Thursday, July 10, 2008

Talking to Strangers

I woke up tat 7am today. It felt good

I made conversation with a random guy at the gym. I asked him if he was always there at 9AM he responded with a smile, "yeah... gotta work off those samples." He was referring to the samples his dessert store provided in Milpitas. (Was he flirting?) I asked him if he needed a spotter for the bench press. He said sure. And I did the cheesy two finger point and said, "alright for next time."

For some reason I was impressed with myself. Where did all this random courage come from? When it comes to talking to strangers I find myself either really shy or overly outgoing. Last time I was at Hunter's I told some guy I thought he was cute and ran away.

Heh. With the guy at the gym, I had multiple opportunties to strike a conversation and I did. I just hate the feeling of: Man, I should have talked to them. You know?

Really, what is there to lose. Just say hi.


mich said...

i like talking to strangers too. sometimes i find them nicer than people i interact with normally. this can go terribly wrong though if you mistake their raunchy hitting on you style for friendliness though. it happens, trust me.

moAny said...

you've always been able to talk to strangers... its just after college you've stopped doing it for awhile.

dannie said...

i am like that! i wish i had talked to someone...but whatever :]