I would never live alone.  I surround myself with people who I have grown to love because they have shared their experiences with me.  I believe that I may have an issue entertaining myself and because of that I always need people to keep me amused with life.

I live in an old Victorian House with my 3 amazing roommates Jimmy, Ernesto and Sam.  I knew of Ernesto and Sam through Berkeley, but it wasn't until I reconnected with them at San Francisco Gay Pride 2009 that they welcomed me into their home in LA when I moved down for a job.  I met Jimmy through tumblr and connected with his positive energy and artistic nature.  We make up 321 where we host a bunch of parties/kick backs and experience television worthy mishaps.  We are low maintenance, easy going gay Asians living in Echo Park.  Together we dominate eastern west LA and all it has to offer.  Come on Toshi... bring it on.  We will eat, dance, play in all of LA's popular and hidden venues.  Everyone is welcomed in our home unless your collar is popped (and you're serious about it).


Right after college I found a group of guys that I've grown to love.  These are the guys that I have experienced a lot of growth with.  Joe, Eric, Mony and I would take turns vomiting after a club, driving to different ends of the bay for a meal and just squawking like Sex in the City about boys.  We party hard and make fun of each other in between.  These are the boys I get messy with because they will take care of me.  And if they don't at least they'll take pictures of my debauchery.

This photo was taken at Carmel beach.  We inadvertently created the letters XCIX with our bodies.  Even though I've moved to LA, I've been able to visit them frequently vise versa.  California isn't that big of a state :] 


I firmly believe in cliques.  I feel like folks aren't left out when you know exactly who to invite.  This is my high school clique.  We formed in 2002 and have kept in touch since.  Ignia stands for Igneous rocks.  We were making fun our friend who was in a gang that had a similar mineral name. 

When we go back to San Jose for the Holidays we make an effort to see each other because we represent home.  We are scattered all over the west coast- San Jose, Portland, LA, Long Beach... but we all look forward to our annual Christmas Party (2010 will mark the 8th Annual). Smyr, Jon, Alysia, Diana, Aaron, Sandy and Caitlin have defined my high school life and college summers.

My Family

My parents are youthful.  They host lots of dinner parties and have tons of gatherings.  My dad loves taking pictures and made elaborate scrapbooks back in the day.  He used to be in a band playing the synthesizer and finds relaxation in producing songs.  My parents met in Hawaii. I think I'm most similar to my dad as he's pretty sentimental about things.  My parents are pretty liberal.  My mom asks me about gay stuff occasionally and all my friends keep reminding me how hot she is.  I'm not out to my dad, but I'm sure he knows.  I'm not scared that he would disown me or stop loving me, I'm just scared of breaking his heart.  He would cry.

My brother is 6 years younger than me and we don't have much in common.  He's a good kid who needs a little push to be motivated.  I don't think I'm a very good older brother and I wish I could have been there for him when he needed someone in high school, but I was off gallivanting and being gay.

These are groups of people that have shaped my life, but of course there are many individuals who are not associated with any group that I love the same.

I don't think we should ever burn bridges...  how would you get across if you keep limiting your paths?