Friday, July 25, 2008

Like Father, Like Son

Yesterday was my dad's birthday.

I love my folks. Before going to my dad's birthday dinner at Maggiano's in Santana Row, I asked my mom what she was doing when she was 23. She said she was pregnant with me! OH MY GOD.

That's why parents look young, because they ARE young! GEEZUS. Can you imagine me with a kid? I would be the parent that forgets their kid at Lucky's. As she talked to me and threw in encouraging and positive remarks, I couldn't help look at her and seeing how beautiful she is.

At Maggiano's our "eyes were bigger than our stomach," according to my mom. She was trying to translate a Vietnamese idiom into English. We had about 7 boxes of left overs!

While eating my dad get's a stain on his shirt. What a mess. THAT'S WHERE I GET IT FROM!

I love my parents because I can talk to them. I love my parents because they take care of me, but don't suffocate me. I love my parents because they are amazing. Successful and degreeless. I love my parents because they are good people.

I love my parents because they are entertainers! Check this out:

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