Monday, August 31, 2009

Giraffe Crossing

I love Giraffe Tshirts.

I will love you forever if you share giraffe tshirt designs with me.
I'm really sad this design was sold out. ugh! "Giraffes are the new Panda!"

For real.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sunday Morning Thoughts

"Back in high school relationships were based on feelings and then sex made them complicated. Nowadays relationships are based on sex and then feelings make them complicated."

If feelings come first, let make it work
If sex comes first ... then let's just have sex.


Got this off Darnell's Tumblr.

I was waiting for the phone that was in her hand to spark a fire and cause an earthquake.
Yes, I'm guilty. Yes, this makes me more paranoid. No, it won't stop me. But, master texters know where their buttons are. Yes, no excuse.

I keep watching this! It's so well made. I hope The Final Destination is this good!! Can you hear their spines cracking! Good lord.

BTW. Tumblr is dumb because you can't comment. DUMB DUMB DUMB

It's Uncomfortably Hot


Ernesto told me that he would never put himself in a situation where he knew he would be uncomfortable. Yet, as my situation unfolded he just listened without giving me any warning to heed because it was something that I needed to learn on my own.

Due to selfish needs, poor planning, abrupt indecisiveness and extremely hot and uncomfortable weather I found myself being a hassle, being a downer and being inflexible... qualities that I avoid. The "worst" in me emerged. I didn't like it. Others' also did not appreciate it.

Worst of all, consequently I put a friend in a terrible situation... which he is still upset about. It's the sort of thing that he would probably never forget.... and that I can't fix with a lunch or by feeling guilty and apologetic. I feel like something is owed.

Today, I was the bad guy.


I feel like shit.

Sorry for the vague entry. I don't feel like being honest today.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Flaunting Your Fat Picture

I think it's amusing when people post their fat pictures. I found this kid on downelink. He's a lotta cocky.

My friend told me that most of the guys he dates/hooks up with used to be a little larger. Maybe it's a fetish. Though I think I prefer the guy below fatter... he seems to have a bit more substance.

There are no Gays in Korea!!!

... because they all live in Korea Town LA!

Last night I had BEST Korean BBQ of my LAI-FE!!!
It's definitely better when you go with Koreans and since there were 3 Korean speaking Koreans we got 3 times the better service and 3 times complementary food!

...This compared to my last Korean experience where that Gong Joo BITCH demanded more tip and I was too drunk to refuse. OH speaking of other offensive things, I kept asking for Pooty Tang when I meant Bori Cha (Barley Tea).

I ate at Shik Do Rak and had duk bo sam style BBQ. This is where you place the BBQ in rice sheets and roll it... LIKE VIETNAMESE FOOD! The rice sheet was exactly the same as Banh Cuon!!! When I told my friend this he said, "that's because we stole from your people... and made it better" Har har.

Afterward I watched people get drunk.

As they started to drunkenly kiss each other (I was sober for the night), I realized that I was actually a decade younger than these folks, yet they still act/look my age.

"Can I get a kiss?" said the drunk Korean
"Sure!" responded the white bear
"WAIT, you have a boyfriend." Shouted a drunk Chinese guy
"They have an arrangement" responded another Korean
"Ai shi teru!!" yelled the Japanese dude from the other side of the room.

This white bear, obviously "rice queen," was in a 12 year relationship with some sort of 'arrangement.' He said that his boyfriend reminded all of his Korean friends of their dad. I gave him kudos while others in the room looked disgusted. "I believe that if you're really in love, there is no need for arrangements."

I responded, "I'd rather have honest arrangements than a dishonest and fraudulent 'committed' relationship." I spoke to a guy who I discovered to be very innocent in a 10 fingers game. "Yeah, my ex slept with my other ex... he was very conniving, cruel... it was intentional."

It's shit like thing that reminds me that "love" will not overcome all.
OoO, Bitter much? Maybe.

But it was interesting to see Gay Koreans, they are just like any other gay Asian... horny, yet infatuated with the idea of committed love.... who isn't?

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Letopho is NOT Sophisticated

This morning I woke up for wine tasting with my coworkers. I missed Sunset Junction Street Fair with Alysia for a tour of Temecula wineries.

When we arrived at the first vineyard, I was poured some wine to taste. Without knowing what to do, I downed it like a shot and then quickly realized that wine is a sipping sport. Some folks called me out, I was embarrassed. It didn't help that I was hung over from West Hollywood the night before and all I could really "taste" was the burning sensation.... but I managed.

I wasted a lot of wine, I was glad I was given the option of dumping what I didn't like. So wasteful.

After sampling 5 different wines from 3 different vineyards (EACH!) and getting a lesson on how to aerate the wine to get flavor, I concluded that... I am not a wine person. Period. There is no pretending.

The best thing that I tasted was ... the water I had with my lunch. And I was craving fast food all day.

But I did enjoy the cheese, the view and the amazing weather.


Oh and my coworkers teased me for wearing "Cholo Sunglasses." They're fucking sunglasses. LOL. And the ones my grandpa got me from a garage sale! Silly. Though I had fun putting my elbows up and going side to side, "it's cuz I'm from da bay!" I responded.

Clean, simple...

"I really needed that, I haven't hooked up with anyone since coming to LA."

Apparently folks think I've been sleeping around.
And though I've convinced myself that I don't need it, it was nice to have some

Last night I hooked up with a friend that I've already messed around with before. Since it's a repeat offender, it doesn't affect my numbers and I don't feel like a whore. But it was quite formulated. I showed him a good time in West Hollywood, he showed me a good time in my (subletee's) bed.

My friend was not a moaner, it was difficult to gauge pleasure. I need auditory approval so that I can continue performance. I was pulling all the stops, it's been such a long time and I wanted to get it ALL out of my system, but he was a little more passive for my liking. And by the way, I'm cut, you can't handle me like that! Ouch.

As I got ready for the day this morning, I looked down at his lean body wearing nothing but my basketball shorts. He was really hot- Clean cut, strong jaw, abs, smooth, tattoo on his pec; delicious. ... it was more body contact than anything else.

"Don't tell anyone about this."
"yup!" I replied. I kissed him on the lips, it wasn't returned.
"when you head to the bay, we'll hang out again!!" Heheh, I HOPE SO! I thought.
"I gotta go to a company event, you can let yourself out?
"Yeah, sure."
"Cool." And I was out the door.

Clean, simple, satisfying.

When I returned I found a note on my bed: "Thanks again Buddy!"
"Thanks..?" I chuckled, friends with benefits is an interesting concept.

I guess, I just needed a quick fix and he contacted me. It was appropriate. My other friend described his hook up quota to be once every 6 months. I know some folks that need it weekly and those folks are Filipino. Horny horny Filipinos.


I saw Brent Everett at Fiesta Cantina. Yess, a porn star, yes I recognized him. How was I so sure? His unmistakable forearm tattoo. No camera to take a picture. He was there for the NO on H8 campaign.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hipsters make ugly cool.

Hip Hop, Urban Street Hipsters?

Hip Hop Skinny Jeans and a new dance (old actually). This is out of control!


I feel like Hipsters are the precursor to mainstream culture by reminding folks of old trends that should or should not be resurrected. They (re)start trends months before it catches on by being more experimental with what their wear and what they listen to. They make mainstream question what ugly is at the time. Most things catch on to mainstream.. . such as skinny jeans, headbands, aviators, vests, suspenders, OKGO but some trends have yet to catch on again- mustaches.

And since gay fashion is not mainstream, the hipsters are interested! And soon actually now, everyone’s a little gayer looking.

So technically if I wear skinny jeans, I’m not a hipster.. I’m just trendy (or gay, european, urban, filipino... or a jerk). Especially if I buy it from urban outfitters. If I want to be a hipster I’d do something weird with the skinny jean like…. Tie a turtle neck around my waist. Oh.. and cut a hole in it.

Wikepdia and Urban Dictionary have great “definitions.”

I hope this catches on for the hipsters.


My twin Nate made me a playlist for me to listen to at work.

Love it!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

In this Huge City...

My Cubicle is more like a cubby hole with my desk facing outward. It’s better. I don’t have to hide what I have on my screen, but it’s bad because folks can tell I’m fucking around because of the ear to ear grin and random outbursts of laughter because I am chatting with other Guppies. I don’t have much of a pokerface.

So I went on a date with the boy I met legitimately then I went night clubbing with him and proceeded to inadvertantly ignore him the whole night. The morning after I told him that we should be friends.

It’s rare for someone to express interest in me. He liked that I was a big kid. I was flattered, and wanted to give myself the opportunity of getting to know him. Sadly, nothing sparked and naturally, I filed him under “good friend” as I do with all my gay encounters as of late. We cuddled at night and he asked for a kiss. I was friendly, but nothing went beyond.

That night, folks told me that I looked like I had a thing for my roommate, Ernesto. I guess that makes sense, we have good chemistry… friend chemistry. But I guess the same thing happened with other boys who I proceed to be affectionate with, yet feel no need to do anything more.

Does that make me picky? That I, being in LA for 5 weeks, have yet to hook up with anyone or be interested in anyone? That someone who expresses clear interest in me is quickly denied by my heart/mind? .. and that seemingly all I want is a good company and a friendly cuddle buddy?

I don’t desire a boyfriend. Nor do I desire a hook up. I just want company. I have become another LA resident waiting for others to run into me… to be touched.


I ‘m having dinner tonight with this dude named Cyrus. He’s half Japanese, half Persian. My intrigue in cultures amplified because he was a part of two. I haven’t talked to him in years, but he’s making the effort to see me. During my Sophomore year I hit on him. I remember him saying, “…. I don’t do those things…” we were drunk, I don’t remember what I said to him previously. We were outside of house party and my weird crush on him disappeared as he persued Japanese girls in school outfits.

I don’t know what to expect tonight. He wants to get drinks. But I’m taking it for what it is: another LA resident excited to show off their neighborhood.. their specialty in this huge city.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Making an effort to see people you love.

Michelle headed off to the East Coast to start her new chapter.
I was SOOOOO mad when I found out she was 20 minutes away from me drinking SoJu when I was at home cutting my toe nails. But I made a weekend out of seeing people I love in Orange County (where Michelle is originally from.)

Eating Chao and dancing like our Vietamese parents taught us.

Eating Korean pizza and genetically enhanced Korean chicken with Madeline. And teaching JV how to throw a Frisbee. He actually made an effort to see me. *heart*

Michelle told me she misses being hugged by her close friends. Michelle and I are touch oriented... in the non-creepy way.

*embrace*smash* Hey Michelle, remember our PhotoBooth pictures?

Trying to Make It More Interesting

My readership has dropped substantially. I guess you guys aren't interested in the boring drivel that I post about my after work habits and the full-of-myself statements that I make involving cliches about living life.


I have a lot of pictures to post about my Orange County trip and other food adventures, but the only ones really interested are those who are involved.

I guess I should trim the fat and get a little less shallow with my entries.

I highly recommend Make it Easy. His collection of pictures and music, mainly pictures or rather photography is captivating. His writing style is simple and his thoughts are succinct.

It makes me wonder about how I take pictures. I know what my friends look like, I don't need to be reminded of what I was wearing that day, why don't I try to capture the moment the best I can without handing my camera to a stranger and making my group of friends pose like cardboard cut outs.

I wonder if I would ever develop an artistic eye that knows how to frame candid photos with the perfect lighting. I don't want to read a book, I don't want to have to think. I want it to happen. I want it to be an innate talent. But maybe I should stick to what I'm good at: "PICTURE!" Is what I shout while yanking at people's clothing after successfully finding a photographer and lending them my camera. At least something was caught on film.

Pictures: Clubbing on the Roof in a fog machine abused room. Friday night.

Skinny Jeans

This is what happens when you wear other people's clothes.

Wow, my balls couldn't breathe. Never did I think that skinny jeans would be worn casually by guys again.

To mimic style or not to... that is the question.

What do you think?

13837 x your age x 73 = ? try it. You will get an interesting result..
What is your Ninja Name?

A- ka
B- zu
C- mi
D- te
E- ku
F- lu
G- ji
H- ri
I- ki
J- zu
K- me
L- ta
M- rin
N- to
O- mo
P- no
Q- ke
R- shi
S- ari
T- chi
U- do
V- ru
W- mei
X- na
Y- fu
Z- zi

Letopho = Takuchimo Norimo

Friday, August 14, 2009

Friday Thoughts.

Date with a Boy.
I met a guy legitimately through a friend while night clubbing. We hit it off and he offered to take me to Griffith Park to watch the meteor shower.

When he picked me up, I discovered that he knew Sam, my future roommate. Of course.

We went to Pink’s Famous hotdog and for the hour wait, I had the worst hotdog of my entire life. Ugh. Famous for being a 70 year old business. Not famous for being good. I wanted a Costco Dog at that point. He informed me that Griffith park was closed so we couldn’t go star gazing. We ended up coming back to my place for a movie that he “conveniently had in his car.” Uh Huh.

I wasn’t very interested in the movie he brought: Stardust and started to fall asleep. He got cute and said, “Get it… Stardust? Since we couldn’t see shooting stars in real life I was thinking we can watch them in the movie.” I started to laugh uncontrollably.

He slept over until 3am. He asked me for a peck on the lips and I complied. It felt nice to kiss again. It was innocent, his mustache is intrusive and needs to be removed and I fell asleep acting goofy and he left me alone because I had work the next day.

*Half Smile*

Move In Situation
I’m absurdly excited for my new place.

It is a fun house! My room is in an Attic in a house that reminds ppl of “Sabrina the Teenage Witch.” I wonder what magic is in stored. It’s ridiculous. There are hallways that have been turned into closets. Functional doors where they are unneeded and walls that angle at weird degrees for no reason. This one room has 3 walk in closests big enough to be more bedrooms and there are two makeshift stairways. My description does not do it justice. Also, my rent is under 400 without utilities and parking is a cinch! The kid in me exploded with excitement. I started to day dream about making an arcade room, a hookah room, a sex dungeon room. LOL!

And I want to throw a HUGE house party. I hope the Latin family downstairs does not mind.

AND Andy’s family is moving to Taiwan he offered me ALL of his furniture.

PLEASE visit me. I’m so excited… I’m also looking forward to a Foam Party at my local gay bar during Labor Day weekend when MY BOIZZZ come visit me!

Oh Happy day!

This Weekend
I have nothing planned. Time to start exploring my neighborhood.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Truck Woes

18 MPG. Not good.
Plus I'm too cheap to fix the self inflicted scratches and dents in my truck. Except I also got keyed. Blah

This weekend, I locked my keys in the car and had security on bikes and yellow jackets slim jim the back window open using my antenna. It is permanently bent.

Michelle had to climb through the back window. Best 45 minutes of my life. Sadly, security wouldn't take pictures with us.

This morning, I did the same thing in the garage of my work, luckily the Valet dude had hanger and I got 6 more butch points for being able to break into my car before work began.

This evening, I backed up into a tree.... I heard a large crack sound as I was pulling forward. To my surprise, a branch got caught in my bumper and before I knew it, I had a natural car embellishment.



Now why would I want to invest in a new smaller car?

July Recap Part II

It's Mid-August! I'm so behind.
Here are some picture of my July in LA.

: A Taiwanese Restaurant that's Native American themed. Beer is served by girls with short brown skirts and a large red feather in their hair... wait a minute.

Brady and Cheri from Old school NSU back in Berkeley!

I love Echo Park. And my new Roommates AND deep dish pizza at Masa's... actually no, I like think crust, but this was still good!

Sawtell area with Andy Chung. Our Exes are dating! It's fun!

Manhattan Beach with Alysia and her GURLfriends

I'm gonna remain dark forever!

Pick your distraction

Dinner at Sloopy's for some white food.

Worst nachos I've ever had despite how pretty it is. I think it's cuz Carl wasn't here!

Fast foward to Wednesday. Thai food at It's Thai Hometaurunt with Alysia.

And then Scoops Ice cream after.

Ernesto and me at a gay hipster club. Yeah, confusing.

I am Happy to be Busy

..but I like to breath now and then.

Today is the first day since I've been in LA that I want some alone time. I couldn't have been more excited than to return to my sublet, cook my favorite ramen dish and upload photos.

This is probably due to the fact that I partied last night, Tuesday Night in the OC and that a lot of information was thrown at me at work today. I can't help but feel retarded and that I'm not picking up things as fast as I should. I could sense disappointment, but I'm trying really hard... I hope that my eagerness can compensate for my incompetence.

Monday, August 10, 2009

I Love Themed Parties!

As I'm thinking of a theme for my house warming party in Sept. ..

I run across my cousin's "Gangsta Shizz!"
Fuck, this is so awesome:

It says 408 on her stomach!! Yeah San JOSE!
Gangsta themed party! But I don't think my gay friends/ME would be very convincing.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

I Need a Prius

Ernesto has a prius, he's really environmentally conscious. I joked that when he parked, I saw his Prius plant seeds.

On Friday:

Instead of going out to "White Night" with my coworkers for some German Sausages at Wurstk├╝che and then fancy pants night clubbing at the Edison and instead of going to West Hollywood to see old NSU folks, I chilled with Ernesto at AkBar- a local (key word) Gay Arabian Themed Hipsters club... that means, a whole bunch of fun songs I dont know AND MIA, Jimmy Eat World and Katey Perry... my head was spinning. It was like someone's iPod was playing. While people watching, Ernesto and I decided, the hat, skinny jean, vest, aviators, cigarettes and kicks was too much "look."

I tried to track down my coworkers because they were in the same neighborhood to no avail. We got the munchies and had some Eggplant at Suehiro Cafe in Little Tokyo and my coworkers spontaneously poured in! "CHRISTOPHER LQ!" Of all places in LA, of all places.

I introduced my coworkers to my future "roommate" Ernesto and he lift his arms, spread his legs and said, "HEEEEEEEEEEEEEYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!" .... jk. But that would have been funny. Blog readers this is my "roommate" Ernesto. He takes care of me.

And... BTW. there is such good food here, I am collecting business cards like mad.

To DO:
A. LACMA with Antony to see Contempory Korean Artists (though I briefly saw this already.)
B. Kim Chi Pizza with Michelle before she leaves for DC... forever! + Possible OC night clubbing.
C. Sunday in the OC with Madeline -> Call JV and Cousin

Missing Out on:
A. West Hollywood to see Sally and Colleen
B. Universal Studios with Randy and Breck
C. Lunch with Jane (who I found out on Twitter that she just decided to drive to LA from San Jose after work. WHO DOES THAT?)
D. Modern Dance Class with Ernesto (he wanted private time *sad face)
E. Gay Swim team fundraiser in Long Beach. 1 dollar beers. (ARG! No time!!!)
F. Happy Hour with Will B.- he never called me back :[

Next Week
A. Find Time for Sally
B. Connect with Connie
C. Meal with Cyrus
D. Cook dinner with Sandy!
E. Connect with my coworker about buy a bicycle to bike to work =X

YEAH LA.. Keep it coming, I will arrange/prioritize my time SO efficiently. BOO YEAH. And I STILL need to look at the recommendation list from Danster and Trinh!! TO DO LIST IS SO EXTENSIVE!


Blowing my mind:
Yeah Ebrahim!!!!!!!

Thanks JR!