Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Work Karaoke and Web Junk

June 24 - Work event. Networking, alcohol, networking... karaoke.

I think we sang Bon Jovi's entire greatest hits album...Until 2AM.

Some WebJunk

Spent an 20 minutes watching Old Spice commercials. I actually use Old Spice. lol.

Future of Mobile Advertising

Skip to 2:25 - Cutest Thing Ever. Seriously. They're just friends.

Sausage Fest

June 20 - Sausage Fest

After we called our dads on Father's Day, we celebrated Jimmy's arrival as the new roommate with our other daddies. We had sausages from different parts of the world and pigged out.







Roommate love

Photos c/o Jimmy

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Pasadena Chalk Festival

I asked Mario what there was to do in Pasadena on June 20 and he said there was the Annual Pasadena Chalk Festival where 179 sidewalk chalk murals were being crafted adjacent to Old Town. Excellent!

But first, a little Latin Jazz anyone? I really wish I had a dance partner.

(thanks geneticboi for the tips).

A vomit of chalk art. Pretty amazing.