Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Happy 4th of July
After James left on Friday, I got a text and found myself picking up Huan, KFC and heading downtown to Neil's pad.

To my pleasant surprise we were having a picnic on top of a parking garage! The roof was full of kids and families eager to watch the fireworks that shot from the Discovery Museum a handful of blocks away.

I was more concentrated on the food and how blatantly gay we were. (But in a very good way.)

As the fireworks went off, I started to miss James even though I had already spent the night with him. How perfect would it be to spend July 4th with him. I am so cheesy and James loves that shit.

Hunter's and My Music Complaints Continues
After, we headed to Hunter's; the crowd was surprisingly more attractive. I ran into Tommy who told me, "yeah, I'm from the hood, this music is too white." That's what it was. It was gay "white music." I noticed that everyone else was dancing. Maybe I was wrong, or maybe everyone was just too drunk to realize how bad the music was. Eh. I should stop complaining.

Sometimes there's a compromise like... the electronic version of Bleeding Love, which was sort of doable. I've bitched about this before.

Feeling Retarded
I didn't see James this weekend. I am insecure. I felt really pathetic putting my life on pause until I got a phone call from some boy. I was also eating random junk around the house because I was becoming sad at the idea that maybe what was "strange" about James is that he's a flake.

Even though I felt shitty, my Monday was productive.

I finally saw him at 1AM. I am his midnight trick. He apologized profusely. It's like when you find gold. You become obsessed and paranoid that you might lose it or that it may turn out to be fools gold. (clever). But then I thought about it. James was living his life with or without me. Even though he was determined to see me Monday, he was still persistent on taking his late night jog because it's part of his routine. A part of his life. Why didn't I just do that? Watch a movie with Mony because that's what I would have done if I had not been waiting around for James. I realize that when I dated Chris, I fell into the trap of making him my life. I forgot who I was... and you don't do that for some boy. Heh. Interesting.

But we have another dinner 'non-date' on Wednesday that he penciled me in for. But until then I'm gonna refocus: apply for more jobs, research psychology schools and work out! Instead of checking my phone every 10 minutes eating junk food like a high school girl the day before prom.

Let's turn it down a notch.

River Rafting
After the 4th, I went river rafting! For the 5th time! I am quite privileged that Alysia's dad has a raft and all we have to pay for is the gas to get there! On the trip, Alysia ate dirt. A LOT of it. (Pictures from Aaron's underwater camera to come) The day after, we played Pictionary Telephone.

When I first kissed James there were no fireworks. And I realized it's because I didn't have any feelings for him. But every time I kiss him... the kisses get better.... As my heart grows fonder. (SHUT UP!) Okay okay, I'll stop, but kissing in front of my house is my favorite.

Joe is the only person who's seen a picture of him. Here's what he has to say:

Joey: If things don't work out...he might have too much faith in craigslist because of you.
Joey: It's gonna be all your fault he gets butt raped!
Joey: Make it work!
Joey: You're probably 1 in a million gay craiglist ads that are NOT looking for sex (right away).

How flattering. I really just wanted coffee!!!! Too bad I have yet to get coffee with James.

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dannie said...

lmao!! aww the quotes at the end were great.
wow!! you kissed him already... :]

you're so right, no more waiting on a boy. i need to do the same.