Sunday, July 6, 2008

You Look Familiar

I think I have a generic look.

I've gotten a considerable amount of "you look familiar" comments.

I usually respond, "eh, I always remind someone of somebody else."

Here are a couple of guys that have been claimed to be "my twin."

What do you think?

I met Lan for 10 minutes and already he said, "You look like someone." We spent 15 minutes searching downelink for my "twin." Here he is:

I think it's the long face. Like... I have a long face.

Rich thought this guy looks like me. Once again, long face.

Nick said it was the glasses:

MoAny says this guy from Berkeley makes the same "horse" expression that I make. Except, his is less ugly. Hah. Thanx

Random friend of a friend... similar features?

This is Nate. Poor Nate. Last year, everyone mistook him for me. People believed we were twins. Except he's the really EMO version of me. No, like seriously EMO.

Think I look like someone else? Please submit the picture!

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