Thursday, September 18, 2008


Last night I rested my head on Mony's lap while watching Will & Grace. When he left, I wrapped my arm around Neil's shoulder and fell asleep.

I'm intrigued at how we find comfort in being able to touch one another. I guess it's a reminder that we are alive.


Caitlin and Joe helped me get organized.

Thursday Night: Cousin Dinner at Hukilau at 8
Friday: Spend time with Alysia
Friday Night: Dinner and Roller Skating (Mipitas) with who ever wants to go!
Saturday Night: Probably a dinner with my immediate family
Sunday: Last minute shit and flight leaves at 1:00pm from SFO.

Deep breath.


I am concerned about customs in Vietnam. My parents have opposing views.
Mom: Say you're a poor student! They won't bother you if you're not a threat!
Dad: No! Grow out your facial hair so you look tough! So they won't pick on you!

Shit, where am I going?!
But I'm anticipating that I'm going to get held up because I have a whole bunch of electronics. But fuck you, I ain't bribing no one. I will politely wait.

Torture me! I am one tough cookie!

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