Monday, March 30, 2009

The Beginning of March

Oh March.
So... yeah. I'm a comfortable bum. Fuck.
But at least I'm no longer depressed. This month I got to do a lot of things for free thanks to my love Caitlin. Sorry for bombarding you with pictures and stories, but I wanted to get March out of the way before I started my productive April.

March 7: Sandy in Town
MmMMm Banh Xeo, this was absolutely the best I've ever had. I think it's because Sandy's Aunt is from the region of origin!

March 7: Sake Bomb Night at Aarons!
What's next aaron!? Edward Fortyhands Night?!

I don't know how to be a Top Model. Wow. Huan can really make his waist modely.

Sandy is a stoplight. Get it?! Ooo.. Ignia High school picture.. shit.. Photobomber!!!

Once again, the gays have to "dance" off their alcohol.

March 16: Warriors Game
It'd like to remind you that I enjoy watching sports.. cough.

With good company!

Chocolate Sushi Buffet

Classy, delicious, worth it! Good call Carl!

March 17: Saint Patrick's Day
I forgot my camera. When my friend lent me hers, I felt at peace. I AM a camerawhore.

Carl's hot girls, my hot girl.. makes us.. out numbered. Shit, need to re think this. Oo.. horizontal stripes enhancing the tummy, no good.

And there's Suegol running from creepy straight men attacking her butt from behind with their thrusting hips. RUN GIRL!

March 19: Sharks Game!

Caitlin and I got lost walking to the Arena, but we found a cute bar and it was pure VICTORY when we got there.

Everyone was in turquoise! Hockey is so violent, but exciting. And we got an autograph!

March 20: Mongolian Lunch with Diana,

"If it don't taste good, it's you're own damn fault." Mongolian BBQ is a conundrum.

March 20: Exploratorium & ISA Concert with Darnell
Aww, these dogs were walking themselves!

Darnell is my first downelink friend... somehow.

I keep trying to be couture, but it's just ugly. The explOritorium is a fun place.

The End of March

March 23: Day with Damien
Damien took me on this romantic hike up Alum Rock... where I learned to appreciate nature and the smell of sulfur. Apparently this place was a hot spot for natural spring baths because of the minerals that would just pour down the mountain.

Though.. it smelled like fart when you got too close.

I love to spend one-on-one time with people. Get to know them, understand their life. You learn a lot from others. We drove back listening to classical music. It was very calming, I didn't realize how much he loved nature, silence and reflection.

Damien is a Vegetarian. So we had Vegetarian Vietnamese food at Tofoo Com Chay on Santa Clara. YUM! It tasted like meat.. but with out the meat.

And a silly awkward posed picture at Yogurt paradise.

Damien wanted to be more spontaneous... so.. Hunter's HAHA!
Dollar drinks between 10-11 on Mondays. Why not?
Rayo owes me 20 bucks.. so bought me some drinks... lol, that works, I guess.

Dollar drinks means the bartender has to make a lot at a time. "Yes, I'd like 18 rum and cokes, thank you."

BTW... This is my horse face. It happens when I chew gum while taking pictures. Yeah.. very cute.

Look at ThE and Damien trying to fuck the camera with their facial expression while everyone else is goofy. Carl also LOVES to rape the camera apparently. But NO ONE can fuck the camera like MoAny... god so much LOVE making.

I bought a bag of Fritos from 7-11 and filled it with Nacho Cheese... muahahahaha. Dollar goodness.

March 23: Home Made Pepper Jack Sticks!

Thank goodness for Aaron's deep fryer! That Cheese On A Stick at the Mall was getting expensive! Next, let's make some Lumpias!

Last Weekend in March

March 27: Michelle's PreWedding Party at Mr.Smiths in San Francisco
Carl said Michelle looked radiant. I concur.

This cocktail tasted like pesto.. it was actually fantastic.

Michelle and I go way back. There was a period of say.. 5 years where we didn't talk to each other but thanks to Carl, we have been reunited. It really is a small world.

It's like.. high school, college and ... whatever I'm in right now all in one room.

Posed... then Candid. Isn't it brilliant?

Before Carl leaves, he's gonna train my eye to be more judgmental... or rather "refined."

Carl called this, "drunk Fierce." I'm thinking... drunk mess.

Last pictures of the night:

There's Alex he is currently "married" to Joshy2Hoty4You... this Indian guy I hooked up with when I was a dirty 19 year old. I told Alex to ask Joshy if he remembers me... Joshy said, "yes." I love making people feel awkward.

Yes, I've had Indian... and it was spicy! (and hairy).

Bagdad Cafe in the Castro!

It was just good.

March 28: Great America
Locheed Martin Family Day at Great America! Though none of us work there, free tickets were available! Thanks Carl.

What do 20 somethings do at Great America? Pig out!
(We didn't ride any of the big rides!) Oh.. and I had to wear girl board shorts that had a slit in the back to show of my ass crack. Not Cute.

I forgot waterproof sunblock so I went to buy some from the gift store. 10 dollars for a little bottle. Heck no. Considering my scarring situation, I took it upon myself to squeeze a sample, so to speak, that was probably worth 25 cents. Do I feel guilty? No. Theme parks need to not charge so much for such a necessity. Don't judge me, I am not the reason for recession!

Funnel Cake was the goal.

What's going on? Aaron's interpretation of the girl's face is dead on:

Fashion Police:
Thick Jean Cuff and black socks... so street so classy.

March 28: JV in Cupertino
Cupertino is like a classier Milpitas.

I heart JV. I just wanted to remind you.

March 28: Anthony Birthday
Dinner and Straight clubbing... hehe

We checked out Agenda Lounge in San Jose and I was amused. The music was awesome the theme was "80's BABIES" So i guess it was for folks who were born in the 80s and music we appreciate.

It was interesting because there were a lot of guys, but not the creepy kind because it looked like they were just there to dance too. Urban street Asians were showing off their foot work (really good foot work) to 90's R&B. It was pretty trippy. But.. it wasn't crowded enough.

We switched to Hunter's which was packed and I ran into a guy that I chatted with before. I did the come hither finger thing to him, hoping he would recognize me, but he didn't so he just got creeped out.

When he figured out who I was he said, "who's your friend.. he's cute"
and I respond, "he's taken by that guy..."
"oh... he could do better."

What a douche. I should have known because our previous AIM conversation went like this:
"so when are we going to meet up."
"um.. i don't know much about you or what you look like and all you want to do is meet up.. I'm a bit hesitant."
"you want a picture? Fine.. here: *link*"
"no.. it's not that.. it's just that we haven't had a real conversation on AIM.. I don't just want to meet up with out knowing more about you."
"gosh... aim drama. chat with me when you're ready."


After Hunter's he says this over AIM
"It was nice meeting you in person."
"BTW. I was just joking. so you need to get over it."
"What are you talking about."
"you're friend."
"hah." *close box*

I guess he could tell by my reaction at Hunter's that I was offended by him because I didn't bring it up again... but geez, what a sassy weirdO!


As we sat outside of Hunter's, I learned that some folks got D.U.I.'s at .09... that's just mean. I guess, DUI is just the thing to get in San Jose. Bah.


I found the corner of 1st and San Salvador to be very interesting. There's a classic theater where these bougie 50 something white folk were coming out of a symphony performance while hooches, douches and thugs took their parking for the night club WET! There was a serious tornado in the parking lot where they met! Where fur meets vagina. Where rolex meets do-rag. Where BMW's meet rice rockets.


I danced with a closted "bi" guy. He kept saying, "I'm open minded.. this is interesting." It was amusing. Apparently his brother was there too so he had to put up a front.

Well.. boy you need to take that shit down and be yourself.