Tuesday, December 30, 2014

2014 Ignia Christmas Party

Cards in Foothill Park behind my parent's house

Hello very neglected blog.  I hate how writing has fallen so far down my priority list, but it comes with the sad reality of just being busier in life.  I picked up a second gig helping a friend out with his app which takes up a lot of my free time.  Work, try new places to eat, gig... there is little room for writing anymore.

But I happy that I have a few minutes to spare while I wait for 24 gigs of photos and videos to transfer onto my external and traffic to die down.  What should this entry be about?  The 12th Annual Ignia party of course!!

The Portland girls asked to get some authentic Vietnamese food so we gave my mom a break this year and headed to Pho Ha per Sandy's suggestions.  I usually get gifts for everyone from that year's travel, but I didn't have time.  Instead I decided to buy everyone dinner.  Everyone gave me a big thank you except Sandy.  She responded, "can I have a box sir?"  Which made me burst out into laughter.  I gave her a giant hug.

I pulled out lots of alcohol, but the majority of us just enjoyed some Bailey's hot chocolate.

I control the Secret Santa and rigged it so that you did not get the person you had up to 4 years ago!  We agreed that next year will authentically be random.  My secret santa was Alysia, she made it easy with a wish list of obscure things like measuring cups that include 3/4 and 2/3 cups.  Are you kidding me?  A sleep mask that I actually own and Rooibos tea.  I went to 3 stores to get her that!

Our traditional group photo.  We sat in the same spot as last year.  I wish we kept the order all the years, but it's okay.  My dad suggestion us make monster faces... lol.  Close enough

There's a gap in the group photo because Caitlin was missing.  She was celebrating in Idaho that year.  Nothing that FaceTime on the iPhone 6+ can't fix!  check out that group photo.  I'm printing this one for our families.

We're a silly group of people who enjoy playing board games.  This year we played the following:

Concept - Diana's new pretentious board game
Things - Where you write and guess who wrote what
21 - A drinking game where you assign a rule to each number

Next year we might mix it up by bringing plus ones.  Or maybe we should spare our significant others the awkwardness that is our forever in high school energy.

Oh and Diana and Myself finally won a game of SPADE!  YES!