Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Stop Pretending

When he first contacted me, he told me his name was James. But then his real name slipped when he was telling me a story.

But for now, instead of Craigslist boy, I'm going to call him James.

It's ironic. Smyr pointed out that I talk all about honesty and trust. But that's like the opposite of what craigslist's personals are about. I don't know, it's not like I'm NOT being cautious. Remember kids: TRUST NO ONE. But that doesn't mean I can't make a new friend.

James has a hot voice.

I was at Arby's and I called him up. I was wearing basketball shorts and stood a considerable distance from the register because I didn't know what to order. While talking to James, for some reason, I got *cough* excited. I tried to hide it with my hand, which was holding my wallet. It wasn't very slick and the cashier noticed. In fact, she was staring at my crouch with a smirk.

Good lord. I ended the call abruptly and tried to play it off and ordered my food. Gah.

Last night, James and I went to get some food at Lee's Noodle House. To my excitement, they had Pho Ap Chao! Which is Pho Noodles fried and cut into squares in a HK sort of style sauce.

God, if you LOVE Pho! You'll LOVE Fried PHO!
(It's a really rare dish)
On Sunday, my boys and I watched Wanted. I was stressing, because I promised James I would watch it with him during our dinner and movie "non-date." I started to scheme how I would pretend I'm watching it for the first time with him. How do I react? "Wow! did you see that? AMAZING! Sooooo HOT!"

But I realized that I should just be honest. And hope that James isn't disappointed that I already messed up our plans. Even though it's minor. OR maybe could suggest watching Wall-E instead because it was supposed to be cute (and not mention that I had already seen Wanted.)

At Lee's Noodle House, I just told him the truth. Because even though it's minor... being truthful is important to me and I should follow up on at least ONE of my morals. James' reaction, was not what I expected. He exclaimed, "I WAS GOING TO WATCH IT WITH MY FRIENDS TOO!" He elaborated how he was ALSO stressing about how to pretend that he was watching Wanted for the first time with me. And how Ironically funny it would be if BOTH of us pretended. We decided to watch Wall-E and I encouraged him to watch Wanted with his friends. Perfect.

For some reason, that made me happy. I guess because it worked out and I love it when things work out. James and I are really clicking. I actually like how he's in closet. It means that he's not sleeping with the community. And it's sort of like he's straight. HAWT. I'm just waiting for something strange to pop up. Like... he's actually a mermaid or he's missing a toe or that he's actually 42 not 22 or he hates CHEESE! (OMG NO!!) But so far the only thing is that he's ethnically Chinese, but culturally Filipino. *gasp* I wonder what else he's hiding.

At least I know his real name. Or so I think!

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fading.requiem said...

Pho ap chao is best at Minh`s Restaurant in Milpitas :3