Saturday, October 30, 2010

Pumpk Day

Halloween crept on me and no one seems to be ready.  The office had no spirit, no industry party and I don't have a costume until Ern thought of using his work jumpsuits to be Chilean Minors / Ghostbusters.

October 27
As I mentioned earlier, I needed to throw an event for my sanity sake.  And behold!  A pumpkin carving evening complete with treats and a scary movie playing the background.

CVS had small pumpkins for $1.50 hell yeah!  That evening we took the virginity of a couple of pumpkin carving noobs.

I did the 321 one, but you can only see 21.
I did the 321 one, but you can only see 21.

Tiki lights from Hawaiian party reused

Ern watching Day of Dead very intensely:

You know those people who talk at the movie?  YEAHHHHHHH.
At 1:10, Erns eyes get wide.  Commence full engagement,"fuck" he whispers.

 A transcription:

Oh shit!
Oh fuckk!
They're gonna.. leave her?  Oh shit!
Holy..ff..... bitch!
There kick, kick him!
OH! What's he doing?  HE's convulsing!
WHAT?  That was it??

Like she doesn't get any breaks.
Oh she's dead.  BYE.
Uh oh.
What they just left her?
Oh NOW now he helps her, now he fucking helps her.
Oh she's gonna..
Bite her ass, BITE HER ASS!

Holy Shit...

Oh he get bitten, he got bitten' THO
AH Shit, he got bitten
AHH Fuck, it's ova...


Friday, October 29, 2010

Car Image

The deal I'm offering is sweet for what you get. Condition is as good as you will find used. I was like you, on the market for a long time before buying... 

I met up with this business professional in Long Beach to see his Jeep Wrangler that he was selling for what he considered a steal.  I came in hoping to negotiate very low.  As I test drove the Jeep, I realized that he wouldn't/couldn't meet my low budget.  He was disappointed that he had driven 1.5 miles to show his Jeep to someone who wasn't "serious."  "My time is very precious," he claimed.

I talked it over with my dad. I could easily put down money for this vehicle that was in mint condition, but it didn't feel right to pay so much.  I shook his hand and declined his "rock bottom offer" that was $750 less than his asking.

 You're not going to find a better Jeep for a better deal... or from a better owner.

"You're probably right."  He knew a lot about his car and off the bat he told me that he wasn't out to rip anyone off OR rip himself off.  He sold me the car, I just didn't have the money for it.


I began to reconsider this Jeep fetish that I have.  As I drove the jeep, I didn't feel safe.  He showed me the scar on his elbow from when he rolled and the meter that was attached to his dash board that determined the tilt level of the Jeep.  "It'll tell you if you're approaching the red."

I asked naively, "if you're in the red...isn't it too late?"
"Yes, you're pretty much f'ed." Jeeps are known to be top heavy.  Turns need to be taken with caution.

As we walked away Jimmy pat my head, "I'm glad you didn't get it.  It was too expensive."
"yeah."  Though earlier, Jimmy was telling me that long term happiness is what I'm paying for.
"You don't want to have buyer's remorse."


Why can I only imagine myself with a Jeep?  It's the only car I've ever wanted.  Jimmy told me that it's the image.  At that point I realized that while I criticize people for owning luxury cars, I am no better than they are because I want a vehicle that is impractical, unsafe, overpriced simple because it would make me feel good about myself! 

It makes absolutely no sense to have a Jeep in LA.  Yet I'm on this ridiculous hunt.

When I had a truck, I would feel good with every praise that I got. "Love that you drive a truck. It's so hot. etc etc etc." I felt sexy, macho, awesome... as if it was a luxury car that I was showing off like a status symbol.  But I need listen to my own criticisms when I see my friends driving in Lexus, BMWs, whatever and that is...

... it's just a car.


So here I am- reconsidering a Jeep and looking at practicality, affordability, reliability.  Things that I omitted when I did my car research.  I know nothing about cars.  I no longer care.  Just get me from point A to point B.

When I reach that point when I have that much money just laying around, when im a better driver, when I don't care about gas.. then I will get my Jeep.

Ugh. I hate car shopping.  I just want to win one from the Price is Right.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

What is It

October 10: Manhattan Beach

My friends are so literate

We may be retiring the unofficial gay beach of Will Rogers for something a little more stress free.  We wouldn't have to deal with the ridiculous traffic heading west if we head south instead where there is more parking, less people and more quaintinity.  Yes, I said quaintinity.

We found a pokemon:

No idea what it is, but it provide much entertainment until I broke it to the bushes at the edge of the beach using a Frisbee.

Yes that's my ugly voice. I've been told that I sound like Artie from Glee.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

90's Snacks You Can't Find Any More

Where did String Things Go?

And what about Dunk-a-roos?

Sad face.  I would kill for these snacks.

Other 90's Things:

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Endless October Birthdays

All of my friends' parents decided to have children in October.   There's like some swinger's party that happens on Valentines Days (9 Months before Oct.)  I really thought there were more Gemini babies, but every weekend in October has been full of celebration.

I've decided that I'm bad with birthdays.  I don't even want to look at the facebook birthday reminder on the right side.  It's so easy to write on walls, but that's how lazy I am.  I'm a bad friend.

All of my outings this month have involved a birthday.

Jimmy's 24th
Thai Patio

Thai food and kick back.

 I insisted that we recreate the Last Supper with cupcakes and beer on our door table.  The 3 jokers in the back apparently didn't get the memo.

24 cupcakes from an Asian bakery.  One didn't make it.
When we brought out the box Jimmy said, "I'm so glad!! I don't like regular cake."  As a special roommate treat, we decorated his room with yellow (his favorite color) streamers and images from Sex and the City and Wong Kar-wai movies.  :D  Yay.

I remember being a event planner diva-saurus, but Jimmy rewarded me with a cupcake. :P  I discovered that family style was a little difficult with a group of 20.  Too much passing of plates, not enough eating. 

Steve C's 26th
East West lounge in West Hollywood


"LOVE ME," Steve screams.  We let his crazy Korean demands slide for this day.
Some group photos and Ed and Erik wait patiently for their birthday celebration

Ed's 26th
Super Cherry Pop in West Hollywood

Cheers... we lost the birthday boy
So... when Ed got to Cherry Pop he we incoherent.  We then saw security escort him somewhere.  The day after we learned that they had taken him to the kitchen to hose him down because he was so drunk.  And by hose him down I mean give him water and let him sit for a little bit.  Very nice Cherry Pop, much better than kicking people out.  2 thumbs up for you!

We danced, did some model walking and drank lots.

Erik's 27th
Shik Do Rak
Rosen Karaoke

Korean BBQ and Singing to Pop music all night

Erik enjoys Bread pudding from Jaemy/David
Only some pictures from my camera.  Sang our hearts out, drank and ate meat.  Wish I had fiber pills. 

Here's me watching Yonius, the Last Airbender, sing

Steve P's 30 something.  After you're 30 I don't think it matters.  JK.  34th.

Kick back at his bachelor pad.

 I found myself very social - chatted with new faces.  Threw out corny jokes, I was on a roll.  We learned about a Gay Piano bar in Silver Lake called The Other Side that has been added to the bucket list.

I was impressed with this guy named Henry who always approached me at these social events to chat even though we really never talked.  Very nice.  I noticed red marks all over his face.  I was told that he got into a fist fight with someone who called him a fag.  He broke the other guy's nose.  Nice.


Though I'm thankful that each birthday was unique from the rest.  :] Amazing!

Whew!  I've sang Happy Birthday so many times this month that I think I sang it to myself brushing my teeth in the mirror.  I've also forgotten that it's Halloween.  No plans.  No costume.  I confirmed with MoAny that we've reached "that" age.  HOW depressing.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

I Always Wondered...

But it still doesn't explain how these gangstas don't topple over
Saggy pants + giant t-shirt  I think I got my Halloween costume

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Extrovert Goes Crazy in Solitude

Hmm still feeling blah.  Wonder why.

I think I need to host a party.  Hmm, pumpkin carving party next Thursday?  Yes.  That sounds brilliant.  Unlike last year, I have no costume ready.  Must brain storm!!!

I have a sudden need to reconnect with old friends.  No desire to make new friends.  Need to reconnect.  Where are my roommates?  The house is empty.

Need to get excited about something.  Nothing to look forward to.  Thanksgiving?  Too far away.  Halloween, no set plans, no costume.  Vacation.  I need a vacation.

Ugh.  I'm the classic extrovert - incapable of being content during complete solitude.  Quickly going crazy.  Nothing to reflect on.  Nothing on my to do list... hmm send out cards?

I should gather addresses... i should call someone.. like.. my mom.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wayne Brady Improv Live!

October 6

After a nice solitary dinner at a hole in the wall Italian place, I met up with Alysia for some Improv.  Why are we going on a random Wednesday night?  Two words: Wayne Brady!

I rarely eat alone, but it was nice to just enjoy a personal pizza and reflect... but I was over it in 10 minutes and rushed to the venue.  The pizza place was 2 city blocks away from ComedySportz along Melrose Boulevard. 

ComedySportz is where I saw U-sical, but sadly they are closing shop because of funding.  Maybe I could squeeze one more show with the roomies before it is shut down for good, but we been pretty content with Upright Citizen's Brigade.

Alysia pointed out that the e-mail said that Wayne Brady was scheduled to appear and that we shouldn't have any expectations, but when he came out, I nearly fainted.  I was 8 rows away from every white person's favorite black person!

His improv was so good, it was like watching Whose Line is it Anyway LIVE.  I called my dad after to gloat.  My dad loves Whose Line.  I remember him recording a bunch of VHSs ... epiphany: Christmas Present!  YES!  Though I always get my dad some sort of DVD from a dated show like Sliders or Charmed.  I think he's currently into 24.   My dad's so all American.  My friend was amused that my dad enjoys improv.  I wonder if they do improv in Asia...  they must.

It feels like Wayne Brady has done so much improv that he would get tired of it, but Alysia reminded me that he hasn't done it in a while.  In fact, he's been hosting shows and was in the Hollywood bowl rendition of Rent which I also saw with Alysia.  I wanted to stay for a photo, but didn't have the patience to hunt him down. 

It was at a small venue so it was pretty intimate.  And he's doing another show at the end of the month.. woohoo with out really announcing it.  I feel special for knowing.

Mysterious Skin - An Asian American Adaptation

October 1
I love seeing Asian Americans on stage.  When I heard that Mysterious Skin was going to performed by an all Asian cast in Little Tokyo I peed a little.

I peed even more when Joseph Gordon-Levitt's character was being interpreted by the sexy David Huynh.  MmMmm Vietnamese actOR.

A while back I would download a ton of Gay movies.  Most of them were terrible.  The production quality so poor and story line was so irrelevant, yet predictable.  I have CDs of them collected somewhere.  There was a lot of junk produced by Here!  Though I remember watching Mysterious Skin by myself during one random afternoon.  I was excited about the kid from Third Rock from the Sun playing gay.  I thought Joseph Gordon-Levitt was sexy way before Inception.

I remember being shocked by the film.  It made me uncomfortable, but it was so interesting and brilliant.  The play was just the same with a cast of talented actors and a violent full frontal rape scene that silenced the already mute audience.

More theater productions please.

If you're in the mood for some LGBT flicks, check out Mysterious Skin, it's pretty atypical.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Squat Shitting

While (not) sober, I've been having interesting conversations with folks about random things.  
"You know, squatting to shit is more natural."
"But I can't even squat." And every time I see someone squatting I get this urge to push them over.

Huan was in Tanzania for two months where there was no toilet paper and only a hole in the ground to poo into.  He said that the Harvard kids would whine about the next time they would go to big city to buy toilet paper while the Berkeley, Cornell kids became "one with their body" when they had to use their (left) hand to clean their booty after a squat bowel movement.

"It makes sense, when you squat, your butt becomes the lowest part of your body... it prevents hemorrhoids because of the relieved tension.  We are built to squat like dogs, monkeys etc. "
"That makes sense... what about wiping?"
"use your hand."
"when you squat, your ass cheeks are spread so far a part that the poop doesn't smear anyway.  You usually wipe clean." I could only imagine getting intimate with my booty hole in the shower slash non-poop related things... like sex.

I was silenced as if all the answers to the world were just presented to me in the back seat of a car ride after having 4 shots of Skyy Vodka.  After that, Huan taught me a Tanzania kid's' song about simba.

Squat shitting is on my to-do list.  I apologize for the sandal marks on the toilet seat and I hope you have a hook so I can hang my pants because apparently it's no good to have your pantalones around your ankles.  POO will get everywhere!

I'm asking Jimmy about how to use the bucket of water in preparation.  "You're so 1st world," he proclaimed. HOW... exciting.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

3 Tanned Lesbians, a Keyword Search

Looks like I'm the number one hit when you type in "3 Tanned Lesbians" in google search.  You can also find my blog looking for "downe community" "hooking up on adam4adam" and "is brian tong gay"

So useful.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

It's Been Over a Year

I've been dying for another work event.  It's these things that make it all worth it.  I wouldn't go to these places and eat out as often as I do (did) if work didn't cover it.

The team that work with now is completely different from the team that I started with.  It's expected as the turnover rate is really high in my industry.

I rarely get taken out as much because the relationship with my partners isn't there any more.

Random band making noise on stage

Last year I got a little too messy.  But it was expected as we rolled in with a party bus.  This year, it was a calm limo. 

Chowing down

All new faces

I think this photo is charming

Look who I found

It was this event last year that I got really friendly with folks in the industry.  I apparently removed that entry because I was concerned with what I posted at the time.  You know, I think I was wearing the same shirt.


This event ends September.  And onto October!  September was... surprising.  Surprising September.  It came quick.  At a bar, my roommate talked to me about how I was doing.

"You know when you said that you're happier when I'm happy?"  Ern was referring to when I pointed out that his positive energy was contagious and when he was down, it pulled me down as well.   This is because when he rolls his eyes in annoyance, 5 bunnies and a baby deer dies.  He continued, "...I think it works with you too."

At that point I realized that I haven't been myself.  I haven't gone out so much.  I sleep a lot and all my stories involve the bus.  "I just want to make sure things are okay."

I responded that things were fine, but acknowledge that I was different.  It probably has to do with the accident and that I lost my 2010 moleskine that had these stickers that I've collected and movie stubs and laundry lists...  My memory is so shitty that I depended on that book to document my life before I had forgotten what I experienced.  Thankfully I have this blog.. but this is digital.  Like a digital web album vs. a physical scrapbook.  Different values.

Ugh.  Happy Friday night.  It's 2AM and I'm waiting for Huan to arrive around 4AM from the bay.  He has an interview at Compton.

Thursday, October 14, 2010


A couple of amazing dance pieces that I got from GotThatPho

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I'm Not Really Into Concerts - Is it my ADD?

I don't love any musical artist enough to sit through their entire set list.  If I wanted to listen to music, I would download the song and listen to it from my laptop...then do other things while it plays in the background like clip my nails.  This is what I've discovered going to a couple free outdoor concerts.  Ugh, so much standing.

The above photo was from the Eagle Rock Music Festival 10/2/10.  Loved the festival because there was a lot to see, weather was amazing and the company was lovely.  Thankfully there were multiple stages with different type of music so I could humor my a.d.d.

Here is Tokyo Police Club at the Toyota Antics block party on 10/10/10.  I enjoyed one of their songs, but funny enough, not the recorded version.  The balloons being tossed back and forth was my highlight.  I found myself trying really hard to enjoy the rest of the music set... but it was really forced.  Tried hard not to check facebook mobile, tried hard to enjoy the "show" ... to no avail.  But of course, loved the company and that's why I was there to begin with.  It was also nice to be outside.

Even during pop concerts I find myself bored.  I wish I could just press NEXT and the singer would go on to the next song.   I can watch this stuff on youtube and fast forward... I also have a better view looking at my monitor.

Thanks to work I've been to following

At the block party, they borrowed a church and had a little performance.  It was cool.

Something about the standing and the crowds and the pushing and being incapable of properly appreciating music has prevented me from enjoying concerts.  But I can dance all night to a great dj.  Dancing would be different than bobbing my head up and down and swaying like a drone.  Eating, driving or talking while live music is playing in the background would be perfect, but just standing there at a concert just listening.... kills me. 

My roomies tried to explain to me that it was about the experience.  To this I snarkly replied, "experience what?"

What am I missing?

Roommate Bonding Time

"German or Shanghainese food?" Sam facebooked the roommates.  We arrived at this authentic place called Shang hai bamboo and enjoyed some pork belly with steamed rice and various other things...  pretty amazing.

Other roommate bonding things-
  • Social Network movie outing.  Great movie.  Storyline. Acting. Wit.  Loved it.
  • Cook dinner together.. or rather watch Ern cook while I prepare the dining table. (Safeway Select Vodka Pasta Sauce is the best)

  • Breakfast - eat leftovers and clear out the fridge
:] LA isn't that lonely.  I also love eating together at the same table.  I'm going to definitely have my family sit down for meals when I have one.  I was raised at the family dining table.  Yes, I'm a let's talk about your day sort of guy.

Erik said that he never really felt at home in LA until he started hanging out with 321.  :]

Sunday, October 10, 2010

San Francisco - Eating and Dancing

September 25

A couple more shots from my San Francisco adventure.

The American Grilled Cheese Kitchen for lunch.  Cheesy deliciousness and a lovely picnic table meal.  We watched folks take wedding pictures.

Friends with overpriced cameras taking pictures of art.  Loving the muni bus system that took us everywhere.

SO Chicken lived up to Mony's hype.  Amazingly spicy! But the spicy pain disappeared quickly so we were able to continue eating.

Amazing nap and chill time before going out.

Bar on Church, why are you so fun?  Is it the ropes we can swing on?  Is it the bartender that flirts with me everyone?  "Do you want it strong?" he asked me with a wink.  "Of course!"

Dholla brought some Four Loko (alcoholic energy drink) and hid it in the bush.  Thankfully she covered the open mouth of the can with the gum wrapper so that bums wouldn't store crack/heroin in it.  I got a message from her the next day, "did I kiss someone?  I feel like I did."  I told her it could have been anyone.. who wouldn't want to kiss Ramona Flowers?

September 26
Went to the Folsom Street Fair.  Some of the fetish demonstrations made me nauseous, it was too hot.  It was like pride, but only the leather alley part of pride.  Do not need to return again.  Or if I do go again, I'll wear my leather chaps and bring a whip.  Because I'd rather participate than just be a spectator.

Friday, October 8, 2010

No Hondas!

Using an iPhone camera app.  Being artistic is easy!

Here I am on the bus 10/8 at 8:17am. I love riding the bus in the morning. There are plenty of seats, I'm in no rush, the air is crisp. I don't have to worry about morning rush hour. Oh.. and I get to use my $30 data plan to its full potential.

The evening on the other hand is a ball of stress. Bus is crowded, every one is grumpy because we all just want to get home safely, but some idiot has to start some ruckus. Walking home is a bit scary, esp. With the recent gang violence around my corner. I'm advised to buy mace. In the AM, I walk by some schools. Kids in uniform line up, as I walk by, folks are dropping off their kids. in the PM there are shady teens/young adults hiding in the shadows around the school- drug dealing? Making out with a girl? Escaping home? I walk faster.

Without the protection on my car, my beloved "east side la" lifestyle has become less wonderful; at least at night when I'm dodging switch blades and drunk homeless praying that my legs will direct me home the fastest way possible.

I've been feeling unsettled because "to buy a car" is this giant item on my to do list that haunts all of my thoughts until it has been completed. How good would it feel to just check it off!?! Despite losing my moleskine planner, checking that off in my mind would provide great relief. Relief like going to the dentist and coming out with zero cavities.

What's taking so long?
I have the "luxury" of being picky because I don't need a car so urgently. This bus route, my friends have lend to my independence from needing to have my own car.

It's stressful. The biggest purchase of my quarter life and it will affect my safety on the road and my magic number in my bank. Oh I could have used this money for alcohol. I could have used this money for more giraffe tshirts.

What do I even look for? I am a clueless gay that has a simple request: a jeep wrangler that won't kill me. I've been through enough auto related fun.

And... I refuse to buy a hondA despite how cheap, reliable and safe they are. No! No hondas!!!! So mediocre.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Revisiting Dragon

September 24

Dragon was walking distance from Mony's place.  Apparently blog reader P saw me standing outside but didn't say hi.


No messy stories, just running into lovely people like my old roommate Sigmund.

Jimmy shows us how to correctly photo bomb and David sends a very important text message
The best pictures were taken outside.  I enjoyed listening to Mony do business with the old owner of Dragon who read Mony's business card aloud, "director of sales, huh." He proceeded to give all of us free drink tickets.  Thank you very much.

I'm really amused by the photos that document leaving Dragon as opposed to the ones at Dragon.

Did you valet your car?  Nope.. took a 10 dollar taxi.

Just Mel's diner with terrible food.  No nachos? No thank you.  We obnoxiously sang happy birthday to John.  See him grab his cash as he doesn't want to lose his wallet again.  Had a Vietnamese connection with the girl next to us.  Ern tried to feed her calamari.