Sunday, August 31, 2014

XCIX - Portland Trip - Rooster Rock and Nature

Don't worry Chris and Szeto.  We're almost there!  Well not really.  We squeezed into a car and found ourselves in nature.

Portland has a lot of green that's worth seeing and we were lucky that we had a tour guide.  It was quite an adventure and the bottle(s) of wine definitely added to the fun.

I took a handful of amazing shots with lots of colors!

We got our tourist on at Multnomah falls.  But this was only the beginning of our adventure.    Our tour guide told us that we were going to get wet... I wasn't too sure how wet he meant.

We ended at a hike where we had to wade through chest level water.  It was cold, but manageable.  I risked dropping my phone to grab these pictures.

We made it!  It was refreshing and exciting and not that strenuous.  Bring water moccasins and waterproof all your gear.

Definitely worth a trip to Oneonta Falls!

Our next stop was calmer, but also very gorgeous:  Rooster Rock... which is also a gay beach... and by beach I mean sand island in the Columbia River.

The water was warm and the weather was perfect.  We had more wine and enjoyed the day.  It was spectacular.  Our tour guide flirted his way to getting on a speed boat with some new friends.

We took a walk to change scenes and found another part of the river that was extremely shallow.

You could walk across.  It was amazing.

On our way out during sun down.  Unforgettable colors!

Appreciating Fig and 7th

The Summer concert series at Fig and 7th is a fun line up.  We only got a chance to check out one evening, but it was a nice evening that started at the gourmet food court in downtown and ended with really cool live music.  We had an exceptional view on the grassy knoll until the water sprinklers went off.

Figging out

New-ish City Center

Artistic building photo

Great turn out

This hole will soon be the tallest building on the west coast

Freeway 110

Don's Superhero Bash

I got really excited when I was invited to Don's Superhero themed birthday party.  I was hunting for a costume and finally found a Green Lantern costume.  Yes!  Jimmy was also able to borrow a Robin costume that was a little small which was perfect for showing off his pecs.

 This was the first time I've attended one of Don's party and I was really impressed with the detail like this polaroid station at the entry.

And the comic book style guest book!  Oh yes - Joker Nurse outfit was amazing.

The bats in the bathroom caught my eye.

So many desserts!

When Don did his birthday speech he announced that he was dressed up as "Fatwoman" because he's old and fat now.  He also introduced his straight friend who is a virgin.

A lot of similar elements to 321 parties, but taken to the next level.  Don's place has real furniture, not stuff off the street.  So it felt less frat house more adult living space. The backyard is large and with a projector playing old super hero cartoons.  He also had real catering from a Thai place.  I rarely feed my guests. LOL - yall can feed yourselves!

Charles was freaking out about not having a costume, but woah - he forgot about his leather pull over and skull mask from our prop bin.  Work that whip!

They also up-ed their photobooth game with a remote timer, amazing comic props and a cityscape backdrop that probably took HOURS to make.  That's all tape and I have no idea how they achieved that.

Wilton wins as Sailor Mercury!  Nailed it!  Ryan also made his Nightwing costume.  Loved seeing variations of the same superhero costume.  My borrowed costume was nicely padded and my ring pop lit the way.

Spectacular party!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

90s Party on the Marina

Found myself in the marina on a boat wearing clothes from the 90s.

I wore my butt crack hair style that I did for homecoming in high school and I pulled out my baggy jeans.  Other folks went for boyband, office person, eminem?

These two practiced their Wayne's World face.

The weather and view was perfect.  I've boated in the Marina before, but I was usually too busy drinking to fully appreciate my surroundings.

Sailboats coming our way!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Sunday Brunch at Escala

 Escala - Artistic Soul Food.

I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered Sunday Brunch at this place in Koreatown.  The Chapman Market Plaza looks like a mystery for any one who just drives past it down 6th street.  That's because all of the bars are facing inward so you don't have much of a store front.  But not any more with the entry of Escala.  The giant windows face the street and give patrons great ventilation and view.  I can hear in my head passerbys saying.. WHATS THAT!?!

The decor inside is very cool.  The DJ spinning tracks on Sunday adds to the vibe which I was soaking up all morning.  Some of the decorative elements are obviously added in, but some made me wonder if they were originally a part of the building.  There was a Spanish church/mission feel that I thought was very unique.

Eventually this place will be busy, but right now it's not on the radar and all the creatures-of-habit will continue go to their usual brunch spots and wait one hour for a seat.  While Escala smiles from across the street.

 Food was pretty good.  Portions are smaller than what I'm used to, but this is probably a good thing.  We should get away from the notorious American sizes.  #supersizeme.  Chilaquiles,  Eggs Benedict and Loco Moco interpretations get an A plus for plating... but nothing to travel out of the way for.  The venue and energy were the most delicious parts of the morning.

 Oh and this Mango Chili Mimosa... t  Though I wanted a better punch.  MORE Mango.  MORE Chili!  For that I should have ordered the Sancho Reyes.  But tequila in the morning.. i guess I've made worst decisions.

 Oh and the Cafe de Columbia is $.25.  No joke.  Get it.