Monday, July 28, 2008

Hitting on Boys and Testing Your Comfort Zone

At Circuit City, I pick up the movie 21. The guy by the door says, "that's a really good movie."
He's sort of cute, "really?" I responded idiotically
"Yeah, but it doesn't teach you anything about Black Jack, but it's still a good movie." *smiles*
"Oh.. heheheh" Looked away, giggled and I scurried away.

Okay, the smart thing to do was to make conversation. I have a lot to say about the movie 21 and how it ignores the fact that the characters were based on ASIAN AMERICANS. Of course, Asian Americans wouldn't sell movies. But good thing they have ONE Asian American character.

Anyway. I lost my chance and decided to try to make conversation again and walked awkwardly back.

"Um.. do you have any Wii Fits?" I was hopping he would give me a review of the Wii Fit, like he reviewed the movie 21.
"No, but if you walk down that aisle there should be someone in 'gamin' that could help you."

FUCK! I walked the aisle, killed about 3 minutes and came back to Moany so that if he saw me he wouldn't think I'm retarded. MoAny explained to me that the people who stand at the entrance aren't allowed to talk to their co-workers, so they're dying for conversation. Thus, he wasn't hitting on me. Curses!


On Friday, I headed to downtown San Jose with some of MoAny's friends. We started the night off with some Sake Bombs at Koji Lounge. Then we discovered The Loft. We went after our usual drinks at Cinebar (of course). Madras, Tokyo Tea, AMF, AMF, Long Beach, White Russian: $33

At the Loft, there was a boy wearing my shirt. I was devastated! AHH!!! But luckily he was no where to be seen on the dance floor and that's where I'm at. MoAny and I grinded...moderately. With Aileen to step between us so that people wouldn't start making death treats. We Booty shook and a I heard a couple of people go "oh my god, look at those two guys." That's right, please put some money in the hat when you're done watching.

I LOVE TESTING PEOPLE'S CoMFORT ZONES. Yes, there ARE gay people .. yes, we can out dance you.

I made friends with this hot Indian girl. I LOVE HOT INDIAN/PERSIAN GIRLS!!! Cuz when they're hot... they are REALLY HOT.


After, at ihop, I caught the eye of some boy. I go back to my group. "What do you think of that guy over there? I think he's a 6 (out of 10). EVERYONE looks. Don't you hate it when that happens? "Actually, he's a 3" "yeah, about a 3."


I walked pass him as I went to the restroom, he was with his homies, I tried to catch a smile. Once again I was shy. "Why don't you write your number on a sugar packet and we can throw it at him as we leave." YES! But then he left before we did.


I've realized that I have interesting taste in boys. My 6's are apparently 3's to others. >.<.


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dannie said...

lol i wish he didn't leave so your group can attack him with sugar packets.