Friday, July 11, 2008

I Got A Tattoo!!!

Yesterday, I headed over the visit Huan and his boys Charles and Jun. They have a pretty sweet set up in Emmeryville. They have all the Karaoke games for playstation! I love to harmonize with Huan on "More than Words." I also found "Drive" to be in my range. We had a BBQ for dinner with Huan's mom's spare ribs and chicken! And swam in the pool.

There was a lot of meat. Nom nom nom.

Huan also got me to eat my green beans because he seasoned them so well. YUM. Fish Sauce and garlic and a whole punch of other powder!

I finally got to test out my European swim suit I bought from Hillcrest. Hehe. Though we didn't stay out long enough for me to tan my white thighs. I like the suit, though Huan thinks it's too loose. The front is Creme and the butt is blue. I think I scared some of Huan's neighbors :X

Huan and I checked out the play "The Busy World is Hushed" at the Aurora Theatre. I was pretty impressed. I was able to keep my ADD under control because the gay characters were making out and rolling on the floor in the very "intimate theatre." One of the characters was struggling to fall in love fearing that they will only leave. Why invest your heart when they can't become part of your life completely?

We spend so much of our lives looking for someone only to fear that they will leave. Why love at all when it hurts so much?

At night we checked out this new gay club called "Vibe" in Oakland which was pretty chill. No one was there so we got some drinks and bounced. We found ourselves just taking shots at Huan's place.

Huan likes walking around shirtless. So... we just stayed shirtless while taking shots and making chop suey with Huan's old veggies. Charles is a bartendar and made some interesting drinks. I drank a lot.

Huan gave me a tramp stamp and the boys proceeded to give me other tattoos. Omg. Drunk + magic markers = disaster I let the guys draw on my back. They reassured me it was pretty. Wow. It got all over the carpet and Huan's arm when I slept next to him.

Here's Huan with his hand in his pants. Apparently, it's pretty common to sleep gripping your balls. HAHA, he's going to kill me for posting this!
I drunk dialed James :X
Oops. But I didn't say anything that I wouldn't have said sober. God, I'm an obnoxious drunk. We got complaints twice. Heh. Yeah Thursday Nights. I'm back in College.

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