Friday, November 25, 2011

Living Room Upgrade

I don't think I'll ever be as into home decor as Old Brand New, but we upgraded our couch!! (Only because Eric was giving it away.)



Heh, I guess the flowers, lighting, and boyfriend without lazy eyes helped with the upgrade.


Sorry for the load of updates - I'm feeling a lot of relief blogging in bulk when I am allowed the time this weekend!  I am almost caught up!  It feels good.

Pigging Out in October

Wanted to share some food porn that I had in October. Alysia introduced me to Food Gawker which is a site that aggregates the best (homemade) food porn on the web. They also have an app.  It's over!!!

Los Angeles you have the best food ever.

Chicago Deep Dish at Masa in Echo Park
Ernesto's good bye dinner *sad face*

Korean Boo Dae Jji Gae (Military Stew) at Johnson House
Better when you're drunk

Lobster Pad Thai at some place in Beverly Hills that I would never eat at unless work took me there.

Must have Thai dishes at Ruen Pair in Thaitown
Morning Glory?  Ongchoy?  What is that dish on the bottom right that I love so much?

Vietnamese Goi Hen (Clam Salad) at Via Cafe in Chinatown
Little Saigon has better (of course.)

Thanksgiving with a Friend of 12 Years

It was the first year I missed Thanksgiving with my family, but luckily Alysia was also an orphan.  We made Thanksgiving lunch together with our friend Anand in west LA (yuck).  I told others about going to an "orphan dinner" this year and they thought I was volunteering.  No no... I don't volunteer silly.

Alysia is a chef we made the following from scratch:

  • Mashed Potatoes
  • Gravy
  • Apple Pie
  • Sweet Potato Casserole with brown sugar and oats
  • Dinner Rolls

We only bought a Turkey breast and Leg because it was only the three of us.  Cranberry sauced was canned and stuffing was boxed.

I've known Alysia for at least 12 years.  For 12 years I've gone to her house to eat her food.  Nothing will break tradition.  She was also the one that always urged me to move to LA.  My stomach is very thankful for that.

Each of these dishes required a stick of butter... mmmm American feast.

I'm thankful for the friends I've made, the family I have and the boyfriend that I live with.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Halloween Fizzle

A little month late, but Halloween was a bit of a bust.  I think I knew it was gonna be meh when I had to recycle a costume.  Though I liked my outfit, some guy came up to me and asked if I was supposed to be a dude from the 70s.  NO IDIOT, I'm  FUCKING GIRAFFE.  God.  I didn't expect it to be as epic as last year's Halloween, but I must say this year was pretty bad.

NO ONE seemed to have plans.  So we ended up just going to an org event that turned out to be a bit awkward even though all of our buddies were there.  Lots of older folks and there was cover to hang at someone's house.  I guess I couldn't complain with the open bar, but still... someone's house.

Ended up in West Hollywood somehow only to pay for parking and then go home 5 minutes in because my sergeant boyfriend was drunk and samurai guy was tired.  Fiizzzzllleeeee.

My 2nd annual pumpkin carving event was a success.  Complete with pumpkin pie, pumpkin beer and korean chicken wings.

Some interesting ones:  Salormoon cat, iPhone Fail Whale and on the far right is Jimmy's first successful jack-o-lantern.  I'm amused that no one wanted to take their pumpkin home, but whateves.

Next year I want to paint my face for Día de los Muertos in the style of Michelle Phan.  Let's do something different!  And possibly go on a haunted hay ride.  Why not?  Plan early so that I'm not just wandering around last minute.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

It's So Hot.

Back in October when it was still Summer time in LA, I texted Dab that it was SOOOOO hot.  He took the bait and invited me and Jimmy over to swim in his pool that sits in a glorious downtown loft near LA Live.

I enjoy inviting myself over.

Boo to Dab - he's moving more West.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Straight Guys in the Desert

Random trip to the desert for J.Lo's birthday.
He bought a Groupon that granted him access to a condo for the weekend in Indio.

SO how do straight guys party?

Straight guys pour you drinks and challenge your manhood if you dont drink it.

...they keep pouring you drinks... and toasting...and yelling...

yup... that's about all they do... pour ...drink... matter what it tastes or looks like you have to drink it....

and then you die....

you die outside... and you die inside

That's what you get for drinking with straight guys....

oh they draw on you too.  Straight guys love sharpies.

Amazingly - they woke up early, cleaned up and left the house while the gays slept in.  Oh.  The gays also took all the beds and sofas so the straight guys just slept on the grass outside... ain't a thing.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Korean Festival

I found it very interesting that none of my Korean friends knew about the annual Korean Festival in LA.  Nor did they have any interest in checking it out.  I guess because we live next to the giant that is Ktown - everyday we drive through it's like a Korean Festival.

But I was glad to check that off the list.  (Still need to celebrate Holi - Indian Festival of Colors and the Brazilian Festival that I missed earlier in the year.

Never seen Kim Chi in bulk like this before.  There were so many Kim Chi samples!  Lots of other foods too, but I couldn't read the signs... those circles and lines... is it the food item or price?  It's like hieroglyphic binary code.

Old man planning beer pong, free clay pot (the line was too long), floral crafts and a B-BOI competition.

Check out this giant white person. "ME WANT EXOTIC FOOD."

We continued our explore heading toward Northern Ktown where we found Zion Market nested in the middle of korean shopping mall.  I concluded that as you get more north, Ktown becomes nicer and expensive.  South of Wilshire Ktown is more hood - where Koreans and Mexicans fight for parking space.

We sampled this duk bok gi, loved it, and made it that night by adding ramen.  YUM!

Oh... Koreatown Pho is always suspicious.  Pho 24 also offers authentic Vietnamese gyoja and chow fun.  STFU.

Elements of a Successful Karaoke Nights

There's always something about karaoke that some people hate.  The songs were boring, they are self conscious, people are mic hogs, but we managed to overcome all of that during our Diva Karaoke night by making sure that we achieved the essential elements.

1. Alcohol
Can't do karaoke without being loosened up?  Max Studios in Little Tokyo was so lenient.  We "snuck" 6 bottles of soju and a 12 pack of beer in reusable bags.  We made sure we cleaned up and weren't too rowdy so that we weren't blacklisted.

2. Current Songs - Max Studios also prides itself in keeping up to date.  They had Rebecca Black's Friday.   Our group was really diverse.  Folks put in rock, dance, musicals, 90's R&B, pop all good energy.

3. Performing Divas - Dab won the diva award that night with his reenactment of the Little Mermaid while singing "Part of Your World."  Situated on a rock in the ocean, see Dab lift his tail yearning to have legs.

Tommy got runner up feeling the music.  First call out.

Andrew and Jlo's rendition of "Marry You" by Bruno Mars was pretty epic as well.  Channeling Glee. Really committed to this song! Awwww worthy.

4. All Sing - You have to pass the mic and put in songs that everyone will sing to.  We even got some shy ones to shine.  If you're gonna chip in for the room, you best sing a song!   Journey, Seasons of Love, Disney songs are all winners.  And because we went with a big group - 1.5 hours = $12 a person.

5. Share the Mic - If everyone looks bored while you're singing - cut it short!  We managed to be considerate of everyone's time.

At one point, there was a spill and I brought in a mop and danced with it while people sung songs from Wicked.

After party

Monday, November 14, 2011

No Rice Crunch Spicy

Think spicy, crunchy, crabby, eel sauce and no carbs.  This thing melts in your mouth.

Thank you Sushi Enya, I've been looking for a monster sushi roll place for a while.  MMmMMmm.

Fashion Night Out

Really didn't know what Fashion Night out was... because I'm not much about fashion.  Ended up at the Beverly center grabbing free champagne and desserts from the stores.  Watched really tall people walk up and down a stage with bored facial expressions wearing clothing that looked uncomfortable.... i think they call it a runway show??? whatever, it was boring.

High five you get this reference!  Click HERE if you don't.

Bien stole the shot

what a stud

blurry, but I like it

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Labor Day!

I'm like the reverse of retail - two holidays behind.

Just some pictures I wanted to share:

Cindy eating bulot for the first time
Bulot in taglog, Hot vit lon in Vietnamese is duck fetus that has formed in the egg... there are feathers... it is disgusting.


love these ppl

Didn't want kisses that night

I have three cowlicks... this is the result... it's an ugly chunk of hair that just hangs there disrupting the flow of my hair style.  No hairdresser knows how to properly manage it. 


Back in September we discovered a little group of wasps forming by the door.  The internet said to wait at night before exterminating so that the bees are sleeping.

We put on our safety gear and prepared for attack.

I used a lucha libre mask, swim googles and scarf.  Sam used a net and put it on his head.  Here we go...

To our amazement, the poison shot 20 feet.  We were prepared for attack, but the bees just fell to the ground.  Sort of anticlimactic.  But just in case, we had all escape routes ready.  The hall smelled like raid for a week.

I guess we were being a little dramatic... it looks scarier in person: