Thursday, June 30, 2011

Men's Breast Cancer Awareness

Now yah know.

San Diego Trip

On April 15th, we decided to take a break from LA and absorb some San Diego sun.  But it was actually very cold.

Hung out at Balboa Park.

For some reason, we found the desert section very interesting.

Very Harry Potter
Entering the vagina tree

Such an angry Asian American

We also did some kayaking and learned about the cove.  Still need to develop those shots from my underwater camera.  We went out in Hillcrest and found my friend's old apartment.  We failed to find relive my Cupid Shuffle experience in a ghetto hip hop club because they had transformed Numbers that night into the very opposite of what it's know to be.  Notttt happy that night.

Over all, it was a nice little trip.

I have found a book titled, "Walking LA."  This book includes 36 walks in different neighborhoods.  The other day, Jimmy and I discovered the Heights Steps in Los Feliz.  Sandwiched between expensive homes were these steps that belonged to no one.  In the middle was a cute bench complete with floral foliage, soda can and prescription drugs..

This guy comes down the steps and we make conversation.  "if you guys are gonna make out, use the bench over there... they can't see you... I had sex there one time!  Good day!  Oh and he's a keeper."

Oops, I guess we were obvious. He probably thought Jimmy was a trick that I picked up at the park.  Well.... either way, I'm keeping him.

I've also found this blog: .  365 things to do in LA... this women's journey to document a different thing to do for each day of the year.  Love love love.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Vietnamese Films

I just finished watching Passport to Love (Chuyen Tinh Xa Xu) off netflix and I was blown away by the American style screenplay and cinematography.

In my mind, the only form of Vietnamese entertainment that I knew of was bad music videos, variety shows and classic Viet songs sung over and over by new artists.  After watching this film that was released in 2009, I am left speechless.

It was a chick flick, Korean drama with a tinge of Vietnamese and Vietnamese American humor and cultural references.

There were sex scenes, references to the new generation Vietnamese American experiences and superb acting.  Any Vietnamese individual who watches would be blown away since Vietnamese film is a strange idea.

You can watch the movie for free off IMDB: 

I looked up the director Victor Vu and found that he directed the Vietnamese film Spirits, which is a horror movie that I own and some new stuff such as Battle of the Brides and Inferno recycling actors.  Apparently there are only 10 actors in Vietnam and Inferno got some heat for being a shocking replica of another film.  Read comments.

Another film I want to check out is Saigon Electric. I don't know much about this movie, but I was introduced to it at the Asian American Film Festival.

The appeal is the focus of Vietnam's youth and dance culture.  Something that I was also not aware of even though I took some hip hop classes in Saigon when I was there some years back.  Check out the trailer here.

I'm just waiting for it to come out on DVD since I missed the screenings.

A week ago, I got check out Krunk Fu Battle Battle which featured Lawrence Kao from Kaba Modern.  The musical performance took place in Brooklyn.  It was about a boy who moves to the hood where he has to dance battle a bboi bully in order for him to stay on campus.  This involves a girl, a best friend and an overworked mom.  Great dancing, rapping and singing from the actors.  With a handful of cuties... mmm Matt Tayao.

I love Asian American film and theater!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Nonstop Dancing

I was recently tagged in a photo album:

I think I have a problem.


Saturday, June 18, 2011


Beware of TinyURLs and friends to contact you from out of the blue.


What Do White Girls Like?

Jimmy was a part of an International group in college.  They had a little reunion.... we all have accents.

More lady friends!

321 Yard Sale

Ern really wanted to have a yard sale, so we dragged all junk from the house and put it out on the side walk for sale.  I put up signs and hung streamers along two large metal beams that eventually fell on someone's head with a large gust of wind.  (Lawsuit).  The guy was very disgruntled.

It was a fair success.  Our street isn't particularly busy, but we were able to sell some random items.  I was amused when our friends stopped by and bought things off each other.  I think that was a part of Ern's vision.

Echo Park's Urbancook aka, our friend Eric also set up a stand to sell his famous mexi-asian pulled pork butt on baked potato with cilantro.  Eric is one of my favorite types of vegetarians - he doesn't eat meat, but he cooks it like a pro.  This stuff is amazing.

I was really amused when the whole thing just turned into one big kick back with our friends on our stoop.  And kick backs lead to "modeling."

The highlight was this Vietnamese lady clad in bright floral who basically schooled Ern and myself when she took all our merchandise for $.25.  Ern would give a price and she would respond sharply, "NOooooo, Toooo muchhhhhhh" and then suggest aggressively a more "appropriate price" which was usually HALF of what we were asking.  We folded.  She was scary.

Ern had one chance to get his dignity back and said NO when she wanted the hanger.  She had to have the last say though:

She told him to put the hanger away if he wasn't going to give it to her for free.  She got her just desserts when she was rummaging through our free bin and inadvertently sprayed herself in the face with old windex.  Wish I had that on video.

Taking a break
Obligatory group shot
It was a nice day.  We left all the junk we didn't want in the streets (following suit of our Mexican neighbors.)  And in 2 hours everything was gone.  Everything else we stacked in the hallway where it sits... forever.  The money we made went to some of the house bills, but a lot of it sits in a jar somewhere.

Hey Erik,

Some of this shit in the hallway is yours.  Mind donating it somewhere??  Hello?  Okay fine, enjoy your pork butt...... hate chu.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Straight Clubbing

MMM - Recipe from Smitten Kitchen.   There's no more excuses, look up a recipe and cook it.

After enjoying a homecooked meal by my friend's boyfriend we decided to do something that I rarely get to do and love:  STRAIGHT CLUBBING!!!

That means button up shirt un-tucked rolled up sleeves and girls girls girls.

After a couple of hours of straight clubbing, I sit on a curb and make small talk with the people I met that night.  I see a cute boy walking pass with his friend and make my usual aggressive eye contact.  He realizes I was staring and turns his head back at me and does the "sup nod" then proceeds to walk away.

Mmmmm Love fliriting with danger.

First I go like this:

Then, when I see him looking back, I go like this:

To do this at gay clubs is boring.  No mystery, no challenge.  Yawn.  But to give a look and get a look at straight venues is purely exciting.  I love this.


In the club, I see one of the blonds I met texting her phone desperately as some slime ball tries to talk to her.  I whispered in her ear, "do you want to talk to this guy?" She gives me a look, "hell no."  I pull her arm and save her.  I did this about three times.

I love protecting women from predators

Music played top 40, classic hip hop and the Cat Daddy.  I "move my arms like my wheelchair's stunt'n" which I thought was "stuck." So I move my arms back and forth like I was stuck in place.  The dudes around me ask what I'm doing, I explain and they exclaim, "I LOVE THE DISABLED DANCE!" And try to imitate me.

I love trend setting dance moves to the dudes who don't know how to dance.

I freaking love straight clubbing and I get sad when my gay friends think it's the worst idea ever for me to suggest it.

The only thing missing is being able to grind with the boo on the dance floor.

I need more lady friends.

Eat Beforehand!

Mich asks - What exactly about the girl [from my last entry]  makes her posses deal breaking qualities?

Like my frustration with Dance Remixes, vegetarians/vegans also lead to me to want to slam my face against an open stapler.

Here is why in a handful of obnoxious comments that I would say under my breath:

"I'm sorry you can't eat anything at my BBQ, GTFO"
"Oh, you're disgusted that there's blood on my steak? here's a doggy bag"
"We can't go to this restaurant that the group has agreed on because they don't have any veggie options? Lets make this easier, you're uninvited"

If you're gonna have dietary handicaps, be polite about it and simply do one thing: EAT BEFORE HAND.

The girl from the improv exudes the exact qualities that I find annoying, ridiculous and frustrating in vegetarians.  She made herself throw up because she was sickened by the food in front of her.  WOW.  Psychotic.

As a cook, I would appalled and offended and would have escorted her out my restaurant. 

If you decide that you want to provide a point, be a better person, save a cow from abusive raising... by all means, but don't do it at the account of the people around you.  The food is already in your mouth, swallow it.. drink [mineral] water... move on.

I personally don't view vegans/vegetarians as heroes.  I my mind they are obnoxious people who feel think that they are better than others because of whatever they are trying to "prove/save."

STFU and eat your tofu alone at your home before you join our protein heavy meal. 


Woman says she’s too ‘educated’ to be kicked off New York train

Along the same lines - a vegetarian who thinks they are too "humane" to eat meat.  So much sense of entitlement. 

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sunday Night Thoughts

Difficult to Create
My entries have become infrequent because it's become strangely difficult to create.  Tumblr is killing by brain cells as I'm achieving short term amusement by just scrolling and reblogging others' creations.  It's endless.

I'm scared if I get a tablet, my consumption will grow, my creation continue to deplete.  We had an amazing Yard Sale back in April that I wanted to post, but going through the album of 200 photos is not as appealing as looking at amusing GIFs.

Improv Disaster
During an amateur improv show, an actress during an anecdote admitted that she made herself throw up after she accidentally had some pork in her scrambled eggs at a restaurant.  This was on her honeymoon and she was strangely proud that she had will power to make herself vomit on command.

I would say this is a deal breaker.  Just me? 

Another actress admitted that she went to a school of prevliedge and that her classmates didn't know what a Target was because they had someone to do their shopping for them.

And finally, another chick told a story where she found this joke incredibly amusing when she was younger - "Why can't Chinese people be on American Gladiator?  Because they are Chinese!!!!"  My Asian American friend who was a part of the troop was forced to act this out.

The topper was this one improv skit about "Cancer Boot Camp."  It was in very poor taste.

But you know, Improv is hard.. but the characters on stage were definitely more interesting than the characters they were trying to make up on the spot.


Bhangra Night
"I love world dance."
"I thought it was interesting, so I decided to come out!"

Faith in my friends has been restored.  I found a Bhangra/Bollywood dance night down the street and tried to get my friends to go via Facebook.  Hoping, praying that they would like to venture off from FUCKING West Hollywood. And to my excitement, I was able to gather 6 of my friends to do something worth doing.

Though one of them was clueless, coming with shorts and no ID.  Really?

We found ourselves at Medusa lounge watching South Asians dance and imitating them.  We weren't the only non - Indians so we felt comfortable.  The energy was amazing, I kicked so many people and I think I screwed in about 200 air-light bulbs mocking Bhangra dance.  I was worried that screw the lightbulb, pet the dog dance move would offend people, but the fact is.. have fucking fun on the dance floor... no one cares.

Thank you thank you thank you for coming with me on an adventure worth talking about.  Pictures to come... some time.

Though, I felt like an idiot trying to order Lassi Bombs.  The bartenders had no clue what I was talking about, but I swear I found that on the event post somewhere.  Oops.

My button up was drenched with sweat.  What a work out.

Just a Taste
After partying, I had word vomit.

"Yeah, I would fuck a white guy, but not date them."  I guess to me, I just wanted some cultural connect to bring home to my family... and by dating someone of the same race... it cuts the education, but before I could explain the white friend in car jumped in.

"I find that so offensive.  I encountered that so many times in Korea... I feel like such an object.  To be tasted... and not datable, but I'll let that slide Chris because I think you're drunk."

I was silenced and awkward because I wasn't aware of my surroundings.  As an Asian - I always felt like the victim in these situations where white people would exotify Orientals.  But this was something reverse that I was unprepared for.

"Don't Asians in Asia worship white people?"  I was trying to spin the conversation.
"In a sense, yes.  But that's it... white people as a trophy...  but at the end of the day, no one wants a relationship.. they just want to 'try you' then move on."

Yes, I felt like a dick.  But it was in interesting perspective that I needed late in the night.

Working for my Baby
Jimmy looked at some old sheet music.  "Yeah.. they wanted $17 for this sheet music.  It doesn't merit $17."  He left the used bookstore.  I walked up to the cashier.

"When are you guys gonna have a sale on the sheet music?"
"Um... to be honest, those things are overpriced."
"Well, I can make you a deal."

He offered me the collectibles for $10 and told me not to keep it between him and I and I walked out the store and handed my winnings to Jimmy.  "I was able to bargain."

Jimmy's been kissing me non stop on the cheeks the entire day.

I could have easily given $17 to the cashier, but I worked to get a deal.  Jimmy would have felt bad that I spent so much.  I think... the difference is like buying your boyfriend an expensive dinner vs. cooking him one.

Sometimes I'm Selfish
A while back, I hurt Jimmy.  I remember his face, "I was so lonely" he admitted to me when I essentially abandoned him.  His facial expression was so vivid in my head.  He wasn't mad, upset.. he was feeling ONE thing and that was hurt.  I've never seen such a frown and all I could do at that moment was curl in a ball because I felt so terrible.

I dunno, I cried into my pillow for a little bit next to him apologizing for making him feel that way.  It's so easy to hurt someone you care so much about.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Bhangra Dance Party

I really want to go to this:

There's a 10:30 dance lesson.  After this, I'm hunting for gay Bhangra dance parties in LA.