Monday, July 28, 2008


got 2b glued is known by anyone who has aggressive sharp spikes. During my camping trip, I discovered how well it held. Even though I wore a beanie at night, played at the beach and sat around a camp fire, my hair stood strong for 17 hours. WOW! And at it's like 3 bucks at your local Walgreens (on sale.)

American Crew Grooming Cream is on the other end of the art of hair spikes. When I was chilling with Huan, I watched him flat iron his hair. He told me how he wish he had hair like mine. I guess, cuz I don't have to do much work to make it fluffy or interesting. I use American Crew when I want softer textures. USually, my hair already has volume and I just use American Crew to shape it. But I find that it doesnt stand when I go to night clubs.

I got a recommendation to use the Japanese Hair product: Gatsby Ultra Hard (found at Mitsuwa). Zto uses this stuff.

Here's a hot Video:

I just wanted to share. Haha!

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UMAX_3000 said...

Oo thanks for the tip on the wax. I really like it.