parade & Chinese New Year Festival and took my friends on an odd fail ride.  I was having an issue with parking, but found a spot on a hill.  I was facing downward and needed to backup.  So I pressed aggressive on the paddle to compensate for gravity. Except..... I was in the wrong gear and jolted forward almost hitting the car in front of me.  My passangers screamed.  But I caught myself and decided to park farther and safer.  Glad I didn't cause damage.

After walking a mile and watching 10 minutes of the parade, dragons and confetti oh my.  We went to find food.  We found a restaurunt in an obscure plaza and discovered a mild wait.  All of a sudden the lights went out and the cooks walked out of the kitchen for a smoke.  No electricity.  Fail.

We walked to a Banh Mi place that I liked and got excited.... the staff walked out and said, "sorry we're all out.. crazy day."  The festival partakers sold them out!  UGH Fail.

Our third choice was a sketchy and really cheap and dirty takeout place with no seating.  This is us in an alley eating oily things.  Happy Year of the Horse.

This is my favorite alley way between upscale apartments in the Fashion District off Santee street.  And look, I found a pretty tasty quesadilla for 3 bucks.  Looks like this area is getting a face lift with a 20 year project to add a mega City Market which will take over 10 blocks and include hotels, apartments, offices, and even a college.  The Santee alley will probably die as the rent goes up.  So sad, but years in the making.

I stopped by the LA Art Book Fair at the Geffen.  It was really pretty.. I'm illiterate, but I was amused by an Asian-Australian Queer Zine.  Ern says that 321 should have a zine.

There was thing thing called the Superbowl.  I don't know.  I stopped by Kevyns work place to eat American junk food and high five people.

This is real street art.  

Resourceful reflector... a perfect headslot

Jimmy is taking food pictures for our friend's pop up Filipino food project.  It's amazing to see passionate people taking it to the next level.  Check out PATAO

This is the other couple.  Jlo is worried about the future and Andrew and considering the characters in his life he can incorporate into his film.

We sort of invaded private property in Echo Park to explore this new complex of condensed homes.  Really cute and in a great location.

What do you do when you live in an attic space?  You have movie nights and project Frozen and Beyonce music videos on your slanted walls.  MORE MOVIE NIGHTS!


- Grimaldi's - Lots of garlic and lots of sausage is my pizza topping jam.  Don't need to go to New York any more!
- Hoy-ka - I got a message on yelp! That my favorite boat noodle place moved.  I was worried that prices would go up since they moved to a location with more traffic.  Nope.  Still under $6 for an amazing spicy bowl of Thai Boat Noodle.
- PATAO Homemade Ice Cream and Pork Belly - My friend is crazy talented.  No sous chef either.
Folliero’s Italian Food and Pizza - Mmmm really affordable Italian food.  That's what I like!
- Overpriced West side food - A giant chicken pot pie for like $20.. really?
- Boiling Point - Valentines tradition!
- Simpang Asia - So good.  So cheap.  Indonesian food.. but on the West. Gasp.
- Versailles Restaurant - That Cuban chain with that moist chicken.  Yummzers