Thursday, July 17, 2008

Almost Over

Wednesday was my court date.

My lawyer always picks up my phone calls and answers the stupidest questions that I lay out for him. That morning I asked him where to park. He told me to use the metered parking.

I found a spot, but the meter ate my money. I shook my fist and kicked the meter. "NOT TODAY. ANY DAY BUT TODAY!" Okay, we get it, Chris sucks.. leave me alone. I reparked and found a meter that already had an hour in it. "Thank you." And proceeded into the court building. My lawyer told me to meet him on the 4th floor in the west wing by Court Room 51.

I climbed the stairs, but was in the wrong wing. DAMN IT. Ran down and found a the correct stair case and found my lawyer. "Is it okay if this continues on another date?"

I was stern, "NO, I want this over with."
"Okay, then sigh next to the small circle and in the large circle. Read it of course." He hands me a packet.

I began to realize where my money was going. My laywer was making my life easy. Waiting for the doors to open were a whole bunch of random people in the same situation, except, I was the only one with a laywer. I recognized some people that I spent my jail night with.

The court room was sort of how you would image in it.. just subdued compared to the TV shows. The police guarding the door and saying the rules was cute. My lawyer went through my police report. The cops wrote that I went 10 miles above the speed limit (that's good, MoAny said I was driving much faster.) And my blood alcohol content was also lower than I had thought! My lawyer told me what to say and told me what was going to happen. He spoke on my behalf and my case was moved to the front of the line. I felt like a spoiled brat who used his money to invest in a consultant who's pure purpose was to remind everyone how privileged I am and to hold my hand.

I got by with a minimal punishment. My responses to the judge were merely yeses or nos. The judge looked like a soccer mom. 5 days of community service that I'm doing back to back in August. Gah. I wondered if I would have gotten the same sentence without a lawyer. I got out of the court room by 9:30 while others waited patiently because they couldn't afford anyone to represent them. Was worth it? I was paying for someone to tell me what to do. I guess, it was.

This is the Cost of DUI
Lawyer 1648
H6 Form 5
California ID 23
DUI School 501
Court Fine 1590
License 200
Total ~4000

This is how I imagine my monetary loss:
-one semester of tuition
-half a years worth of rent
-a really good vacation
-3 awesome laptops
-4 months of general spending

And it's also on my record forever.
K, now I can move on with my life.


Today I volunteered with a kid's Camp. I loved it. All the kids were really cool, but my heart goes out to this one boy that's home schooled. He's 9 and an outcast.

"I want to go home."
"I had a great idea and no one listened, just like I thought."
"No, they were listening"
"Well, I'd rather be playing my guitar... MUSIC is MY PASSION!! People just don't understand."

SO cute. OMG. But so EMO. When he get's angry he gives himself a time out and puts his head in his hands. The kids look at each other and say, "he's got anger problems..." They sympathize.

I'm gonna be volunteering to help facilitate some of the activities at this camp off Bernal on MWF. On TuTh, I'm gonna be at Kaiser. Yes

Friday is my Professional School of Psychology Open House Event. Hopefully, this is the direction I want to take.

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dannie said...

your entries are always so detailed i can imagine what every thing was like.