Thursday, February 28, 2008

Video Blog


So... I'm no KevJumba or Chris Crocker (thank god) or whatever Youtube characters there are... but I decided just to keep an open mind and try it out.

God, this is SO awkward. Now you guys know what I look like at 11:30pm.
Maybe I'll do something creative, but at least I'm trying. Eventually Mony and I will do a puppetshow. Maybe this friday.

Okay... I call this a trial run.
No special effects, no script, just... awkward.

I found some old videos and did some editing.
My Gym buddy doesn't understand how I check out people so much.
I didn't think I checked out people THAT much... But heres a video of me being caught in the act.

Oh yes... but dude, I was making Videos back in 2005:
Check it!

That was good times. High on life.. being young... and... being weird.
Hmm.. maybe I'll post more.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Here's my number... TAKE IT!

I was on downelink and I get a downelink IM from some random guy from New York.
I wrote:

Hey! I'm actually heading out to the gym, but here's my number if you wanna talk while I drive.

You must be thinking: Chris, what are you doing giving your number out? Well, I figure, he's from New York and there's no harm talking over the phone. While driving to the gym... I get a ring.

We chat up a storm until I get to 24 Hour Fitness and hang up on him. I call him after to finish the convo. He managed to tell me a pretty good story while being half asleep involving his straight friend. Heheheh. Love it... let's just say it involves being unconscious. LOL.

Anyway. Pretty cool guy. I told Smyr about him and he responds, "so you're friends? just like that?" Well yeah. Gay people make friends like rabbits make love: all the time and with out a second thought. "this is my friend so and so." bam: gay friend.

While we're talking about gay, a couple of things made me happy. The guy that I was working with to get my poster printed had a really sexy voice. "You can pick your poster up at 5" YOU BET I WILL! When I stopped by, I was right... cute voice = cute boy. Gosh, I wish he could print me out some personal posters... if you know what I mean. Okay stupid. I was tempted to ask him out even though there was NO indication of interest and our conversation was limited to business. Sigh.

At work, we're interviewing some engineers. My boss declares, "i like that guy.. he's cute!" Well.. okay, now I have to take a peak. Hehe. Oh another cute boy. Here take my number, I'll give you a personal interview. If you know what I mean. Okay stupid, I get it.

While at Berkeley, I had my Berkeley goggles on TIGHT. There was this kid on a bike that I wanted to jab a stick in the spokes so that he would stop to talk to me. And this boy at the QCS meeting that looks like a Koala. Aww.. I'll let you climb my bamboo.... OK OK, I'll stop.

Lol. Yes, I'm crazy.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Cost of Work

Mony reminded me that people don't enjoy being others' bitches. That's why a lot of people start their own businesses; so they can work on their own schedule etc. anyway.

Work stories will be limited to awkward situations and witty social examinations.

Today, I messed up, it cost me $239.28, but at least I got the job done. Blah.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Asian Adventure, but with no Camera

On Feb 17 we had an Asian Adventure around the South Bay with no Camera...Actually, I had a camera, but no memory card. And we had some l33t camera phones. Great. Sorry kids, no pictures... and remember, CASH ONLY!

Little Saigon - Alysia wanted to get King Eggroll so we went for lunch. There I was craving Pineapple slices and chilly powder. But they didn't have any! The food was gross, but the eggrolls were great and the Tamarind icee was impressive. I hate East San Jose. It's so congested and no one lets each other in. Bah. Instead of Little Saigon or Vietnam Town they should call it Big Headache Village

Japan Plaza - Off Saratoga and Steven's Creek is this little Plaza with a Mitsuwa Marketplace and a Kinokuniya Book Store. There we checked out some magazines for some inspiration. I concluded that Japanese people also have some Jacked up hair. But there were a couple of short styles that I liked. In the market is a Japanese Photo booth (Purikura)... there was only one thing to do!

Yeah, you like that gay shot don't you. O M G. Go ahead, zoom in, that's right.. HO MO Sexual.

Korea Street - AKA El Camino. We went Karaoke for an hours during happy hour! 18 bucks!! SWEET! But damn it, once again their recording machine was down. We had a good time belting out songs. Highlight: Szeto's voice cracked during Apologize! It was only 8PM! Dinner time! Time to visit China, so we hopped on 280.

China Square - For dinner was Cupertino Square where we had Taiwanese style small dishes. After we found this dessert place but then realized it sucked. So we drove to Mil-pi-TAS and had some Bolansa! Them bitches wouldn't let me rearrange the chairs! LOL! Yum.

Poor Szeto drove all around the South bay to hit these Asian HOT SPOTS! Awesome good time.

February Thus Far

Even though there's one week left, I feel like getting this month over with and going into MARCH! Here's what I did between complaining about work.

Feb. 2: PPS!
Though we managed to have a great meal at Pepper Lunch (Japanese Style steak) and watch a bad movie. (The Eye). We also explored Szeto's neighborhood.. wow. Ghetto. I got this Chocolate dip thing for the first time! YUM

Feb 8: North West San Jose (Mountain View/Sunnyvale)
Have you ever had one of those I SUCK A LOT days. Yeah. With Mony and Joe taking Funkanometry with me, I didn't fee so bad! I'm still sad because they haven't posted the videos yet.
After, we had Dinner at this awesome place called Neto. I was having a great hair day after using some of Joe's Grooming Creme. Ironic that Joe has great hair products. Though Mony said my hair looked sort of fake. After dinner was a teenie bopper night at FUZ!
I ran into John and a couple of other friends aww.

That girl was HOT! AND my Favorite DJ was spinning! DJ Barney Frando! HOLLA!

Feb 10: Tet Parade
Year of the Rat! Afterward we went to Chicken Coup or something. I liked it because they had a visual menu. It looked like dishes that prepared then hairsprayed so you can see what it looks like ALL DAY. Brilliant! I also had trouble sitting in the chairs because my torso is so short. I had to sit on two chairs stacked together to be comfortable, I was like king!

Feb 15: February Dragon
I drove! And scared the crap out of everyone because... I suck at driving. Oh look, I have more than just three friends! Aww. I never see these guys outside the club.

Feb 16: Whoa
I had a nice day catching up with my good friend Alysia. We hiked the foothills and told each other stories. I miss her. She works in SoCal and I'm trying to plan a trip to visit her.

After our hike we visited Diana's dad who Alyisa has the hots for and Janelle where we tried to solve lateral thinking puzzles. Like, question:why did the man die after seeing a fish?" answer: because it was red and he was allergic to ketchup. Yes, it was that dumb.
Smyr joined us and made me laugh hysterically when he said, 'Sup nigga!' over the phone. HAHAHAHAHAH! Oh Teach for America.
Alysia's friend said, "is Janelle a slut?...... because she's so pretty!"
Janelle said, "I'm not pretty like Alysia. She has natural Beauty."
I said, "and what do you have? Artifical Beauty?"
I guess that's why Alysia's friend thought she was a Slut!

We parted ways for dinner. My parents were having a party and it was Vietnam Town up in my Dinning room. Mony said we're going to get Dessert, I obliged and drove to his place. I find that we were actually going to Capital to pick up Danster. Who lives close to my house! Bah. Then SOMEHOW we ended up bowling. I HATE BOWLING. And I was grumpy because I didn't get dessert and I was stranded cuz I didn't have my car. Mony bought me LaVics to make up for it, but... it was different. Soggy? Less meat? Salty? Something was off. After devouring the quesedilla, I fell asleep at the bowling ally. I woke up and jumped into Mony's car. When I woke up, I found myself in Mountain View! WTF! And my phone died. And Smyr didn't have a ride to the airport (because he was depending on me) and I felt guilty for like the rest of the week. And I couldn't go home because my car was still at Mony's!!! OH NO PPS (poorly planned Saturday) ALL OVER AGAIN!

That's why I want to plan things for March! Can't wait!

Losing Touch

The one thing that I'm not enjoying is losing touch with friends.

I feel that by working and being exhausted has prevented me from really keeping in touch with friends. This weekend, I think I am visiting Berkeley to say hi.

Weekends have become so precious. I don't want to waste my early twenties napping. I am currently trying to plan the following:

SoCal Trip with Gays: Drive down with gay friends, visit other gays go to Rage... or that other Club people talk about. Peggy Sues?

SoCal Trip with Ignia: During Spring Break I want to visit my High school friends. :) Have a wholesome good time, see productions. It'll be great.

Florida Trip: Brian works for Disneyworld... we should visit him

Camping: Because that's appropriate.

Visiting Mt.Hamilton, because it's local

Sky High. Because there are trampolines.


Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Reality? Check!

The VP went through my things telling me to get rid of all my clutter.
I'm going to go to work early tomorrow to get organized. In a sense, it's helped me realize how I hold on things. "If you don't need it, throw it away!" And she was right.

My office was a mess. She walked behind my desk and gasp. I was afraid she saw the stack of Christmas Cards that was left over. I asked her what was wrong. "CLUTTER!!!" she shouted.

At home I have about 10 boxes of "things." In my room, I have "things" on my desk, "stuff" on my shelves, "junk" on the floor. And I really need to re-evaluate the things I chose to keep. "Don't you feel better when your in a clutter-free environment." The VP was right and action needs to be taken.


I am feeling a little better about work. I figure:
Work to get experience. Keep my head high and mind focused. My goal: do a good job so that I can move up, if not with this company than with another. I made bold statements while helping my parents put the dishes away after dinner. "You said every thing I was thinking Christopher." I have a great set up: work is 4 miles away, my job is what I make of it, and if I study my ass off... I could probably get promoted within the year.

The reality is, work is work and only a selected few are lucky enough to 100% enjoy it. There will always be perks and there will always be negatives. So I'm focusing on learning. Focusing on doing a good job. Focusing on getting that "1-2 years of experience" that is plastered on every job description out there. I hope that I discover my calling... what ever that may be. But for now... I must make the best of my awesome situation.

Yes. I can do this.
Reality? Check.

Thanks to everyone who commented before :D

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

American Idol: Jacked Up Hair Everywhere!

While watching American Idol, I noticed that bad hair seemed to be the theme among the guys this season. Also, I was amazed at all the boys and lack of men.

Garrett Haley
Simon described him as looking as if he hasn't left his room in a month. I have to agree. I wonder what he's hiding in there. I was reminded of the anti drug commerical where a kid makes a cocoon for himself.

David Cook
He's likeable, but his do isn't. It's limp, it's dead, it's like he's covering a bald spot.

Jason Castro
Dreads... kind of cool, but I think he would a lot more attractive with a cleaner do. Though I'm thinking he's grown fond of it. He also makes this face where he would press his lips together and squint his eyes as if he were constipated when he was embarassed. Not cute.

Danny Noriega
Even his hair is bitchy. God this guys is sooooooooo sassy. He reminds me of my twin brother Nate. Hmm. I guess that means he sort of looks like me with a bolder chin. Great.

I guess they were inspired by Christian Siriano from project Runway.
I can't get over how much bad hair clogs the TV waves.

Hairchive: The Sassy American Idol

Danny made me confirm that I am never going to grow out my hair that long ever again.... ever.

Yes, David Archuleta is adorable... he would be the exact opposite of Danny whom I wanted to throw things at. LOL. According to, in David's audition singing "Heaven," the backup singer was crying... aww!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Valentine's with Anakin

Maybe I was depressed because it's the season of love.

I'm not going to pretend. I miss Tofu.

February 2nd marked my 4 year anniversary with Tofu, but I went on with my day acting as if it was nothing special. I managed to be thankful that I still get text messages from him and skype him from time to time. He tells me I am one of about 3 people he still keeps in close contact with from the states.

I guess, I miss just being with someone that I love... and this month is a sore reminder of what wonderful things I had with him. I dreaded Valentines day even more.

On the 14th, I got some chocolates from HR. It was only until then, that I realized that it was Valentine's day. I went home for lunch and got a Hallmark card in the mail. It was addressed to "pho." To my surprise, it was a long over due postal letter from tofu. I contacted him to let him know it made my day... and I just went back to work, slaving away so that they won't fire me for being incompetent AND lazy.

I got a call from my mom, "Christopher, your dad and I are going to eat at Onyx tonight (the restaurant I recommended) do you have any plans?" .... "No." On the drive home, I swallowed my pride and called Monyrith. "Um... do you want to have dinner? maybe? I want to go somewhere nice... but um, if you have plans with someone, I totally understand. Please don't make me a priority, cuz I know you do that... if anyone asks you out.. don't feel obligated to have dinner with me, just cuz I asked you first." Wow... I was desperate.

To this Mony responded, "Please... no one will ask me to dinner, don't worry.. but you pick a place okay?" Predictable response, Mony is a good friend. I picked an Italian resturuant in Milpitas. I was half an hour late, we were starving. When I arrived at Mony's I get a call from Szeto.

"So.. are we watching Jumper?! Or what?" Hah, Szeto remembered we had made Valentines day plans to see a movie! So we dropped the Italian restaurant and headed to the Great Mall to have a Valentine's dinner at the food court. The lady at the Arby's stand was extra nice; she gave me an extra cheese stick.

Szeto bought some Kim Chi noodle dish and snuck it into the theatre. The black girl behind him declared, "dang.. that shit stinks!" Hahah... last time Szeto snuck in Kim Chi, the whole row cleared away from him! Brilliant.

Jumper was what you'd expect. Awesome action, no substance. It's a great movie and you don't need any sort of education to understand it. Heheh.

I went home and quickly fell asleep in my bed. I guess, Valentines day doesn't always equate to spending time with a significant other, but rather spending time with the people you love in general. Awwww! Gag! (End Scene from Full House)


On Friday I came home from work, my mom and dad looked exhausted. "What's up? Did you guys go to work?"

"Your mom and I BOTH got food poisoning. I had to stop at a coffee shop driving to work to use their bathroom. Today was miserable."

Apparently, the restaurant I recommended had bad crab that night. Mony warned me about small restaurants on busy nights. Oops.

At Dragon, I talked to Raphael, "yeah! we watched Jumper too!" His SF Clique went to see it as a group. I guess, Jumper was what you watched with your gay boys when you are single on Valentines day. I was amused by the parallelism. Anakin Skywalker seemed to keep all our lonely homo hearts warm that day.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Hey.. I've Met You Before.

Last night was Dragon. It was fun. It was nice seeing the same people because I wouldn't hang out with them outside that club. We didn't make it to Denny's to see our favorite waitress because Mony and I were nauseous. Heh.

I managed to talk to a stranger without getting introduced by commenting on his Berkeley shirt. As it turned out, he actually went to Stanford. Heh, it got awkward so I walked away. Oh well.

I found this picture of my first apartment party in Berkeley in 2004. Most of these guys were Sigmunds friends. I remember being really uptight. "I don't want anyone we don't know to come!!" I mean, it was my first apartment, and I've seen parties get out of hand. But as I loosened up, I started asking for more people to come! "Why isn't anyone here!?" Tofu rolled his eyes at my predictable behavior.

I got pretty wasted that night. I remember answering the door and saying.. "WOW, YOURE HOT!! I Can't believe I just said that! COME IN!!!" I think I said this to DuHoss' friend Hiro, who's in Japan now.. I'm still embarassed about that.

Anyway. I saw a couple of these guys at Dragon. But I'm sure they don't remember me... or the "party." May as well. If anything, I can just refer to the 'directory.'


In high school, I was Aladdin for halloween. I still have the outfit and wear it sometimes if it turns you on :X But not that many people are into Fat Aladdin.

Friday, February 15, 2008

I Feel Depressed

Oh no! Time for an EMO entry!

Lately, I've been feeling depressed. Like surrounded by friends, yet lonely... depressed. Like go out every weekend, blowing cash... yet bored... depressed. Like have a good job, great family, great life...yet incomplete...depressed.

You know?
And I don't know if it's because working has been difficult. OR Maybe it is. Maybe I am being sufficated of my true potentional because I belong somewhere else.

Maybe it's because I've lost site of goals and I'm cruising without really moving forward. Does every post graduate feel this way? What am I working towards? What do I want?

I think.. I am unhappy with where I am... like right now. Like I am unhappy with my job, with my situation and I'm just waiting for all my friends to finish what they're doing ... and then they can join me on whatever the next chapter may be. Am I being selfish? Some people don't even have a job. Some people don't even have friends! But... maybe I should just take a risk.

I need goals. I've said that a million times. Can someone help me discover my passion?
Can someone help me?

Motivated By Fear

This week really sucked.

On Tuesday, I felt good because I caught a mistake my boss made. He gave me a smile of approval, great. On Wednesday, I left for the gym during lunch and when I got back, I was alarmed because the boss wasn't really happy.

So... I decided just to put my ass in gear and focus on doing a good job, even though I am the company moron... for now I'm just an obedient corporate slave.


Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Yay., I've been rotting my brain on gaytv! Woot.

American Idol- I love this harmony:

American Idol- David Archuleta, Adorable, 16, Illegal. Damn.

This Girl is a Survivor - Syesha Mercado

...and and awesome rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody by Michael Lee Johns

America's Best Dance Crew: Kaba Modern
Oh yeah! Where's TL?!?

Project Runway: Christian describes Asians as... Fierce.

I wanna see his hairchive. God, he has some jacked up hair, but he's hillarious!
"that is a big deal because I've met some FIERCE BITCHES UP IN MY LIFE!"

Bon qui qui.

Life's Random, Bring a Camera

Ok, I'm no photographer, but I love having my camera because addition to documenting your life, you never know when there's something interesting about to happen in front of your eyes.

Aww my dad gave me my first camera when I was in middle school. Look how awkward I am. Now I'm awkward... with a camera. Thanks Dad! You could have helped me be cool instead.

Here are a couple of things I was able to capture this passed week:

An empty street... a gay Vietnamese American

Someone dropped a party platter. I folded in horror! I hate wasted food!

At restaurant in Mountain View, I made my boys mimic this picture.
I love the paintings there that I wanted to imitate them all! Too bad people were trying to eat.

This is... a Banana case... it is bendable in the middle because "Joey's Banana might be a bit more curvy."

Look who I found at Sato Sushi!!!

After lunch with my dad, this guy was Rapping in his car for EVERYONE to see.
Sigh, I missed the good part!

Hairchive: The Ups and Downs of High School