Monday, July 21, 2008


A new skin product line?! NO WAY!

This one attracted me because they "customize" your treatment based on this survey that determines your skin type and life style.

Oily, stressed, 8 hours of sleep etc. They determined that I needed product 14, 32, 72 and dish out 40 bucks.

Then MoAny went up. And his lifestyle was a little different. To my disgust, it was the SAME treatment recommended. We decided to do an experiment and input characteristics that were completely opposite: dry skin, rarely break out etc. And the treatment was once again the same, but with a different moisturizer.

Apparently it was more of a market study than a new way of skin care! Gah, I was so angry! But the survey was fun. The flash made it interesting and painless to take! You try and tell me if your results were the same as mine. Thanks Neutrogena for tricking me into participating in your skin study.


moAny said...

lol. i knew you would post about skinid! dork. =D you're fine as is stop thinking about it too much.

dannie said...

I tried the skinid! i got the same one as you 14, 32 and 72.

KTFU said...

07, 40, 32...perhaps it's because I'm a female? My skin has been horrible since I came back. Too much "stress" or something =/

Anonymous said...

I have the SAME skin i.d as you! I figured out the product they choose to give you is mostly based on your skins sensitivity. It's weird though, because i increased the sensitivity, and in ALL the treatements it always said it was giving me "32". The problem is "32" always burns my skin when I use it!

Colleen said...

I recieved the combonation 32.14.38 adn it worked great in just one week I saw results! It hasd been three months now and I have no acne whatsoever! I love you SkinID!