Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Eating Out March

Kaya Street Kitchen - Mid-City West - Bowl - sort of went overboard with this one
Maximiliano - Highland Park - Ricotta Pancake
Thai Lai - Lawndale - Hu Tieu
Ondal 2 - Koreatown - Spicy Crab Soup
Little Jewel of New Orleans - Chinatown - Po Boy + Crawfish Mac and Cheese
Yangi Gamjatang - Koreatown - Gamjatang
Yu Chun Chic - Koreatown - Saekimi bibim nangmyun

Milk and Honey - San Gabriel - Banana Crepe
Ha Tien Quan - San Gabriel - Cha gio re
Silverlake Ramen - Silverlake - Tsukemen Pork
Sonny's Hideaway - Highland Park - Fried Chicken
The City Fish - Downtown San Jose
Milk - Silverlake - Macaron Ice cream sandwich
Thai Lai - Lawndale - Banh Khot
Maximiliano - Highland Park - Eggs Benedict

Lots of food adventures in March, but of course the company makes it much more worthwhile...

But at the end of the day... everything is better with a warm cup of cheddar!

Except parking in DTLA.  Thank goodness for validation

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Out and About in Los Angeles

I live by the 101 South entrance right before DTLA.  At this point, traffic on 101S thins out and I'm given access to the 10E - SGV, 10W - Westside, 110N - NorthEast LA, 110S - Work... the possibilities are endless with this entrance!

Did a handful of random things in March which were a little different than usual.

Downtown Bookfest at Grand Park

The first booth we stopped by had us doodle on a long strip of paper.  As we drew, musicians with the flute, drums, accordion etc. would plan sounds that represent the design.  Like drawing music.  It was a great idea!

There was a live story telling, a wall where you can write what you love about LA, and a small book store.

They asked us to write a 5 word poem on the ribbon to hang.

There was also a booth where they asked us to write down our favorite book and then they took a picture and printed using an instant Polaroid printer!  This is where Jimmy got the idea for my birthday present.

Play the LA River - A Tour from 6th Street Bridge Led by Urban Rangers
LA River is pretty neglected.  There is this amazing bike path that I've walked a couple of times and it'll soon be gentrified with a huge project to revitalize it in.  I'd love to buy a house here, but it's already getting expensive has places are being flipped and sold.  In the meantime, Jimmy and I participated in a Tour of the 6th street bridge which many people already go to illegally.  This time, it's open for the public with the guide of a ranger.

Yelp Elite Event - Mascarade Ball
One of the benefits of writing reviews on Yelp! is being invited to these random events.

This event in Glendale had snacks, drinks, photobooth, and a really odd food demonstration where this chef would essentially plate food to dance music moving around erratically and making a mess on the table.  It was really really really strange.

Luckily I was wearing a mask to hide my confusion.

York Park in Highland Park

Highland Park got a nice new kid/family friendly park complete with musical instruments and other interactive structures to encourage learning.

Would have loved to stay longer, but it was a little odd that 4 grown guys were hanging around a kids park.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

San Francisco Doesn't Make Sense

Alysia grabbed me from San Jose and we were off to the Mission District in San Francisco where we hung out with Stephen who joked about the golden handcuffs of rent control of the city.  He had been living there for at least 3 years and was enjoy the spectacular space and reasonable rent.  I remember running into Stephen in a speedo during Bay to Breakers... he was slippery... from sunblock.

Mission Dolores Park.... as if San Francisco only had one park... not sure why people enjoy being in this herd with barely any shade.  We stopped by after an awkward SoMa StrEATfood Park visit.  Cover and overpriced okay food?  SF... give me a break.

There was this guy staring at Mony and say, "look at that gaysian..." and then he approaches Mony to give an awkward hello.  I liked his sweater though, learned that Mony hooked up with him and he forgot his name.  Yes.

The highlight was just enjoying beer on Mony's balcony on the 28th floor.

Continued to keep it simple by having dinner at Super Duper.. I actually really like this burger joint.  Met John's new boyfriend and celebrated his birthday really quickly before he headed to BootieSF

Stopped by The Mix where I was absolutely disgusted at sweaty ass bouncing above people's drinks.  I think I was dry heaving at the thought.

Caught these guys walking from the Castro to the Ferry building fro some reason.  Yallz crazy.

Check this out $11.69 for Miso Ramen Broth, Thai Curry & Lime Broth and Vietnamese Pho Broth.

Are people in San Francisco idiots?  I find this absurd and offensive... and mind numbingly stupid.  What is happening to this city?  This market is competing with Whole Foods.

Luckily Alysia grabbed me to go back home to Los Angeles, but first a quick stop at Bravo Farms which has a faux western town for children.  There are hidden slides and climbing areas in these small buildings designed as banks and churches.

Goofing Around.

Just playing around with the selfie stick.  Ended up taking a lot of silly couply pictures.

Made some GIFs too.  Heeehee.

I had all this hair length back in March... I just didn't know how to style it and it was cut kinda funky and jimmy hates long hair.

But it was fun to play with.  Maybe I'll grow it out again.

Oh.  Did you know that Taco Bell serves Cinnabon Delights so hot that it melts candles?  Happy Birthday Andrew, your dessert is inedible.

So Goofy.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

San Jose Visit

Every time I go back home to San Jose I try to clean out a little bit of my stuff so that my parents have less junk in the house.  But I'm a packrat.

I did find my old scrapbook where I legit cut pictures and used stickers.  So much work, but it came out nicely.    I never really fished this one.  If you turn the page you will find the sleeve filled with cut outs and pictures waiting to be sorted and arranged.  Just never got to it, but I remember being quite proud when I finished a page even if it was a simple one.

This is the view from my parent's stoop.  Not much activity, but tons of parking.  I remember playing with the neighbor kid... I remember when he passed away from stomach cancer.  His dad stopped decorating the house with Christmas lights after he passed away.

Hung out with Tim and Danster at Communications Hill after snagging some boba in Little Saigon.  They told me how it got really popular that the residents complained.  They managed the crowd by narrowing the stairways and limiting parking.

Celebrated my mom's birthday at this posh Viet restaurant.  Though my mom didn't enjoy it very much because of how loud it was there.

Enjoyed the downtown San Jose Gay scene with Martin and Aaron.  Really felt the third wheel energy when they connected over Disney and I had absolutely nothing to contribute.  But in the end I enjoy connecting people and then taking credit for establishing the relationship.

The one thing I'm glad that I didn't inherit from my dad is his cold sore genes.  LOL.  Thanks San Jose, time to get out of here.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Diana in Town

Whenever Diana comes to town we always manage to find fun things to do.

A little Korean BBQ..

Urban Light at the LACMA

Redondo Beach Annual Kite Festival.  We found parking in a hopeless place!

Check out that wannabe manbun slash ponytail

...and Burmese Food

Life is always better when Diana visits.