Friday, July 4, 2008


Yesterday was my official "non-date" with James.

We both dressed up and he told me that he did his hair. He looked really cute. I joked that I left his boutonniere in the fridge. He was mildly amused. We drove to Palo Alto and had an Italian dinner. He was impressed that I knew a thing or two about linguistics. I was turned on that he was educated. He was turned on that I'm not as much of an idiot as I may come off. Midway through the dinner I noticed that our conversation had lost momentum, but I realized that it wasn't awkward or a struggle because we really didn't NEED to talk to enjoy just being with each other. Or at least that's how I felt. I really wanted to take pictures, but I knew that made James uncomfortable. So I suppressed my photo taking obsession to make sure he was comfortable.

James was really humored by the table next to us. He told me that they were talking about how much they love "the bone." The lady said, "I really LOVE the bone." And her husband responded, "YEAH! She can't get enough of the bone!" And no one realized what they were actually saying. LOL.

We wandered University Street and noticed that there was NO directory where there should be. The directory we did find was in a dark parking lot with no "YOU ARE HERE" symbol. Ridiculous. We found ourselves at Mercado theatre to watch Wall-E. James picked the back row which was strange, because usually I picked center middle, but I guess he wanted to hold hands with out being paranoid. He told me that he noticed that I like to test him. And I do. I told him I like to make him nervous by poking him or grazing his hand in public.

I went to use the restroom. When I returned to the back row I found a couple sitting 3 seats away from James. "Christopher?" Out of all the theatres, all the rows, all the movies, my cousins decide to show up at the 11:15pm showing of Wall-E at Mercado and sit in the very back row.

GAH! Good one James.

I made conversation and returned to my 'non-date.'
"I knew we would run into someone! Everyone goes to Mercado!"

We held hands anyway. The movie was really cute.

I woke up in his arms today at 1:15pm. And when he left I made a heart with my hands. He reacted with a sheepish smile and gestured back with one hand.

I've only known him for a week. The other day I suggested we get a MEAT pizza because I assumed that everyone (esp. guys) LOVE meat pizza! He looked at me with disgust and explained that he was the guy that would pick off the pepperoni and I would be the guy to hoover over his plate and snatch the rejected morsels. He informed me that a vegetarian pizza is more to his liking.

...gosh... and it was working out so well.

I really like this feeling. I'm already starting to enjoy the latter half of 2008.