Thursday, February 26, 2015

February Recap

Eating out February
The Spoon - Koreatown - Kimchi Pilaf
Poke N Roll - Glendale - Not really Poke, but lots of fish options.  Unagi and roasted garlic!
Sage Organic Vegan - Culver City - Vegan Ice cream
Kang Kang Food Court - Alhambra - XLB and Pan Fried Dumplings an
Fred 62 - Los Feliz - Bossa Nova Waffle
Feng Mao - Koreatown - Lamb Skewers
Monzo - Little Tokyo - Basic Dipping Udon (a bit too bland)
Steampunk - Burbank - Mexican Mocha and Chicken and Waffles

Because of Hawaii, I wasn't able to throw a 2nd annual Lunar New year party.  It was quite a bummer since it would have been called "Get Rammed" for year of the ram/sheep.  A missed opportunity indeed.  Other things that happened in February.

  • hearts everywhere
  • Valentine's Hotpot with my baby
  • people driving up on random things
  • Andrew's 2nd annual backyard bbq at his parent's house in Larchmont

My twitter post made it on ABC news!

We also checked out the Louis Vuitton Series II exhibit.

We snuck onto a helicopter pad on a Glendale rooftop

Checked out the Tet Festival in the OC.  So many politics that lead to the fair being canceled or moving locations.  It's hard to keep track.

Celebrated Mitch's birthday in Echo Park.  Mitch has lots of straight friends with babies.  One of the gays said that they wanted a baby and I responded sharply, "then you wouldn't be able to travel!"  Jimmy hushed me scared that one of the wives would hear me.  Oops.

It's nice to have a local Vietnamese friend to connect with on a cultural level.  Mitch is so Viet that he listens to Vietnamese Music.  It's such a relief from hanging with Filipinos who are seriously obsessed with themselves.   So much pride... and emotions.  

"You know you're Filipino when..."
"20 Celebrities you didn't know were Filipino"
"13 MUST Try Filipino Dishes."

It's like the Asian staff of Buzzfeed is only Filipino.  And most Filipinos who've I've met can't stop talking about being Filipino.  It's pinoy-ing.

...anyway.  This is Mitch, he's VietnAmazing

Friday, February 13, 2015

Michele's Wedding in Hawaii

My cousin Michele got married in Hawaii which is pretty significant since she grew up there.  It was symbolic that she start a new life in the same location as her previous life.  Since I was going on my own, representing my dad's family, I opted to live cheaply.  AirbNb - put me on a couch in a living room for 4 nights with a spectacular balcony view.

Though my cousin did far better than me, getting a roof top suite for $100 a night last minute.  You win younger cousin.

We had a rooftop party with soju and spam musubi from Musubi Cafe Iysume.

Life is so hard!

Dinner was a treat with this cheese garlic dish I've never heard of - Ninniku CheeseAge from Izakaya Tako-No-Ki.

Michele's mother passed away before she could see this day.  But her dad was there to take her down the aisle.  It was so beautiful.

And then some shrimp scampi from the Honos food truck in North Shore!  Just as good as Giovanni's!

Wash it down with shave ice from Matsumoto.  YUM!

Cousin selfie stick picture!

Reception time!  I wanted to do a speech and tell Michele that she has always been a role model and that we will always look up to her for inspiration.  But we were short on time so I added that to my gift to her in a photobook.

They got handmade soaps for everyone!  What a great parting gift!

Dinner ended with fire dancing and hula dancers of course!

Michele was so happy I caught this moment.  Family members from both sides of the family doing the Aloha wedding song dance sung by her uncle.

The day after the wedding I spent some alone time hiking diamond head with a few hundred other tourists.  The view is definitely spectacular.

Such a beautiful day too!

My Airbnb hosts were wonderful enough to take me to the Waialua plant to learn about cocoa and soap.

While we were at it, we stopped by the Dole Factory.

My hosts even took me out to Pali lookout where we discovered an abandoned highway.  It was a great hike.  They should fix it up to be open to the public, but for now it was for us to explore.  I was pretty lucky that they had time to take me out.  They even took me to the airport to catch my flight.  They are a modest couple trying to enjoy life and stay positive about everything they experience.  I loved their energy.

In the evening I caught up with my cousin on the Maita'i Catamaran.  Unlimited Maitais?  Yes please!

Despite the cost per luggage and non reclining seats, the flight was pleasant and only $421 from LAX.  Though Hawaiian Air was the same price closer to the wedding date.  Darn.

It was a nice trip.  To be with family, to experience a beautiful wedding and to spend time with myself exploring the mountains of Honolulu.  It's also good to know how close it is and how a weekend trip isn't impossible.  Next time I go, I'm going to find the places that my dad use to hang out - their old apartment and high school.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Break Up Season

Two years ago I wrote about being surrounded by gay couples.

It was an optimistic post that declared that gay long term relationships actually exists and that I have something to look forward to in the long run.  Two years later a 3rd of those couples that I mentioned in that post has broken up.  What's odd is that they all broke up at the same time ringing in 2015 painfully awkward, yet they all seemed to be reprogrammed to start new projects that are focused on self accomplishments.

Is there an expiration date?  Is there something in the air?

3 month mark - Superficial Reasons
6 month mark - Substantial Reasons
3 year mark - Start Over. New Chapter. Refocus. 
6 year mark - Shit.

It seems like for relationships there are time markers during which couples or individuals really reevaluate.  Maybe instead of celebrating anniversaries with Jimmy I should be celebrate passing these markers.  But as we get older, it really is an accomplishment.

How does it make me feel?

I feel like I should be more concerned and upset that I actually am.  I feel like my optimism has taken a blow and I should be protesting, but I've come to accept it as a reality.  Maybe it's because gay men challenge themselves to prove that they are better than what society expects them to be.  And this requires them to constantly reevaluate their achievements, relationships and life goals.

Anyway, I'm currently obsessed with Oliver Hampton from How to Get Away with Murder.  When they first introduced him, I rolled my eyes because he was a stereotype Asian character: nerdy, weak, taken advantage of... but as the show progressed the writers really fleshed out the relationship.  The latest scene got my emotions all tangled up.  And Oliver got so cute so fast. Of course I'm following the actor Conrad Ricamora on instagram.

Take it slow Oliver... but check-in in 6 months.

I haven't watched TV in years. I refer to youtube to find programing that includes Asian Americans.

Mass media seems to only include people look and think like you, but if you walk the footsteps of an Asian you'll learn things you never knew you never knew...

Fresh of the Boat is hilarious.   Let's make it through one season, that's all I ask.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

January Recap

hat a food adventure in January!  This is where I explored:

Lobsta Shack - Lobster Rolls - Chinatown
Monja Tailker - Noodles - Rosemead
Belly & Snout - Filipino Fusion - Koreatown
Dai Ho - Noodle noodle noodle - Temple City
Jazz Cat - Golden Fishballs - San Gabriel
Whiz -Burger - Koreatown
Jasmine Market - Coconut Lamb Curry - Culver City
Jazzcat - Jurassic Meat - San gabriel
88 Beef Noodle - Arcadia

Angel City Brewery also provided much entertainment encouraging us to bring our own board games and importing snow... for kicks.

The Line Hotel is really dishing out posh venues.  Commissary a greenhouse restaurant that serves $12 carrots and a new 80's themed bar that's on my to-do list.

What really annoyed me about this place is that it served my lychee cocktail in a miso soup tupperware.  My eyes were rolling so far behind my head I can see the Inside Out characters in my brain.

Other things:
- Took my cousin out to the Abbey for the first time.  I made her touch the go-go boys and she told me she felt like she was cheating.
- Checked out "Dance Yourself Clean" at the Satelite in Silverlike which was uber fun.

- Check out a gay night at Grand Star Jazz Club in Chinatown which turned out to be a lesbian night called Rumours.

Oh what a month.