Wednesday, July 9, 2008

You're Shitting Me, RIGHT?!

As I was driving home, I thought to myself how drunk I must have been on my birthday to not be able to control my speed. I was understanding what it meant to be impaired while driving.

I noted my speed: 65mph. And before my exit I saw some lights. Hmm, must be an ambulance. On the city streets, you would pull over to the right. What do you do on the high way?

Then I realized the car with flashing lights was following me as opposed to passing me. I reached my exit and just pulled over. The car parked behind me and a couple of cops came out. Are you shitting me?!

"Where were you coming from?"
"Just finished a movie at my friends"
"Can I see your license"
"I have a temporary one." Thank god, I had it on me. I would have been fucked.
"Are you tired?" For ONCE I was wide awake.
"Not at all officer"
"Did you have anything to drink tonight?"
"You were swerving and speeding." WHAT THE FUCK, NO I WASN'T!
"Umm.. I thought I was driving fine." In fact I was consciously driving carefully.

The cop said something like, "write the number down?" to his partner. They looked like idiots

"How old are you?"
"Okay, you can go.. just a warning."

Warning for what?! Warning for looking like idiots because you pulled over someone who was wide awake, sober AND to top it off had an ear piece dangling?!


SPEEDING?!?! I was driving 65 MAX! OMG!
SWERVING?!?! OMG.... ashdfahsdflajhdskfjahlksdfhasdfhlkasfdhlkahsf!!!!!!


dannie said...

thats BULL!

just be super careful in SJ especially at night. They have nothing better to do at all.

moAny said...

didn't you just say last night that you were kinda scared of driving? jinx. =X =P

mich said...

ahhhahahahahaha. sorry i know it's not supposed to be funny. but ahhhhahaha.