Sunday, April 27, 2008

Hair Woes with My Brother

My Brother's opened up. He has opinions and gets excited about things. It's make me happy that he's becoming more ambitious.

I promised him that I would talk him to get a haircut (cuz I know hair! HAHA right) so I devoted all of Sunday to get his makeover! He has really long surfer hair and he wants to get a new shorter Japanese Faux Hawk look!

I drove him to Kinokuniya book store off Saratoga and we found a cool hairstyle from a magazine. I took him to a Japanese bakery for breakfast and got this awesome noodle pastry thing! YUM! And then took some quick Japanese photo booth pictures.

I asked 4 Japanese guys where they got their haircut:

"My brother cuts it"
"I cut it myself"
"I go to San Francisco Japantown"
"There's this place in Mountain View, it's $40, but I get a haircut quarterly so it's worth it."

Great. I was going to take him to a place in the same Japanese plaza. You would think that it would be Japanese and stylish too, but as we walked by I heard something uncomfortably familiar: VIETNAMESE! OMG IF I wanted to get a Vietnamese Haircut, I could walk across the street from my house.

We went to Valley Fair, to invest in an American cut because well, I know that would be guaranteed goodness. Regis is stylish and 50 bucks, ouch! Out of budget so we walked to Mastercuts.

We walked in and they were once again VIETNAMESE!!! AHH! SAN JOSE DAMN YOU! But I was being optimistic, it's Valley Fair, it has to be decent.I walked to the counter and showed the photo: My brother wants this, can you do it? She nods. Then she turns to her older coworker and says in Vietnamese thinking I can't understand her:

"UM... Should I cut this?"
"Yes... just follow the picture"
"I dunno, can Tram do it?"
"She's busy highlighting hair.... just cut it a little shorter, you know how to do that"

WE BOUNCED LIKE A MOEFOE! OMG! I was so upset. We spent the rest of the day buying my brother some new jeans and a checkered hoodie from Heritage (My new favorite Clothes place) for his new look. I bought a shirt that I really like and I asked the cashier if she knew of a good place to cut hair cuz she looked hip

"OH yeah! There's one on El Camino! But it's Korean."
"THAT's PERFECT!! What's it called?"
"Bruce Lee Hair Salon, it should be about $30-$40 for guy's hair."

Gah.. so far and out of budget. What I concluded was:

Bad Vietnamese Haircut- $10 - Down the street of beautiful San Jose
Hot Hip Asian Haircut- $40 - In another city

So I made a decision. Colleen's Salon by my house. My favorite hairdresser Jennie should do the trick. I called the salon to make sure she was there.

"NO ONE here name Jennie"

Are you shitting me? I just got a haircut from her two weeks ago, I have her name written down in my black book. I said, "cam on chi." TO her. Are you guys making up American names and then forgetting them?!? GOOD LORD WHY!!?!?!?

I stopped by anyway. The ladies recognized me and explained that Jennie no longer works there cuz she's pregnant. Great. Cindy got pregnant too! The only two people who can cut my hair decided to get knocked up!

"Don't worry! We All Know how to cut Hair here!!"

Fine. I gave pictures and she started to cut away. She was being very careful cuz I was watching her like an eagle.

She pointed at some parts of his head, "WHAT HAPPENED HERE?!"

"Oh... Mom Happened." LOL, my mom has been "trimming my brother's hair for the last 2 years.

I made a few comments and in the end... it was hot. Didn't look like the picture, but it was still awesome. I was jealous that my brother could rock sweet hair. I didn't tip as much as I should have, damn it. But I was happy. I was also amused when one of the hair dressers tried to speak Spanish, Vietnamese to this Spanish speaking customer. It was very cute and disastrous!

And my brother likes his cut too, good times.


On the topic of Brother, I got on my brother's case yesterday regarding his grades. 2 A's, a 2 B's, a C and a D. I told him I was disappointed cuz I know he can do better. My parents really don't know what to do so I played parent again. Which, I shouldn't, but I did anyway... cuz frankly my parents are great and all, but they lack the patience that my brother needs. And they know it and send me their blessing.

He was frustrated and wanted to quit school. I spent the rest of the evening helping him find make up homework he can turn in. I reviewed his report card. The school conveniently posts assignments and points online as a resource. I told him he needed a plan. He has 6 weeks to improve his grades. I printed everything out and highlighted the work that he was missing and told him that the trick to kicking high school in the ass is talking to your teachers. If you care about your grade, they will care to give you the opportunity to improve it. Especially when everyone is Myspacing about how they knock-up a cheerleader after smoking pot. It's like a breath of fresh air. "You care about your grade!? Yes yes! Extra Credit! Take it!!" Am I right?

Today he told me he needed my help cuz his teacher let him re-write his D- essay. Sometimes, you just need a little push. For my brother a nice SHOVE is necessary.


Deejay Danster knows not to waste time.

"I wish I can sleep more but I can do that when I'm 90. Time lost is the worst thing you can lose"

Danster explained that through over 50 bookmarks and email updates he finds countless of things to do and places to eat for cheap. Below are his favorites!,,,,,,,
and sign up for email updates from hometown buffet, pasta pomodoro, target, and countless other retail and food email updates

Danster continued, "It takes less than an hour to look through them all, but you gotta is invest some time every day or once a week and bam, you have so much to do for free or cheap!"


He got me hooked on YELP! User Reviews and Recommendations. I started writing some reviews, but they are a bit shallow for now. Check out my profile on the right column of my blog under "Stalk Me."

He told me a funny story about how his "food buddy" was approached by the owner regarding his review!! Hehe Woot! I mean Yelp!


MoAny says that I spend my internet time surfing while he focuses on chatting. Heh. I guess I am a bad conversationalist through the web... but there are so many interesting things to browse!

I found this illustrator, Dylan Marvin, who's pretty talented, don't you think?

Que sera, sera

I am a morning person: I woke up at 6:30AM naturally and headed to the gym. Shouldn't the weekend be a time to sleep in?

I wake up early on the weekends because I have something to look forward to. On the weekdays, I struggle to get out of bed because I despise work so much.

Cardio, Abs, biceps, pecs... Jane called me nutty for waking up so early. Other's didn't pick up my 7:30am workout call. I was impressed, I pushed myself to do one more curl, run one more minute, lift one more time. I drove to Jamba Juice and declared to the cashier with pride, "I... just WORKED OUT! What do YOU recommend." I was awfully cheerful. "blah blah Whey boost is good in any drink before OR after you work out, but I warn you it changes the flavor."

So I ordered 180c alorie Mango Mantra with a whey boost! It was already 9am.

I have bulked up a little: I am officially a shirt size Medium. Not that I'm fat (haha, maybe) but because I'm a bit more bulky which I think is good cuz I don't want to be skinny mcSkinnyson my whole life and 28waist pants aren't cute. No skin and bones for me! I spent the rest of the morning buying fabric for a beach game and getting it sewn and having lunch with Joe.

I OFFICIALLY have a pet peeve against inefficiency: MoAny told me we were going to the beach at 11. I did not want to rush him and waited patiently for a phone call... nothing. I called him at 12 to see what was going on. "oh, we're actually leaving for Carmel beach at 2pm." Oh, thanks for the notice. I told him I was at Lucky's and if he needed anything. "Nope, I want to get stuff with Eric." Okay, whatever. I killed two hours with Joe looking for beach stuff, buying a ball so was can play "hole" ball. Etc. When MoAny finally arrived at my house I discovered that he needed a bucket and lighter fluid. I had to run back to the house TWICE. Whatever. I was grumpy. When we ended up at Lucky's, MoAny wanted to buy ingredients for S'mores. WHY does he need Eric to do this? Why didn't he tell me when I was ALREADY at Lucky's. I have coat hangers we can use at home instead of short wooden skewers that would burn our hands... ahhH! I was so pissed. And of course, the Lucky's we went to didn't have the Jumbo Marshmallows.

It's so minor. I didn't do any of the planning, I'm not driving... yet I was letting it bother me. I was getting bitchy and making angry gorilla noises in the car I was so frustrated at the inefficiency... we were still in San Jose wasting the beautiful day when I had an awesomely efficient morning. I was able to calm down in the car when Huan sent me a text message. "Aww don't worry about it, just have fun buddy." His optimism was needed.

Guilt soothes my soul.

MoAny approached me and said, "I'm sorry I didn't call you this morning." I'm not subtle when I'm upset. Hehe. He was sweet, I replied "it's cool" and I scurried down the beach like a little boy. It's really all I needed. If you feel bad and apologize, then my bad mood vanishes lol. Simple. MoAny doesn't let things bother him. He has a "Que sera, sera" life policy that I am jealous of... but anyway, I was at the beach! TIME TO ENJOY IT! :D And in the end, I was good that we didn't arrive too early cuz we were having a bond fire at night!

We met up with another group of gays. One dressed in a hoody, another in jeans and a button down. "Are those your beach jeans?" I was poking fun. Apparently they hated sand. Ohh I get it, they are reinforcing gay stereotypes! Gays don't like getting dirty. They were princesses who have traveled far from their castle.


I jumped in the freezing cold water. I took off my shirt, I played in the sand. We were at the freaking beach, not Valley Fair! Let's play "hole ball!" I explained, "there's a hole and a ball and we tackle each other to get the ball in the hole." The gays looked at me like I was crazy. But some complied. I did some tackling and got the ball in the hole. Some got into it, but most were still too passive for the game to work. I had more fun with Smyr and girls. God.

I introduced the fabric game and the kids enjoyed it. Yes! I'll explain it one day with a video. We played with it all day with the sun above our hand and sand between our toes. Joe and Eric built a sand castle. And I did some cartwheels. We took SEX pictures and other awesome beach shots. MoAny and Eric built a fire, I helped dig a hole and we enjoyed the warmth and smoke as the sun disappeared. The princesses stayed away from the fire and chatted on the beach blankets. Can't get the suit jacket dirty! Ridiculous.

We made s'mores with tiny marshmallows. I rested my head on MoAny's lap and looked at the stars. It was getting pitch dark. I wasn't as cold as I thought I would be by the fire. I have good friends who don't waste time being upset... and that's MAX efficiency.

Some high school kids joined our fire. They recommended this pizza joint, Gianni's in Monterey, "it's the best ever!"After the beach we went in search of this famous pizza place. I was expecting a hole in the wall, but it was anything but! We ordered two delicious pizzas and 8 breadsticks! And it really was fantastic.

Saturday ended perfectly and me realizing how critical I am of people and of myself. How sometimes, I just need to calm the fuck down and enjoy the sun. And how being efficient means focusing on what's important. Que sera, sera... what ever will be... will be...

(Photos courtesy of Danster)

Thursday, April 24, 2008

My Heart is Doused in Sriracha Sauce

Sriracha is Cal VSA's HOT SAUCE Hip Hop Team.
Year after year, the team incorporates hip hip into the culture show story line resulting in a powerful, not-your-average-hip hop routine. Simply amazing.

In 2005, I tried out for the team, but didn't make it..
In 2006, I tried out and made it! Check it out: "Thizzin' in September"

It was silly, but it was fun. Cal VSA worked Hip Hop into the general story line of the culture show, Viet Nam Ten Goi. Thizzin' sort of fit. The main character just got into an argument with her roommates so she took a walk. Unexpectedly HOODLUMS try to hit on her, but then a troupe of hotties, booty shakes the boys away. HAHA, brilliant right?

It worked well because the show was took place during the present. And in the present.. hoodlums always break out in dance right?!

In 2007, Team Sriracha took a more serious approach to incorporating Hip Hop in to the show. The piece unofficially was called "Change of Heart."

There's a better version I have to find.
The piece was an interpretive depiction of inner turmoil during a period when communism was beginning to take over the minds of youth. The red bands represent communism... and at the end of the piece you can see that its ideology consumed the mass. This dance for Sai Gon Trang Mo, The Veiled Moon took place during a period before the war.

This year, 2008 as an audience member, I was on the edge of my seat; beyond jealous..heart skipping beats to match the powerful music. During Petals in the Wind, Canh Hong Trong Gio, the Hip Hop choreographers PUSHED their dancers to the limit. This year's piece displays the maturity of the team, the skills of the dancers and the artistic capability of the CAL VSA.

This year's hip hop piece took a more literal approach to the Communist attack in South Vietnam. Framed years after the hip hop piece from last year, this piece demonstrated communist enslavement of Vietnam toward the end of war. Bombs dropping and a literal, "Fall of Sai Gon" can be seen in the background. 6 Civilians and South Vietnam soldiers running and hopefulessly fighting against the attack until the end when the country was brought to its knees. It was a display of a struggle that hits home for my parents who experienced it first hand. What's more powerful is the use of imagery. This one image taken by Pulitzer Prize-winning war photographer Eddie Adams was brilliantly placed in the dance still gives me chills. WATCH FOR IT. Only at Berkeley.

It's seriously an Art. Down to the music, the lyrics: "i'm gonna keep this secret." And each movement with a difficultly level of 10 that... dare I say it? Yes, would make Pilipinos go, "OH SHIT!!!": hands over the mouth, Violin strumming, Kaba Moderneque "Isolations," hands tied behind their back like captives. Break dance combat moves... powerful, intense.... brilliant.

My heart belongs to Sriracha. I love it so much; amazing. I am tearing up.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I Should Pray When I Drive

Last night I went to Berkeley to see a movie screening.

And I think it's the last time I drive far on a weekday. I headed home around 11:30pm after some Sangria and youtube and almost killed myself because I kept falling asleep on the road (not drunk, but rather tired.) Not even Britney could save me. I was screaming "GIMME MORE!" the acoustic version, and slapping my leg. The road was wet and my windshield wiper was failing on me. But even when I entered the South Bay and the weather had cleared, I still managed to swerve back and forth as if I was challenging death.

God. I suck. I need to be thankful that I didn't get into an accident or kill others.

I have a crush

But it's no place for me to corrupt him. Cuz, well I've corrupted enough people in my life time. HAHA.

And I couldn't really say or do what I wanted to because I'm an awkward person. And damn it, that girl kept emphasizing my GAYNESS, great, scare him away....gah. So I just left.

I wish I could be where he was: innocent and unblemished...

I bet you he sees 9 dolphins in that image to the right.

If you're gay, you won't get why this is dirty. I had to look at the comments to get it! AND even after it was explained, I had to stare and squint for 5 minutes to see it! LOL! Disaster.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Slut on the Dance Floor

On Friday I was sort of invited to a birthday party in the City.

I was indecisive because well, I didn't know the guy or half the people going. I also wanted to take a break from the gay community for a while, but you know what? I shouldn't spend my Friday nights alone.

There I made conversation with the gays of Daly City. Everyone was nice and the awkward tension dissipated with every shot of Grey Goose that was consumed.

One, two, three... four shots of Grey Goose and a Sake, White Cranberry cocktail as my chaser. I was all sorts of friendly.

I like to ask people about their jewelry.

"What's the story behind your ring?"
"Oh, I'm christian.. my mom gave it to me."
"ooo Cool."

"Ooo, I like your ring!!"
"Oh thanks! I never take it off, I feel weird without it."
"Where'd you get it?"
"Oh Japantown in SF. I'm actually going on Sunday."
"Really! Wow! Hey, I'm looking for a ring similar to that, if you see anything? Could you get it for me?

Their rings didn't carry as much significance as I had assumed and I guess I was being sort of weird cuz I just met the guy and I was already asking for favors.

I was having a good time and before I knew it, we headed to Dragon. Again.
God. I already hit my monthly quota.

We were early to Dragon, the floor was empty. I was buzzed. MoAny and I danced like no one was watching... or rather, like EVERYONE was watching and we had to provide a good show. It was dark enough, I didn't care.

I drank more: Jaeger bomb, lemon drop, cocksucker, chilled grey goose.

Familiar faces poured in.

"Sole!? Do you LIVE here or something?"
"EARL! It's NOT Dragon without YOU!"
"August! YOU MADE IT!"
"John! Are you a mess yet?"
"Henry! What are you UP TO!?!"
"Adi!! It's NOT Dragon without YOUUUUU!!"

The alcohol started to do it's thing. Back to the dance floor.

I danced with Henry. Joe whispered in my ear, "did you want me to save you?"
"noo!! I know him!" I was flattered that Joe cared. He's a good cockblocker.

I danced with anyone and everyone. MoAny got numbers. Some guy I met at MOVE months back started to dance with me. I got into it. He interpreted me as easy (like everyone else in the room, I'm sure) and attacked my face. No!! ACCESS DENIED, get away.

Next. Thank you.

I got my groove on with the group hag.
"Hey, don't you owe me a dance?"
"Hell yeah I do!"

I love dancing with girls. Like god intended it. A perfect puzzle piece. AND they let gay guys grab their boobs! Though, I would have none of that. She was hot, I was loving it.

It was Dragon's 3 year anniversary and they had a balloon drop on the FOB dance floor. I mean, electronic music floor, yeah. In each balloon was a prize! I went on a popping frenzy! Yes! Lotto ticket, 1 dollar, lotto ticket. "$50, present to bartender Brandon." HELL YEAH!

I went to claim my prize. The shirtless bartender handed me the cash and went onto others. 50 bucks, great, I usually spend 50 bucks at Dragon anyway. I went to order my drink from Matt who I declared to be my favorite because he had a positive disposition. "I'D LIKE TWO COCKSUCKERS PLEASE!" He laughed at my order and took the money I just won. Cute, cute cute. I should make friends, maybe he'll make my drinks stronger.

Time to bounce.
No one I met interested me. No one there ever interests me. I dance... danced like a slut. Danced like I slept with half the guys in the room. Got my groove on, got low, I was a cyclone, I got my ab work out. I examined the guys in the room. Everyone had baggage. Every one's life seemed dramatic and I laugh, because I prefer comedies to drama. I'm here to dance. Dancing was my sex. I am a slut on the dance floor.

I needed a cigar after because it felt so good to rhythmically touch bodies and not be ashamed.
I left with my friend like usual and fell asleep after inhaling Denny's at 4am. Nachos and a hot coco. :)

(Pictures Courtesy of Deejay Danster)

Friday, April 18, 2008

TGIF Thoughts.

Huy brought to my attention that the story in my previous entry was actually not a "true story" at all. LOOK:

Okay. Enough IS Enough. Is everyone around us just bullshitting all the time?
I brought this to Joe's attention as well, he doesn't know what to say to his coworker who claimed to have experienced this first hand. How about, "you lying bitch." I suggested using a racial slur. And it's kind of ironic that even my message about "forgiveness" was a lie.


I have discovered that my older cousins possess a lot of insight: "Every person [including yourself] deserve a certain amount of respect. Whatever the excuses they can come up with for what their actions were, their actions were still deliberate and repeated. Don’t forget that..."

I'm fighting hard to internalize these morals. And this "true story" that I was so eager to believe in proves that I haven't internalized anything at all. I possess too much trust. I'm careless.

BAH. Question everything!!!!!

Last night MoAny took me out for Japanese Tapas at a restaurant in Cupertino (NOT Korean, oops) to get my mind off things. And as you can see, I have a lot on my mind. The place was called Gochi and it was fantastic! He made reservations, thankfully.

You were required to take off your shoes if you got a special Japanese style booth. But it really wasn't Japanese, because your feet hang under the table. Real Japanese would make you kneel. Ouch!

We were feeling adventurous: Unagi Pizza! Duck Steak, Claypot rice, croquettes .

Oh man, the Unagi Pizza was a bad idea. The Cheese and Asian food combination was a disaster in my stomach, but the crust was really good. The Duck was unusual, but still good and the claypot reminds me of food a Japanese Baachan would make you. :) I was quite pleased in general! But I wish we got a special booth.

MoAny wanted to play the, "you get next time game." And I refused. He's done a lot for me... so and I hate owing others especially when I know I can't return in the same capacity. Split the bill. MoAny complied to my request. Nice.

Afterward, we checked out an Israeli market. So many spices! And got shady candy. Hehe. It was interesting.
Then I we went to Downtown San Jose. I missed Downtown, with my girls, but alas, they are all gone. I always have a good time in SJ with at least one girl. Cuz then I can go to straight clubs and dance. But with a bunch of gays we have Splash and Hunters. Great. Bad music galore and creepy people. That's why we go to Dragon.

I had a good time lounging around and crashing a NAAAP mixer at a Sake Lounge. Danster suggested getting an account at; he's all about the coupons! And eats out probably twice as much as me and MoAny. Nice. I made good jokes. Laughed. Things were okay. But I felt like I was suppressing so much hurt trying to be a better person, understanding etc. but at the same time not be so careless. I wasn't being fake, I was just trying to push things out of my system. I think I haven't given myself enough time. Yeah.

Please comment and let me know if you like the Black layout. Or should I go back to white?
...K.... no more EMO entries for a while... cuz I'm a happy person. Really, I am.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Out Live Your Enemies

This morning Joe told me a true story he heard from his coworker:

I have a funny story my technician coworker told me it over breakfast.
Last Sunday at church, the priest asked his listeners to forgive all the wrong people have done to them he said that they need to "forgive all your enemies!" And then he took a survey.

"Out of everyone in this room, who can forgive their enemies?" 80% rose their hands. And so the priest looks around the church and picks out a 98 year old lady sitting up front. She was one of the few people who didn't raise her hands and he asks her to come up in front of everyone.

So she wobbles her way over and the priest asks, "Why wont you forgive your enemies?"

She says, "Cuz I don't have any."

The priest is all shocked and asks, "What?! You've lived 98 years and you don't have any enemies??"

And in her sweet little old voice, she replies, "None. I out lived those bitches."

True story!

Tonight, I'm having a Korean dinner and going to SPLASH to find me a Sugar Daddy!
Thanks for keeping tabs on my life.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I Stay Regular

I'm trying really hard to make it through this. Last night, I was able to deframent.

I haven't cried once.
But I do tear up talking to my mom.

And I guess I have to thank a couple of my friends that have responded to my somewhat silent plea for help.

You may think I'm melodramatic, over reacting or going through an EMO state like the kids on Myspace and Xanga, but I reassure you that the pain that I'm experiencing is appropriate.

Let me explain in another vague entry.

Take something of value. Something you love. Okay. Let's be superficial: you're home. Imagine everything you own. Your photo albums, your grandma's jewelry, your pet dog, your computer, your awards trophies, your books, your souvenirs from your vacation, your favorite necklace, your coloring book, your stuffed animals. Everything sacred. Everything safe. Okay. Got it? Okay, Everything you love.

Now. Imagine coming home from a vacation... to nothing. Everything is either stolen or destroyed. Your room is empty, shelves are thrown on the floor. Your photo albums are burned. Your awards ripped up. And your dog outside choked to death because he was trying to stop the intruder, but there was nothing he could do. You have nothing.

How do you feel?

Okay. Now take all those superficial items and supersede them with something that's intangible, irreplaceable and for recent years has defined your life.

Now stay strong...

You're alone... because the person you would go to for help, reassurance, security, safety.... was the one that took it all away. Because you gave them the key to your home... because you trusted them. Because you thought they respected you, love you... and would be the last person in the world to hurt you; lie to you.



BUT you are supposed to smile because... that's what people love about you... is your smile and positive attitude!! YAY! Plus, it's the only way you know how to cope. People love your smile. But at this point... how can you be certain if they won't take from you too?

That's right. And because I am strong. I don't cry.
Cry for what? It's not like I have tears of the Phoenix that can repair damage.

Why cry? Why hate? Why trust?

...I have become numb. I was robbed and stabbed. Slapped in the face and spit on. Disrepected and lied to; betrayed. And it's that sort of damage that motivates me to be better and appreciate what can never be taken away or compromised: myself, my life, my pride.


And I'm quite proud of myself because I like who I am. I'm not ashamed of anything I do... I push your knife aside and give you a hug. I take the shit you hand me and make it into a statue. I take your sour milk and make the best tasting cheese in the world... I build character... and the depression that I am experiencing is being pushed out of my system because I have been taking Fiber pills with Calcium.

I stay regular. And I realize that others have it worse, much worse... their constipation can't be resolved with a pill.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

April Thus Far

I like April. This is my April Recap thus far.

April 5 Was Nick's Good Bye Party. :( Man. I think it's time I left this place too. It was a good time. We had fun with the panda head mask Chris J. got Nick from Japan.

April 12- Dance Show and Pageant, I am always a Fan
The day started off with some Dim Sum. Peruvian Joe was the first to get there and to OUR surprise he already picked five dishes. One of them was chicken feet. Joe was more Chinese that Eric!

This girl walked pasted our table and a waitress accosted her. "YOU WAIT TWO MORE MINUTES!!!!!!!" In a meek voice she responded, "I just wanted to use the restroom."

I started to burst into laughter. Mony walked out of the bathroom saying, "you know Chris, the bathroom is around the corner and the water was running and I Still heard you laugh!" Man, I'm loud.

We killed some time and got some shaved ice in my hood then headed to the City to see Collaboration, a hip hop show with Main Stacks! Berkeley's first competitive hip hop team!


The Palace of Fine Arts. What a hidden SF Treasure! Even though it was under construction, the ruins were still picturesque.

Szeto and MoAny being Gaysha:

The Show was.. okay. LOL.

It was like watching a really long youtube clip without the pause button.

I was of course there to support my boy Huan and others. Out of all 24 hip hop performances, I only enjoyed 4. Especially the ones with children! OMG! THey were so cute and danced better than a lot of the bigger kids! Yeah, Get hiphy! YEAH!

Through out the show, the MC warned that she would call security if she caught anyone recording the show. I got really nervous, but I knew Huan wanted me to record it even though he didn't ask me. Yay! I sent him the video that night and he told me a couple of the dancers cried watching it. AW, I love making people cry.

Cherry Blossom Pageant
My girl Miwa was a contestant in The Cherry Blossom Queen Program! Well, I was there to support her cuz she hot! Right when she did her intro speech, I knew she was going to win!

I didn't know what to expect. But geezus through out the show my heart was racing because the music was so intense. AND the contestants had to do difficult choreography.

Nick motioned to me to be positive during the show. That means not to shit talk about the other contestants.. OH it was sooooo hard! But they all had their strengths. Let's just say it was South Carolina all over for one of the girls and.... oh man, during the talent portion of the show, I was scared for my life for most of the routines. MIWA was hot, she did a hip hop, color guard combo piece and it was sex all over the stage! Tasteful sex of course and when she threw the flag that was twice her size in the air, Nick and I held our breath until she caught it with ease! GO MIWA!

Miwa KICKED ASS! But I was upset because they asked her such dumb questions during the interview portion: what shoes do you have, explain how you fail and what's the most important article of clothing you own. Bah. THough one of the host did give a disclaimer to the judges that some of the questions should be weighted differently.

The girl who won got: "What was the last thing you Googled." To this she responded, "Kristi Yamaguchi dancing with the stars. I find her to be a great role model." GOOD LORD. Someone read answer key before the show.

Miwa, my buddy, got 1st Princesses, which is second place. We were so proud of her. She was so beautiful and the best speaker!

When they announced her name, all of Berkeley stood up and cheered. Nick and I got light headed because we jumped up too fast. :D That's NSU love.

After was a chill celebration at the S&M Apartment. Top Model? ... More like Top psychopath

I made dinobites and reminded everyone that they were an NSU tradition. Like 30 times. I also burnt popcorn. A couple of non-Asian strangers came in and I pointed to their shoes, "OMG, DO THEY STILL HAVE THEIR SHOES ON!!!??" One of the girls flung her shoe off with celerity after my absurd announcement. Oh I'm so obnoxious, but come on, where do you think you are?

I miss these random nights with NSU. :[

April 13- Thai/Cambodian New Years
We had MAX Efficient Saturday/Sunday thanks to Szeto and his amazing driving while tired skills! We managed to check out the Buddhist Thai Temple in Fremont which is gorgeous be the way!

Oh man, the food was so delicious! I think the region of South East Asia has the best food!

MoAny explained that the tiny crab claw was for flavor. It was like sucking on a juicy rock. MoAny also showed us how to properly sit. Ouch! my knees!

After Lunch we did some Buddhist customs. Here we are washing the figures one for each day and putting in a coin. I put in TWO coins for Friday! And you put this gold foil thing on the statue.

I also ran into some friends! And my cousin and Michelle!! She was upset that I didn't think to call her because she was of course Thai. -.- oops!

I love cultures!

After the Temple Szeto, MoAny and I raided Joe's pool and swam for a couple of hours taking very unflattering pictures. =X. Then over to Danster's birthday dinner!

There I met this awesome couple! They made me laugh so hard. Except when the guy made very crude jokes like: I said I like helping the kitchen staff by licking my plate. He responded, "oh so you support immigrant rights?" Man.. That was very awkward. What are you supposed to say?

And I found this Video Made me Laugh and the guy is kind of cute: