Monday, May 9, 2016

Complaining about Nothing

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Life has become so comfortable that I need to remind myself to question if the things that I complain about are justifiable.  Questions like, "...but did you die?"   Talking to my parents really put things into perspective.  "We want to give you advice as if we were your friends, we don't want to tell you what you SHOULD do."  The Americanization-ness of my family is interesting.  But the general response was, "no one is hurting you...right?"  Essentially, count your blessings and participate in outrage-culture to a minimum.  Immigrant philosophy: work hard, concentrate on your goals and exceed for a better future.  I'm finally listening to my parents rather than just hearing them.

Right now I'm battling with extreme exposure of entitlement which I'm struggling to deal with.  But to let this be the ONLY subject of discomfort is luxury in itself.  A paradox.  I could easily plug myself into headphones.

"You know those scholarships set aside for minorities? well... in California white people are the minority, where's the scholarship set aside for them?"

Shocked, unprepared -  "I don't have a comment for you"

"Well, I'll just play the Asian card for my kids.  You know my wife's Asian right?"

"Yes, I knew that." Where the fuck am I?  I am the ONLY person of color around, and you choose to talk to me about this??!

Opens up email subject line: "Was the rearrangement of the (FREE) salad bar intensional. It doesn't make sense."

Email sent to 500+ people. Closes email, screams internally.

Ignore it ignore it ignore it.


My friend asked me great birthday questions.  "What would make your life better?

"If I saw my parents more often."  So I bought my mom an iPad so that I can facetime her.
"If I lowered my cholesterol." So I'm forcing myself to gym 4 times a week
"If I went on vacation." So I'm planning a trip to New Zealand and Iceland
"If I cooked more." So I cook once a week for Jimmy after work with new recipes that he picks
"If I drove less." So use a shuttle to get to and from work

Without struggle/conflict I find myself bored.  Bored enough to let these little encounters with people get to me.  People who are "on the spectrum," lacking self awareness, and are unappreciative.

Thank god for these amazing weekend adventures like to the Millard Canyon Falls (pictured above).   I'm a happy person.  I'm a lucky person.  I have nothing to complain about.