Friday, August 1, 2008

I Had Dim Sum then I Went to Jail

On Tuesday I also drank at a friend of a friend's 2 year anniversary dinner party.

I talked to some new faces and the hosts were really sweet and gay.

When I came in, I was greeted with a hug and a kiss on the cheek, I thought to myself, poor guy, he has to kiss my acne infested cheek.  

What really makes me uncomfortable is the use of the word "fag."  Like there was a thump on the door and the guy was like, "OMG someone is trying to break in... and all they're going to see is a bunch of fags."  

I dunno, I find myself using the word sometimes, but I guess as a community, we are trying to reclaim the word to redefine it's meaning but when ever it's used, even by a gay person, it's negative.  How is that empowering?

It's also an ugly word.  Say it with me... "fag."  
It's like women reclaiming the word "cunt."  "Yes, we are cunts... " Snap* It's such an ugly word.

James asked me what I did on Wednesday.  I said nonchalantly, "I had Dim Sum... then I went to Jail."  Which I did, I had Dim Sum with Smyr, then I went to Jail to "prebook" by community service.  Exciting.  

I've been taking public transportation and concluded that... it sucks.
From my house to Smyr, I have to walk 3 large city blocks to a bus stop.  The whole trip takes an hour when it's a 8 Minute drive.

I have been using Google Maps Public Transit to determine my routes.  I AM INDEPENDENT!  And I hate making my friends or parents pick me up from places.  I refuse to be a loser.

From my house to MoAn's is a 2 hour bus ride.  But, I don't have to transfer.  According to Google maps, I would be saving 6 dollars worth of gas.  Too bad, I lose time.
Yesterday, Smyr and I made some peanut butter cookies and he let me have some of his Edemame soup that he found the recipe for in a GMAIL ad.  LOL!

Then Karaoke time at Bamboo 7 in Japantown San Jose!  I sang uptown girl in front of 30 strangers.  I was so nervous, but the guys from Australia cheered me on, while the snooty girls to my left laughed at me.  Damn 

Video to come!  But meanwhile checkout some webjunk: thanx Maffew for a link that has successfully distracted me from life.

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fading.requiem said...

You`re welcome :] at least you have something to keep you busy at home when you`re bored :D so KAWAII NOT?! lawlerskates.