Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Mobile Uploads I

These are random pictures of my life taken with my phone.

L: What's up sleepy driver?
R: What's up Dog?

L: Special Tea Set. Yay Kathy!
R: Special Bus. Yay Joe!

L: My dad outreaching to the community about Project Michelle by interview
R: Little boy reaching for desserts by climbing

L: Delicious Japanese Goodness- Mochi
R: Disgusting Chinese Donuts- Chonuts

L: MoAny calls these Vietnamese style Spam Musubi
R: I call this the nastiest "wet burrito" in the world. JK. It was pretty good.

L: Cute hand puppet
R: Cute Japanese Boy

L: Brother sports a faux hawk
R: Z sports some carpet burns

R: This is how Chris & Chris show our appreciation. Yes CLUB 33!
L: This is how people register their bone marrow and save a life

L: Miwa and red cup
R: Smyr and Small Child Burrito

L: Noodle Bowl at Maru Ichi
R: Banh Beo. Central Vietnamese goodness!

L: Diana before bed
R: Cute doggie behind fence

L: This is how I decorate packages
R: This is how gangsta I am

L: My Dog patiently waits for my mom
R: I am neglected

L: Is it so wrong to be smothered in oil. No, the girl likes it. I like it too.
R: Sign on bus that makes no sense. It reads: attention, window to the left opens; window above does not.

1 comment:

moAny said...

Hey I remember the "I am neglected" picture. =P Its on my phone somewhere... along side your skanky pics. j.k. =P