Sunday, July 13, 2008

Project Michelle is Exploding

Today I was at Grand Century Mall in "Little Sai Gon."

It's been a month since I volunteered at a bone marrow drive for my cousin and I was more than happy to get back into the groove of things.

When I arrived there were more than enough volunteers. The energy was high and the goals were set: register every person that enters the main doors! This, of course, is easier said than done.

Despite the years of Vietnamese that I took, I found myself tongue tied when it came to talking to the Vietnamese speaking patrons that entered the mall. I admit, I didn't try as hard as I should have, after all, they do speak English (though more inclined to listen if the person accosting them was also Vietnamese.)

One guy was trying to register when his crazy wife approached the table.
"My eye!" The husband joked. His wife freaked out.
"WHAT?! NO! I'm HIS WIFE! AND I HAVE SAY!" She tried to grab the form from his hands. My jaw dropped, the husband started to laugh. I tried to explain our efforts, but she would have none of it. She was crazy, but luckily he was adamant about registering.

I left early, but heard the drive registered over 100 people. Nice. This project is taking off with the support of some Asian American celebs:

Project Michelle also has a leg in America's Best Dance Crew:

Please vote for our friends on Supreme Soul–the bay area group on MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew. These super talented guys have huge hearts and are big supporters of Project Michelle. They will be wearing our t-shirts on next Thursday’s episode.

Dang. Go Project Michelle!

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