Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Theme is PINK

On Monday I attended Aileen's 24th birthday at TGIF.

The theme was pink. My Pink tie was happy it had a purpose. I love color themed photos. Aileen of course was not wearing pink.

Despite the fact that I was an outsider intruding on their Silver Creek '02 HS reunion, I was welcomed with open arms! A couple of drinks were bought for me... and some cool friends were made.

It was as if I went to Silver Creek for four years. Even though in reality, I went to 3 dances and did some community service with these fools. And check this out. MoAny and I are in a group dance picture in 2001! According to MoAn, this is where we first met, 8 years ago when he hit my head while dancing violently.... wait a minute.. is that why I have bad memory!?

As I'm sitting there and more Siver Creek people pour in, this girl comes in and shouts, "OMG, Everyone is here, CHRIS!!!!!" And she looks right at me, but I heard her say, "CHRIST!" Like Christ there is so many people. And I looked around and said, "huh?" Feeling ignored, she walked away. I looked at MoAny, "do I know her?" He said yes. I sat there in a panic for 10 minutes going through my mind cabinets until I found a picture of us at a dance. MY MEMORY IS SO BAD! OMG, I went to a Silver Creek dance with her in 2000! FUCK FUCK FUCK!

I went to apologize and made an excuse saying she looks different. And she said it's all good and bought me a drink! HAHA!! Tonight she invited me and MoAn to Bamboo 7, a Karaoke bar in J-town San Jose! WOOT! She's so fun.

Aileen was a hot mess. Well, just hot. We left before she was a mess. I was also united with Anhimals. Who is dating Josh from So You Think You Can Dance. She also loves giraffes. She... is wonderful.

Anhimals has always been a pimp! Love it.

I remember this dance photo quite clearly, maybe because it was the most awkward thing I suggested. And at TGIF, I suggested we do the awkward pose again. HAHAHAHAH:

I started to post all my high school dance pictures on thefacebook. Some of my best hair styles and colors. Haha. But that's another post.

MoAny caught me up with all the HS scandels of the group how the boys and girls dated one another. Oh goodness. Have I changed? Doesn't look like it... scrawny arms, bad hair, interesting fashion, greasy face. Good thing I loved high school... even if it was someone else's !!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

No Escape

Sunday night I went camping with some random folks.
To my surprise there was this young straight couple who was engaged.

I'm going to be an asshole and say that I really hated him. Like, a lot. Like, I hated everything about him. His negative attitude, his pricky remarks, his boring demeanor. Everything. He successfully rained on my parade. And I thought to myself, wow, you must really love this guy to be engaged to him. But of course, if there is something special, I shouldn't judge so harshly.

But, he sucked so much man. A lot of passive aggression between the couple that really killed the mood for me.

I guess what really made me butt hurt is that he hated on a couple of my games. Fucker. He was pretty much useless. It seemed like his only possible purpose on the trip was to be pessimistic and to have a close minded attitude. He was like a tree stump. But a tree stump is more useful because you can sit on it. He obviously wanted to be somewhere else.


For some CRAZY reason, instead of drinking games (because they were apparently too complicated for the guy and the couple preferred wine), we played Monopoly. I got a couple of drinks in and crashed early.

I'm a positive guy. But man, this guy was such a debbie downer, I felt like he brought the overcast.
I love camping at Santa Cruz, I love spending time with My Hoa (Miwa's Vietnamese Name). She took care of everything: the supplies the reservations, the food. She cooked a mean curry for us to eat! And she got wasted, even though no one else did. We were trying to relive the fun we had with Vanessa, Nick, Nelson, Lisa, Rin, Mikawa, Chris... but it was difficult. I remember last year when the guys said, let's play Beer Pong. I JUMPED at the opportunity. I hate beer, but I participated- positive energy. It's called being a good sport. And it was probably the best game of beer pong that I played.

I think my favorite part of this year's trip (besides the food) was when we were playing on the beach and the couple appropriately fell asleep for 2 hours so I didn't have to hear them bicker to throw dry sarcasm at each other. We played with my Lycra and buried each other. LOL. Loved it.

I talked to the other gay guy there about his Ex. His ex is pretty cute and always at Dragon (at least when I'm there.) I bluntly asked, "so he must have dated a lot being so cute." My friend responded, "not at all, he's the type of guy that waits 6 months before he even let's a guy kiss him... " His ex suddenly became more attractive.

My gay friend told me he didn't believe in marriage. He feels that he has become numb. And sometimes he wishes he had the feeling of "waiting by the phone" for someone. But that hasn't happened to him in a long time.

Maybe that's what happens to a lot of people. They just become numb. And the pursuit of love is just a complicated game that no one really wants to play anymore. And you settle for what's good enough in fear of not having anyone at all.

For gay people in particular. Possibly, gay guys are in search of perfection. Their ideal man... and sometimes, they keep searching and never realize that perfection doesn't exist.

So why do we put ourselves through so much stress? Is finding perfection (or something close it).... really worth it? I don't want to find myself married to someone who really isn't good for me.... I'm not marrying a tree stump.

But I am getting married. And my wedding is jungle theme. Iron your loin cloth.

But for those who have loved, maybe this quote is appropriate:
"we`re toremented because love goes on not because it goes away"
[Siworae/Il Mare]
Only in a Korean drama

On a more sexual note, look what I found on craigslist

I've always wanted to suck a dick - 24 (san jose east)

Reply to:
Date: 2008-07-29, 9:55AM PDT

Hey guys, can you host? Good! I've always wanted to suck a dick, if you have a nice hot throbing cock and want to get it sucked I'd like to be your man. Into safe only prefer white men, you will need to wear a condom. FYI, I wear braces. Send me a pic. with you reply to my post and I will send you mine.

HAHAHHAHAHAHAHA!! I left the address so you guys can respond to it if you're interested! But beware, you are getting the same services you can get from a blender!!!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Attention on the Dance Floor

Me and MoAny are very adverse to Gay Dance Music.

We arrived at Shangrala at the End Up because apparently everyone was going to be there this past Saturday and we GOT OUT OF THERE in half an hour because the music was all Gay Dance music. It was free before 11 and it was already packed. Our cheap Asian community comes before cover fee together as one! HAHA! Though cover was ridiculously $15.

I looked around me. Outside there were lanterns hanging and awkward go-go dancers who were pretty um.. gross and twinky. AND a random guy giving "professional" massages. I was a little offended. This is how we define ourselves huh? I told this to John and he said I should have torn it all down and shout, "these are not the lights of my people!!!!!"

Oh Orientalism. I think there were gongs and take out boxes on the walls. But, the music was more of a problem.

I said bye to Jason and he said, "oh okay... sorry this music isn't good enough for you." Well he didn't say that exactly, but he implied it. It was then that I realized that I may be arrogant when it comes to music. That I classify what's shitty and left a club while large groups were pouring in. We tried! MoAny I just looked at each other at the patio and shook our heads, how do you dance to this? Before we left for a more mainstream, top 40 place, I got a picture with Miss GAPA! YAY! Awkward Asian boys in drag!

This past year I talk opening about my hatred of "house music" when I have actually been referring to Electronic Dance Music. My ex, Ryan, explained to me that house music is the stuff they play at raves and there are usually no lyrics. MoAny exclaimed, "you mean it gets worse? to the point where you cant sing along?"

Ryan explained to me the merits of electronic dance music:
-it makes gay boys want to grind and gyrate
-i should learn to be a more versatile dancer
-this is the type of music you imagine gay boys "doing it" to
-this is all they play at "real gay dance clubs"
-this is what New York is too
-hip hop is for girls to flaunt their booties and black guys

And gave me a link to a streaming Seattle Station. It's growing on me. Makes me clean my room.

I've decided that next Friday at Dragon when my ex is in town, im going to do the unthinkable. I'm going to dance on the DOWNSTAIRS floor of Dragon. *GASP! And maybe I will manage to do something other than wave my hips and touch my nipple. Opening my mind... the rest of the world loves this shit... i can do this. I will be more "gay."

But before that, me and MoAny hit up The Cellar and danced to some GOOD MUSIC!


I wore my FOBBY shirt to Shangrila because I figured... I was going to be around Asians. But then we ended up going to Cellar. Poor MoAny was breathing heavily trying to find a parking spot. Luckily his NEW GPS assisted him in not getting too far from our destination. We ended up in a garage and got in around Midnight.

Everyone in line looked hot. MoAny and I looked like we just came from a gay Asian dance club with drag queens and awkward go go dancers... .. ....

The bouncer was being nice, "next time wear collared shirts."
"yes sir!" I was relieved we got in. But I felt really ugly wearing my "SEVEN" shirt from Vietnam and under the black light, it was emphasized. Damn it.

MoAny and I ran into some friends!!

Before we left Shagrila, I told Henry we were going to a straight club and he responded, "ew.. a straight club?" I dunno, it's nice just to go somewhere else with more than one gender. Plus I like dancing with girls and I seem to get more attention on the dance floor.

I liked this club. In one room there was ghetto hip hop where people were getting hyphy and in the other room was more... um... real white people music. It was the other end of the spectrum. They played stuff like, Footloose, Hey Yah, Red Red Wine, and some 80's hits. Fun stuff that makes you do the twist.

I love going to straight clubs because MoAny and I put on a show. I would dance with MoAny and then with a girl and everyone get's stupid confused and clears the dance floor like we are freaks. We were doing so many body rolls that the floor also fell like it was moving. Some random people took a picture of me . Didn't know an Asian boy c/would do that?!? The black girls at the club seemed most impressed!

I got a couple of stares... Hmm.. wait ... good stares? Well, it doesn't matter.. I had fun.

Michelle told me that she was glad there were some MEN there to dance to. Aww... I like being a Man... as opposed to a fairy who dances to electronic..... (IM OPENING UP MY MIND NEXT WEEK!)


Monday, July 28, 2008

Hitting on Boys and Testing Your Comfort Zone

At Circuit City, I pick up the movie 21. The guy by the door says, "that's a really good movie."
He's sort of cute, "really?" I responded idiotically
"Yeah, but it doesn't teach you anything about Black Jack, but it's still a good movie." *smiles*
"Oh.. heheheh" Looked away, giggled and I scurried away.

Okay, the smart thing to do was to make conversation. I have a lot to say about the movie 21 and how it ignores the fact that the characters were based on ASIAN AMERICANS. Of course, Asian Americans wouldn't sell movies. But good thing they have ONE Asian American character.

Anyway. I lost my chance and decided to try to make conversation again and walked awkwardly back.

"Um.. do you have any Wii Fits?" I was hopping he would give me a review of the Wii Fit, like he reviewed the movie 21.
"No, but if you walk down that aisle there should be someone in 'gamin' that could help you."

FUCK! I walked the aisle, killed about 3 minutes and came back to Moany so that if he saw me he wouldn't think I'm retarded. MoAny explained to me that the people who stand at the entrance aren't allowed to talk to their co-workers, so they're dying for conversation. Thus, he wasn't hitting on me. Curses!


On Friday, I headed to downtown San Jose with some of MoAny's friends. We started the night off with some Sake Bombs at Koji Lounge. Then we discovered The Loft. We went after our usual drinks at Cinebar (of course). Madras, Tokyo Tea, AMF, AMF, Long Beach, White Russian: $33

At the Loft, there was a boy wearing my shirt. I was devastated! AHH!!! But luckily he was no where to be seen on the dance floor and that's where I'm at. MoAny and I grinded...moderately. With Aileen to step between us so that people wouldn't start making death treats. We Booty shook and a I heard a couple of people go "oh my god, look at those two guys." That's right, please put some money in the hat when you're done watching.

I LOVE TESTING PEOPLE'S CoMFORT ZONES. Yes, there ARE gay people .. yes, we can out dance you.

I made friends with this hot Indian girl. I LOVE HOT INDIAN/PERSIAN GIRLS!!! Cuz when they're hot... they are REALLY HOT.


After, at ihop, I caught the eye of some boy. I go back to my group. "What do you think of that guy over there? I think he's a 6 (out of 10). EVERYONE looks. Don't you hate it when that happens? "Actually, he's a 3" "yeah, about a 3."


I walked pass him as I went to the restroom, he was with his homies, I tried to catch a smile. Once again I was shy. "Why don't you write your number on a sugar packet and we can throw it at him as we leave." YES! But then he left before we did.


I've realized that I have interesting taste in boys. My 6's are apparently 3's to others. >.<.



got 2b glued is known by anyone who has aggressive sharp spikes. During my camping trip, I discovered how well it held. Even though I wore a beanie at night, played at the beach and sat around a camp fire, my hair stood strong for 17 hours. WOW! And at it's like 3 bucks at your local Walgreens (on sale.)

American Crew Grooming Cream is on the other end of the art of hair spikes. When I was chilling with Huan, I watched him flat iron his hair. He told me how he wish he had hair like mine. I guess, cuz I don't have to do much work to make it fluffy or interesting. I use American Crew when I want softer textures. USually, my hair already has volume and I just use American Crew to shape it. But I find that it doesnt stand when I go to night clubs.

I got a recommendation to use the Japanese Hair product: Gatsby Ultra Hard (found at Mitsuwa). Zto uses this stuff.

Here's a hot Video:

I just wanted to share. Haha!

Sunday, July 27, 2008


I drank the day before in Downtown San Jose.

I drank last night in Downtown San Francisco.
I'm going to drink tonight in Santa Cruz.

If you've seen the Wendy's commercial you MIGHT think I'm sorta not crazy:

Friday, July 25, 2008

Like Father, Like Son

Yesterday was my dad's birthday.

I love my folks. Before going to my dad's birthday dinner at Maggiano's in Santana Row, I asked my mom what she was doing when she was 23. She said she was pregnant with me! OH MY GOD.

That's why parents look young, because they ARE young! GEEZUS. Can you imagine me with a kid? I would be the parent that forgets their kid at Lucky's. As she talked to me and threw in encouraging and positive remarks, I couldn't help look at her and seeing how beautiful she is.

At Maggiano's our "eyes were bigger than our stomach," according to my mom. She was trying to translate a Vietnamese idiom into English. We had about 7 boxes of left overs!

While eating my dad get's a stain on his shirt. What a mess. THAT'S WHERE I GET IT FROM!

I love my parents because I can talk to them. I love my parents because they take care of me, but don't suffocate me. I love my parents because they are amazing. Successful and degreeless. I love my parents because they are good people.

I love my parents because they are entertainers! Check this out:

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Book Case. Nut Case

I got a letter in the mail today saying that my license has officially been revoked.

It is illegal for me to drive until January 2009.

Luckily I can apply for a "restrictive licenses" that allows me to drive to work, to school and to DUI class! Some say I should drive anyway, but with the government low on cash and the way I drive normally, I am going to get pulled over.

I'm happy that I bought a book shelf to make my room more pleasant since I'm going to be spending a lot of time here.

Please visit me. -.-

Depressed Chris says: It feels like I keep getting kicked in the stomach.

Optimistic Chris says: Time to fix up my bike!

Depressed Chris says: OF COURSE the bus station out side my court is shut down and of COURSE the light rail near my house is closed for renovation until the end of August. OF COURSE OF COURSE!!!!

Optimistic Chris says: I have great friends that always accommodate my hatred of driving in general anyway. And all I need to do is help them pay for gas.

Something good happen to me please. I can only force a smile for soooooo long.
Appreciate, appreciate, appreciate. At least I have a bookshelf. Yes. My bookshelf rocks.


I define a lot of myself with this bookshelf.

Top Shelf
-Baby Picture when I had FAT cheeks
-Christmas studio picture with my brother
-Picture with Alysia by pool in High school
-Picture with Smyr, Diana, Alysia in Alysia's station wagon in High school
-NSU Collage Azusa made for me

First Shelf
-Picture frame from John for my 23rd birthday
-Pile of random pictures from high school
-Picture frame from Tom during 2003 summer
-Professional picture from my Cruise with Chris, Michelle, Gabe and Dina 2007

Second Shelf
-Abstract Giraffe Painting from MoAny
-Candle from High school dance
-Candle stand from college apartment
-Camera tripod from Ztoe
-Studio picture of brother and Mom
-Christmas storage box when I worked at Hallmark 2003
-Bowl of necklaces
-Deodorant because I smell really bad... but some people get accustomed to my smell and associate me with that smell.

Third Shelf
-Sexy professional picture of me when I was nominated best male actor in High school
-Small books. Movie tickets
-Christmas present from my cousin Natassia of some nature shot

Forth Shelf
-Books for higher education and Berkeley must-keeps? NO! Random books you find at Urban Outfitters that include, "505 Stupid Websites," "Party Games," and "Language Myths"
-Cheddah, the Japanese Giraffe from Zto!

Bottom Shelf
-Everything photography
-Photo albums
-Photo Boxes
-Old Camera
-My favorite bear from my childhood

-Monkey Carpet from Secret Santa game Ignia Christmas party 2007
-Photoboxes with random things, office supplies, scrapbook shit, yarn
-Candles. I like candles because I smell. I really got into them when I had smoking roomates
-Desktop from High school! MoAny upgraded the RAM for me and Im about to install a DVD drive! HOT

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Mobile Uploads I

These are random pictures of my life taken with my phone.

L: What's up sleepy driver?
R: What's up Dog?

L: Special Tea Set. Yay Kathy!
R: Special Bus. Yay Joe!

L: My dad outreaching to the community about Project Michelle by interview
R: Little boy reaching for desserts by climbing

L: Delicious Japanese Goodness- Mochi
R: Disgusting Chinese Donuts- Chonuts

L: MoAny calls these Vietnamese style Spam Musubi
R: I call this the nastiest "wet burrito" in the world. JK. It was pretty good.

L: Cute hand puppet
R: Cute Japanese Boy

L: Brother sports a faux hawk
R: Z sports some carpet burns

R: This is how Chris & Chris show our appreciation. Yes CLUB 33!
L: This is how people register their bone marrow and save a life

L: Miwa and red cup
R: Smyr and Small Child Burrito

L: Noodle Bowl at Maru Ichi
R: Banh Beo. Central Vietnamese goodness!

L: Diana before bed
R: Cute doggie behind fence

L: This is how I decorate packages
R: This is how gangsta I am

L: My Dog patiently waits for my mom
R: I am neglected

L: Is it so wrong to be smothered in oil. No, the girl likes it. I like it too.
R: Sign on bus that makes no sense. It reads: attention, window to the left opens; window above does not.