Sunday, March 31, 2013

Don't You Worry Child

When I found cheap masks at a dollar store, I went crazy and bought 9!  Lucky for me Swedish House Mafia's tour was called the Masquerade Motel!  David did an amazing job rallying his friends and their friends into one awesomely affordable party bus traveling from mid city to Chinatown.

But guess who forgot their tickets?! Yup!  Chris and Jimmy left their tickets near the nightstand and did not realize it until we arrived at David's 20 minutes away.

Lucky for us we have an amazing roommate who met up with us in font of the venue with said tickets.  We owe him a pizza... with pork belly toppings.

Straight people.  I'll be referencing this picture if I ever run into them and go... "how do I know you?"

Doing shots while bumping on the 10 freeway was a highlight.  Felt very illegal, but the truth was, it was legal and safe!  No drinking and driving that night!

 The luck continued that night when we didn't lose each other, it would have been impossible to surf through that crowd.  I ran into college friends, gay friends, work friends... it was intense.  This was my first massive and I had all the necessary ingredients.  David told me that he would give out Prism Diffraction Fireworks Glasses to cute boys as a way of hitting on them.  Genius.  I didn't have to do much to get a run by grope.  This guy passing through the crowd not only placed his hand on me to get by, but actually squeezed my torso and shoulders for a good 10 seconds before release and not looking back.  I guess it's a gay boy's paradise in the touchy-feely rave community.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.

by @hiddenmickey

I was comfortable, awake and enjoying the music.  Which was refreshing since I'm usually tired.  My favorite part was just enjoying the space and absorbing the energy... I can see how this can be addicting.

Aww - sadly though I could not find JV who made me candy and taught me PLUR.  But I found him the day after for and after-party hangout.

Swedish House Mafia and Zedd give me that chills... especially if there's a fan aimed at my crotch after I just stepped out of a swimming pool.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Opening Ceremony

We had our first party of 2013 in March.  It was a mess of a theme because we couldn't agree on anything, but also because there was a lot going on.

Bien was leaving for New York.  It was Sam’s birthday.  And it was the first party of the year.
I wanted “Thrift Shop.”  It felt appropriate, Macklemore’s song was just getting popular and nothing is more fun than stopping by a thrift store to find something ridiculous to wear.
Charles wanted  something more dress to impress.
Jimmy wanted Vogue Echo Park.  His vision was to recreate fashion photo shoots.
Sam wanted an internet meme party and he would dress up as Grumpy Cat.

So finally we came up with “Opening Ceremony” as a tribute to the new year and the high end clothing store on Melrose.  Encouraged people to dress their best and wear interesting things… and it was up to their interpretation.

We set up a black photobooth with all the props I've collected through out the years.  I also set up a good bye Bien photo album station.

I was pretty impressed with people’s creativity.  But as the theme suggests, it was all over the place.  Regardless – the party achieved its intention – reconnect with old friends and introduce new say good bye to one and wish another a happy birthday… sort of.  Sam disappeared before the cake came out.  

And it was fun, gays always have random things in their closet that they've been hoping to wear.

Afterwards?  Taco Zone.  Dab's tongue likes it!

I procrastinated on this entry because we took so many pictures... like gigs worth.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Holi - Festival of Colors 2013

Color Toss by Ribshots
After last year's epic Holi fail, I was determined to celebrate the Hindi festival of colors properly.  I was trilled to discover a legitimate festival just 20 miles away in Norwalk and booked the date months in advance.  Last year, I found something online.. I gathered about 6 guys hyping up the festival and when we arrived, it was as if we were crashing an Indian family's picnic.  They were celebrating, but there were about 30 of them in a random park... it was a little awkward so we just walked in circles and dashed away.

This year was different.  Full on festival with hundreds in attendance at Excelsior High School in Norwalk.  There was a color toss every hour, yoga, live music all day and food.

I first discovered Holi in 2006 back in Berkeley when I had Indian friends:

Check out the twinky version of myself.  Holi is meant to be wet.  But with all the smart phones and cameras - colored, edible dry powder has been used... but if you had Asama, you would dye.  See what I did there?

It's to celebrate spring, fertility, love... you're supposed to walk around and rub colors on strangers and wish them a happy Holi.  Though we used this opportunity to touch hot shirtless guys...  the value is still there.

Check out that Greek god on the left... yes... Happy Holi

Practicing color tossing

Enjoying the perfect weather

We had a stranger straddle our legs to take the picture. :D

Here comes the color toss:

As you can see.. it was amazing... until I couldn't breath.  I told myself not to panic and breathed through my nose.  Good lord.

The second time we learned and watched from afar.  Check out Charle's video:

Eventual you become a brown mess.

If you're too lazy to press play, here's gif:

Jimmy looks like he has an earring here

Amazing pictures found below:
Russo Mutuc
Live Free Mind State
Mark Gonzales

Apparently there are a handful of tutorials online on how to take your DSLR to Holi and not damage it.  We saw a ton of professional cameras with plastic bags and rubber bands wrapped around.  We stuck with our iPhones.  With a little rub on the grass they were as good as new.

Spring is here!  Celebrate good karma and well being!  I feel like this is the theme of March with my spin classes and portion control.  I'm still eating lots of food... just a little less. YourMamaStay!

Amazing shot by B3N2T

Sunday, March 17, 2013


This is a candid picture that Darnell shot of us at a house warming party.  I smother Jimmy with a lot of love and affection... I think because he smells so good that I like to rub my face into his.

I'm really proud of him - a new job, a new sense of confidence, ambition and inspiration to improve his wardrobe and work on photo projects.  All of which make him a better person.  His new attitude draws me closer to him and I am utterly thrilled. He's buying me dinners and found me a great Ben Sherman shirt from the Thrift Shop that I love.  And by doing so he's showing me how much he's appreciated my support through the two years we've been together.

Straight people have asked me, is he "the one." ... are we going to spend the REST of our lives together?  I don't know, he doesn't know.  It doesn't matter.

I've realized lately that I have no timeline.  No sense of urgency to buy a house, get married, have a family at certain deadlines.  And I feel like this is common among gay people - not necessarily career wise because face it.. who really run the world?  Gays... well white gays, but gays nonetheless.  But in regards to relationships and settling down, partying like you're in your 20s carry into your 30s into your 40s into your 50s... because you can't get married anyway, because gay life is fun and there's no rush.  And if you're lucky enough to have a companion that you adore doesn't mean you're going to marry him... we're not u-haul lesbians how ever we do live together.

I'm not completely out to my family yet.  Jimmy is just starting a career that he might be able to build on.  There's so many factors that indicate that where I am now in my career, in my relationship, in my life is where I'm supposed to be.  No rush to be anywhere else.

And the moments I spend with Jimmy are mine... regardless of what the future looks like.


Mango Spice - the cayenne pepper on the rim gave it an amazing kick

 In February I took a trip to Cancun.  My idiot self booked a flight with a layover resulting in a lot of wasted time, but I shouldn't complain because I was in paradise.  Cancun is a resort town nothing to do here unless you have money to burn, but I was so beautiful.

 You can walk far into the ocean, but always touch the floor.  The challenge was conquering powerful waves and rip tides. One of my buddies was struggling and the life guard almost jumped in.  He made it back and rested on the sand as if he had just battled a greek god.

My coworkers made fun of my for forcing so many group pictures.  But I took it as a thank you when this picture popped up in everyone's cube after the trip.

This elaborate dinner included lobster tail, an open bar, some steak and a very wedding like set up.  The hotel put up large walls of fabric to shield the area from the winds.  The ocean waves could still be heard.

 Then there was dancing - with a little alcohol in everyone's system and a desperate attempt at plugging in the stereo with a random iPod we got some Michael Jackson on the floor.  At that point, I learned and performed the thriller dance on the sand.  AH mazing.  Dream come true.

In shady downtown we took about 4 vans to dance into the night.  For $20 was got into club with an open bar.  Once again I forced a group picture.  And my punishment:  an inadvertent cigarette burn on my hand.  I guess that was my souvenir.

Party hard in a Mexican city.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Mani Pedi

Girls told me that I would LOVE getting a manicure and pedicure... they told me to prepare to be pampered.  But let me tell you that was pure torture.

How is a sharp piece of metal being scrapped into your nail supposed to be relaxing?  I was tense the entire time.  I wanted it to end.  I was about to tell my sadist that I would give them all of the secrets to the White House if they would stop.

Never again.

I also felt sorry for them - they were tasked to remove 27 years of built up foot boogers.  I felt bad because they were Vietnamese and they could have been my cousins.

I really didn't like it.  It was like visiting the dentist... for your feet.

Active March

Jimmy styled me.  Alexander Wang top.. Echo Park streets.

I'm running high on staying active.  Work events are keeping me busy on weekdays and birthdays, festivals, adventures and groupon is keeping me busy on weekends.  I am so much happier for it.

For work I've been networking and making friends which has helped my sales team.  At home I look at my things to do with people...   so when someone says, "we should get sushi sometime... " it actually happens.  I was amazing when I met someone for the first time... she said, "we live close, lets eat sometime!" and that weekend she called me for a meal.

So far:

  • Visit Madeline and Nick in the OC
  • Eat with Sunny and Maya
  • Go to hole in the wall with Mackenzie and Blane
  • Attend a Yelp! Elite event with John, Tommy, Steve
  • Watch Rocky Horror and invite Brian
  • Check out the Harry Potter Exhibit with Jeremiah
  • Go to Circus/Catch 1 with Sean
  • Red Lobster - Jimmy, Andrew
  • Sizzler Night - Roomies

There's a couple more that I may have forgotten.

Soul Cycle

Powerful Fitness Women
With the help of my coworkers, I have attended two spin classes.

Not any spin class, but Soul Cycle.  Imagine yourself strapped to a stationary bicycle.  You are surrounded by women that seem to have their hair up in the same way and wearing the same sports bra. They are pumped.  They are about to burn 700 calories in 45 minutes.

Like bowling, you are required to rent special shoes.  But these shoes are made to attach to your back... so you can't escape.. you are literally connected to the bike petals.  You soul is plugged in.

The first class I took was with this amazing coach... she stated, "tonight you are not a mother, a wife, a girlfriend, a coworker... tonight you were an athlete!!!!"  With those words I felt my breast contract into my body. With only candle light and clubbing music I was on an adventure up virtual mountains as I discover self respects, forgiveness and pain.  It was like I was in a bubble bath of fitness and I brought my favorite vibrator.

To my delight the music of choice was hip hop.  We bounced in rhythm to Ice Cream Paint Job by Dorrough.  We simulated pushups against the handle bars.  We used 1lb weights to tone our arms.  We varied our speeds and pushed through each song with only a couple of minutes to recover.  People were woo-ing and I found myself woo-ing as I ignored the pain my knees, balls of my feet and calves that cramped.  At one point I was going to give up.  It hurts so much, but I was empowered by everyone around me.  The sweat was dripping from my face... any water I had was now on my skin.

The last song was to Heaven by Emeli Sande... I pushed and pushed to finish the program, the mass, the ceremony.  And I prepared myself for my body to crumble after everything has ended... but it didn't because of appropriate post work out stretches.  "Leave behind anything you want and take with you a stronger you."  I felt like I just accomplished something great.... like I found myself and kicked the balls of my aggressor.

I was a new me!

Then I went down the street for an oven brick pizza.  Yes.

by trpennington

by nicogreene

by pb_n_ti

Saturday, March 9, 2013

January Recap

Stairs of Echo Park
After this month ends, we will have successfully completed the first quarter of 2013.  Here are a couple of things I did back in January.  I told myself that I would edit and enhance the pictures I take... as if I was a photographer, but I don't claim to be and my computer has finally run out of space.  So these are the RAW images of my fleeting moments baby.

New Years Eve was at a friends.  Lots of champagne and a round of reverse charades.  Oh there's Dab Ito dreaming about his next blog entry.

In January, I saw David's one man show with Sam.  My friends warned me about how one-man shows can get, but I was pleasantly surprised.  David shared his life - his Mexican American experience with many siblings, his encounter with a chicken that scarred his face, his admission to Yale.  I was captivated.  He had great comedic pause and I began to understand him better as a person.  It would be interesting to grab our closest friends and ask them to story tell... starting from birth and highlight pivotal moments.  Though I rarely talk to David, but I felt much more closer to him in a sense.

The production was held at Casa0101 which had great art displayed by Mexican Americans in the community.  I felt honored to be a part of it.

This beezy came to visit. Atlantic Seafood and Dim Sum is my new fav.  so cheap and in a new facility.

Stopped by Leanna Lin's Wonderland to check out Joey Chou's Bed Time Stories art gallery.  This place is cute and features a lot of trinkets you would find at fairs.

Found ourselves randomly at CatchOne - the black gay club in Pico Union.  Oh man that be some ratchet shiz.  They have a booty popping competition at midnight, but I think it was a slow Saturday.

Jimmy took me on a date to Pizzeria Mozza.  Our order took a while, so the chef gave us some bomb brussel sprouts.  While y'all nomming on your kale which sells out at all Trader Joes apparently, I'm going back to the 70's and loading up on some brussel sprouts.

We spent an afternoon at the California Science Center.  Where we saw some sharks and jelly fish.  Yay nature.

We were also inspired at the California Science Center to redo the Dream Girls Cover.

Burrata, Grana parmesan, rapini, garlic, extra virgin olive oil & prosciutto di Parma

Aaron stopped by to go to Rage.  This time I gave him a set of keys so he wouldn't have to sleep in his car in the cold.  Oops.  I'm a really good friend.  Mmm fancy breakfast at Bottega Louie which is the most reviewed place in Los Angeles with more than 5000 unsolicited opinions.

I'm starting to get to know Santa Monica more with a lot of client events happening there.  Stopped by Bungalow which has this outdoor indoor feel to it.  I hear there's a line to get in at night and not really anything to eat.  Or you can just hang out in someone's patio.  I'll wear a fake mustache and be your "mixologist" for the night.

Mmmm - found this handsome man in the alleys of the Arts district.  This area has a lot of charm.  Factory space mixed with lofts, restaurants ... like the meat packing district... sort of.  It started to rain and there was a romantic vibe in the poorly lit streets.

I discovered LA is burning which is a vogue night with competition.  Lots of fierce dancers, but definitely not the same as Paris is Burning which was a bit of a disappointment.  I guess in a time of dubstep we can't expect complete revival of movements past their prime.

There are a couple of videos that I'll post up... eventually but just imagine a lot of flailing arms.