Saturday, February 7, 2015

Break Up Season

Two years ago I wrote about being surrounded by gay couples.

It was an optimistic post that declared that gay long term relationships actually exists and that I have something to look forward to in the long run.  Two years later a 3rd of those couples that I mentioned in that post has broken up.  What's odd is that they all broke up at the same time ringing in 2015 painfully awkward, yet they all seemed to be reprogrammed to start new projects that are focused on self accomplishments.

Is there an expiration date?  Is there something in the air?

3 month mark - Superficial Reasons
6 month mark - Substantial Reasons
3 year mark - Start Over. New Chapter. Refocus. 
6 year mark - Shit.

It seems like for relationships there are time markers during which couples or individuals really reevaluate.  Maybe instead of celebrating anniversaries with Jimmy I should be celebrate passing these markers.  But as we get older, it really is an accomplishment.

How does it make me feel?

I feel like I should be more concerned and upset that I actually am.  I feel like my optimism has taken a blow and I should be protesting, but I've come to accept it as a reality.  Maybe it's because gay men challenge themselves to prove that they are better than what society expects them to be.  And this requires them to constantly reevaluate their achievements, relationships and life goals.

Anyway, I'm currently obsessed with Oliver Hampton from How to Get Away with Murder.  When they first introduced him, I rolled my eyes because he was a stereotype Asian character: nerdy, weak, taken advantage of... but as the show progressed the writers really fleshed out the relationship.  The latest scene got my emotions all tangled up.  And Oliver got so cute so fast. Of course I'm following the actor Conrad Ricamora on instagram.

Take it slow Oliver... but check-in in 6 months.

I haven't watched TV in years. I refer to youtube to find programing that includes Asian Americans.

Mass media seems to only include people look and think like you, but if you walk the footsteps of an Asian you'll learn things you never knew you never knew...

Fresh of the Boat is hilarious.   Let's make it through one season, that's all I ask.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Across the Golden Gate

Back in November, Jimmy and I planned a spontaneous trip to the bay area.  My number one activity was to bike across the bridge since it was something I've never done before.  The Sports Basement was the perfect rental with free parking and exceptional prices ($15 for 3 hours!)  Remember to check Yelp! for deals.

Before actually crossing the bridge, Jimmy and I discovered the many many views of the bridge stopping for many pictures.  Though Jimmy has all of the pictures of both of us, I have some cute pictures of him to share.  What a stud.

And off we go!  Here's a shot of us on the bridge.  Remember to stay on the side reserved for bikers for max efficient cruising.  It was windy, but we were well equipped!

We made it to the other side to discover Sausalito!  It's a really cute town, but we didn't have time to really explore.  We were exhausted by the hills and were in a rush to make our return time.  The ferry back option seemed like a bit of a cluster so we decided to bolt back!  It was a physical challenge!  And the bike lanes weren't as clear on this side of the bay area.  I found myself cramping up.  It seemed like most people opted to just get a ferry ticket so that they didn't have to deal.

We made it back!  And just in time to grab a dinner.

We returned to So for their famous spicy chicken.  But I noticed it had been watered down.  The waitress proclaimed that I was the first one to notice!  "Yes, we got complaints, people even walked out because it was too spicy for them to eat!"  Well, I have to say it was more manageable and enjoyable when we weren't dying from the heat.

That evening we went to the Castro and watched our friends get messy.

The next day we explored the Mission District and Valencia street with Mony.  Interesting to see the Latino community hanging on to a thread while Valencia gentrification spills over.  The sad reality.

All the grit is being replaced with artist anal chocolate and oozey pastries.

Got to spend a few minutes with JV and Andy before heading across the new bay bridge.  Not sure why this picture is so yellow!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Hello 2015

This is the photo that I accidentally sent my coworker with the caption, "i love you."  It was meant for Jimmy.  I was mortified.  I'm still recovering from the flu and I was feeling whiney so I sent these unattractive photos to Jimmy to entertain myself.  

For a long time I felt invincible to illness.  Defeated only to digestive problems, but I blamed that on my aging body.  In terms of not catching viruses and infections I thought I was golden and protected by emergenC.  Not so much any more.

I experienced cold sweat that drenched my shirt so much that I had to change it in the middle of the night and paranoia from parking on the wrong side of the street for street cleaning that I emerged from my bed at 3AM to move it rather then wait for my alarm at 7:50AM giving me 10 minute buffer before tickets are given out.

I have this work assignment that's floating above my head: describe a time where you deviated from the company culture.  I stare blankly at this question on my self review.  Why is this so hard to answer?

2014 welcomed me with an eye infection.  2015 welcomed me with a flu and very first world problems like waiting in line for an hour for my iPhone 6.  Which by the way isn't that much better than the iPhone 4s that I've had and taken care for 2 years.

So what am I looking forward to in 2015?
- My cousin's wedding in Hawaii
- Possibly going to Vietnam in June while Huan is there
- Maybe going to Greece because Jimmy wants to go so badly

...and that's it.  What a simple life I have as a gay Asian with little to aspire to because I'm just that happy with everything I have in my life.

Oh!  I also achieved the Yelp! Gold badge this year.  God, the good news complacency keeps coming.  How about this one: the IRS lost a document that will probably cost me a couple thousands of dollars.  yeah.


Tuesday, December 30, 2014

2014 Ignia Christmas Party

Cards in Foothill Park behind my parent's house

Hello very neglected blog.  I hate how writing has fallen so far down my priority list, but it comes with the sad reality of just being busier in life.  I picked up a second gig helping a friend out with his app which takes up a lot of my free time.  Work, try new places to eat, gig... there is little room for writing anymore.

But I happy that I have a few minutes to spare while I wait for 24 gigs of photos and videos to transfer onto my external and traffic to die down.  What should this entry be about?  The 12th Annual Ignia party of course!!

The Portland girls asked to get some authentic Vietnamese food so we gave my mom a break this year and headed to Pho Ha per Sandy's suggestions.  I usually get gifts for everyone from that year's travel, but I didn't have time.  Instead I decided to buy everyone dinner.  Everyone gave me a big thank you except Sandy.  She responded, "can I have a box sir?"  Which made me burst out into laughter.  I gave her a giant hug.

I pulled out lots of alcohol, but the majority of us just enjoyed some Bailey's hot chocolate.

I control the Secret Santa and rigged it so that you did not get the person you had up to 4 years ago!  We agreed that next year will authentically be random.  My secret santa was Alysia, she made it easy with a wish list of obscure things like measuring cups that include 3/4 and 2/3 cups.  Are you kidding me?  A sleep mask that I actually own and Rooibos tea.  I went to 3 stores to get her that!

Our traditional group photo.  We sat in the same spot as last year.  I wish we kept the order all the years, but it's okay.  My dad suggestion us make monster faces... lol.  Close enough

There's a gap in the group photo because Caitlin was missing.  She was celebrating in Idaho that year.  Nothing that FaceTime on the iPhone 6+ can't fix!  check out that group photo.  I'm printing this one for our families.

We're a silly group of people who enjoy playing board games.  This year we played the following:

Concept - Diana's new pretentious board game
Things - Where you write and guess who wrote what
21 - A drinking game where you assign a rule to each number

Next year we might mix it up by bringing plus ones.  Or maybe we should spare our significant others the awkwardness that is our forever in high school energy.

Oh and Diana and Myself finally won a game of SPADE!  YES!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

September Recap

It's been a while since I posted a month-recap, but September went by pretty fast and there were some nice moments I'd like to remember.

Saw Yuna at Grand Performances in Downtown.  This free show was over capacity.  The planners didn't realize how big Yuna was when they booked her.  Of course she agreed to do a free show, she lives in DTLA!

Though we had to stand, the view was great.  I caught her waving to us.  I wish Jimmy was there.

Afterward we enjoyed some street tacos at the carwash station near my house.  It wasn't as good as our go to Taco Zone, but I'm glad I tried it.

Thanks to Andrew, I got to see White People Culture Show at the Bootleg Theatre.

White people are really interesting and exotic.  I love their traditional folk dance.  Though it looked like they were being possessed, I'm sure it has some culture relevance to their faith.  It was pretty inspirational.  Only in LA do we get an opportunity to get exposed to so many cultures.

Alysia is having a tough year.  So I was happy that we got a chance to hang out at Manhattan Beach.  We jumped in the water and had some ice cream.  I love her.

I'm impressed with the 626 Nightmarket and their integration of youth culture.  They hire popular youtube personalities and have live art by really talented people.  The food... I wouldn't come for the food since the lines are terrible, but it's great energy and perfect for the community.  Here's Carlo taking pastry dick.

I made it out to see Joe survive his Malibu Triathalon.  I could say that I plan on accomplishing this in my life, but that's a lie.  I ran into a friend who was blending from his joints.  He told me that he ate it on his bike and couldn't finish it because his bike was warped.  Sucks so much.  I lent him my phone which he was thankful for.  I wore this giraffe shirt that Joe got me a while back.  Wanted to show him that I appreciated that thought even though it's 2 sizes too small for my fat torso.

Battle of the Bands industry event.  Lots of good memories here in previous years.  I go mainly to reminisce and run into old work friends.

Monterey Park has their own night market.  But it has a more local for the smaller community vibe.  The only people in attendance seem to be the ones from Monterey Park.  The 626 night market includes all asians in a 20 mile radius.  I enjoyed a sticky rice burger from a Thai restaurant in DTLA.

We checked out the Step and Repeat exhibit at the MOCA and took a picture at the step and repeat, but they never posted it.  They only posted photos of what Jimmy calls - Try Hards.  I'm glad I snagged these gems from the camera preview before they're gone forever.

Game Haus is amazing - a huge library of boardgames.  $5 admission and there's no time limit.  I just wish I knew how to play all the games before coming.  The time it takes to read and understand the rules is such a waste.  The highlight of the night was a retro game called Compatibility.  Really silly, but really fun!

We went on a hike to see the Sturtevant Falls pictured above, but what we got was the California drought.  This is serious guys.

Steve invited me to watch his performance in Chinatown.  It was Confucius day so the nearby school had an event.  Steve is really talented - composed music for some films.  He picked up the pipa which is a Chinese instrument.  Charles came late and missed the performance, but he got to practice his calligraphy instead.

The other night we had a jam session at 321.  Jimmy on keyboard and Steve on the ukelele.  We sang along and Phinn did a rap, it was sort of perfect.

September ended quietly with a game of monopoly. My body was shutting off, but I suddenly got a second wind when I started picking up property.   When you make money your body wakes up apparently.