Sunday, September 22, 2013

September Concerts and Performances

Andrew invited me to Live Arts Exchange (LAX) which a show case of contemporary home-grown performance emerging out of Los Angeles.

According to the website, these "innovative artists and independent companies in LA, creates social events that encourage cross-genre hangouts, and provides opportunity for peer to peer critique."

I was in awe at the entire experience which was very intimately held at the Bootleg Theater down the street from my house.  I was sitting at ground level.. the dancers could have kicked my face if they wanted too.

We didn't expect the performance to be so visual, I only had my iPhone to capture this and I'm a bit sad that we were late to the event.  The piece above was so sensual, the guy and girl had some much chemistry my breath was taken away.  There were moments when I couldn't believe that these people were human.  They were so elegant, passionate... beautiful.  Wow.

In September I also saw the XX at the Hollywood bowl.  The visual effects were so bright that I had to wear sunglasses like an idiot to enjoy the show.  The XX reminds me of my days riding the bus when my car was totaled.  The music is mellow and I has a calming effect that helped me clear my mind while I rushed to the next stop.

There is an annual industry event that I have fond memories of back in the day when I started working in LA.   These memories included over drinking and being regretfully social.  Regretful because I couldn't remember who I talked to.. if only business cards all had faces on them... and a record of the conversation.  This event at the House of Blues on the Sunset Strip is a Battle of the Bands.... I took note of a cute pianist who I later found at the bar and purchased him a drink on the company tab.  I was networking... he could be a potential client.  He was grateful since he works in web design and never gets treated out.

Afterward, we took our car to Thai Patio where my coworker bowed to his Thai dessert and my other coworkers slow danced in the aisle.  I can't take these people anywhere.

The Space Between Us - janet Echelman photo by Mike Ryan

I also checked out Santa Monica GLOW which was terrible.  Too many people and a lot of wandering - everyone looked lost and disappointed.  The pieces were so far a part from each other that I was too tired to really enjoy them when I finally arrived.  Good try West Side.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Out on the Mountain 2013

This might be a yearly tradition.  Six Flags gay day called "Out on the Mountain" has always been a great time -  the nights are warm and the lines are short.  We could be extra fabulous too.

We tried out the new ride Full Throttle which was pretty amazing as well as the carnival section of the park.

I've decided that the fastest way to get rid of $3 is to play these stupid games.

Jeremy was my date because our boyfriends don't like roller coasters.

Notes for next year:  No Green Lantern, no Riddle's Revenge.  Terrible terrible rides with long lines.

We felt the affects of old age when we were all roller coaster nauseous toward the end.  Oh you youngins.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

A House Warming Party

Just wanted to post pictures that Jimmy took from Jon's house warming party.  Jon lives with his boyfriend Anthony in a cute bungalow in Santa Monica.  Probably the only time I would be on the Westside aside from work.  Anthony also seems to cook amazing things when he hosts events.  Oh Joy!

Charles and I took a selfie in front of Jon's garage door which was projecting some art.

I decided to buy Jon a house warming gift:  A Unicorn poster.  I'm so thoughtful

This guy brought Korean pears... ugh, totally upped me

Their place is so cute.  They have it for one more year!

Went to Santa Monica Glow - it was a bust.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Exploring Spring Street in DTLA

I planned a lunch at Grand Central Market to try Sticky's Rice's Hainese Chicken Rice dish that LA Weekly said was one of the best.  It was wonderful!  And recently we discovered that the garage next door is one hour free with validation.  Score!

But too late for this day, we parked on the street which allowed us to do a little exploring specifically on Spring Street

Grand Central Market is evolving with newer trendier places to eat which includes Sticky Rice, Horse Theft BBQ and Egg Slut which is getting a lot of hype.  My coworker from London says that Egg Slut does their bacon like in the UK and she loves it.  It seems like the original food stands don't seem shaken by the new competition ... if anything it brings in more people into the market.  Hopefully this market keeps its charm and continues to grow humbly.

Spring Street Park is also a new addition to DTLA.  It's nestled between tall buildings and offers a nice walk way and play area for children.

As we kept walking we noticed a surprise farmers market that was about two blocks long.  How pleasant.  This guy's socks caught my eye.

I've walked through the Last Bookstore, but I never explored the upstairs which was an awesome adventure complete with art, vintage goods, mazes and secret reading rooms.

I don't know if sorting the book by color is helpful.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Mony and Joe Surprise Visit

I came back to the house to find these punks waiting for me.  WHOA!  My boys from the bay are in town on an impromptu trip because they had miles... I guess I'll have to put something together for us to do.

LACMA!  There was a pie content and if you wore an apron you were able to get in for free.  This was what I was able to find for them.  I confused people though asking for the Pie Eating Contest .. which I think would be a more interesting event.

This is Joe observing the exhibits at LACMA.

This is the result of me making fun of joe and his efforts at taking some camera trick pictures.

We grabbed some potato balls from Portos (chicken is the best!) and took a nice nap at Echo Park... and they were off.

What a nice weekend.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Eating Out August

Enjoyed these Chicken Potpie like morsels at King Hua dim sum in Alhambra and of course my favorite - flakey taro crescents.  This place takes out the fun in dim sum carts and allows customers to select what they want to eat from a menu.  Less fun, but more fresh!

Stopped by Fosselman's Ice Cream which has a lot of history.  I'm not one to love or crave ice cream, but this was a lovely treat.

Found some boba at Bobaloca near my work.  They also served amazing sandwiches and a pretty solid milk tea for this area.  Oh look!  I match the silhouette!

Found a hidden gem in Monterey Park reading Gastronomy Blog.  This cute Burmese restaurant called Daw Yee Myanmar Cafe is worth checking for their fried dishes and tea salad.  Didn't like the noodle dishes too much, but this place definitely is unique.

Stopped by Tasty Garden for a Hong Kong style dinner.  Charles was hoping for Hong Kong Tea without milk.  Waitress said no.

This Silverlake Ramen gave me intense indigestion.  Probably because it was extra fatty, spicy and flavorful and my body was still adjusting from coming back from Asia.  Dab was moving out and gave us a couple of things to remind us of him like old cameras and books he never read.

Yu Chun probably serves the best Naeng Myun or Korean Cold Noodles in town.  I never really liked this dish because I felt like I was going to choke on the noodles.  But on a hot summer day (look how they're dressed) it was really good.  Their bibimbap is spectacular as well!  Huge portion and should be shared.   Our meal came with this soup that I swear tasted like KFC.  We concluded it was just a bowl of MSG.  Mmmmmmmmm.  My new fav!

Huan came to town so we stopped by BCD Tofu House.  Nothing much else to say about this very popular soondubu joint.