Saturday, September 13, 2008

Hodgepodge of thoughts and happenings

People with direction get shit done.

My girl Caitlin found work, volunteer and schooling within two weeks being in San Jose. Unlike me and many others, she knows what she wants, applies appropriately and nails interviews.

It amazes me when people have so much direction. People that go into culinary school right after high school. People who have dreams and paths and make it there young.

But it seems impossible to get there when you don't know what makes you happy... and the days drag on. I am just impressed and inspired by people who are moving forward at the speed of light.

I taught her to send thank you emails to people who interview her, she taught me to always follow up to things I apply for. And I realize that maybe I havent been getting jobs is because I don't follow up. I just send a passive email to be marked as spam.

No shit right? I won't make mistakes with things I really want.

I noticed this boy at a bar last night.
He seemed gay, but I was at straight bar so you can never tell. I really wanted to say hi to him, especially when he was by himself for a long period of time. I kept looking over trying to catch some eye contact to no avail. His friends finally showed up and my opportunity to approach him lessened.

As my friends were leaving I just said fuck it and walked up to him. I squeezed myself passed his friend and I whispered in his ear, "I just wanted to tell you that I think you're cute." To this he responded with a head nod.. maybe to acknowledge that he can hear me. I caressed the back of his head and ran toward the exit without looking back before he pulled out a gun to shoot me.

The rest of the night was hot. My high school friends and I checked out Fahrenheit for a birthday and partied hard. I was always disgusted with the place because the cover was so high, but was impressed because people looked better. Another TO DO completed! Lots of freaking! We met this 39 year old and I danced with her and dang, she humped me so hard.

I wonder if that will be me when I'm 39. Dancing very sexually with 23 year olds. People are unpredictable.

My friend who seemed conservative undulated as if he was gay. I wonder about him too especially when he was slapping my ass as I danced. That boy can move!

I liked how people were dressed to impress. Some of the San Jose ugly had been filtered out because of the strict dress code. Only some. Caitlin made friendly with the door man so she's set at this club.

Earlier at Cinebar (remember kids, cheap and strong drinks. 4 drinks for 21 bucks!) this scary bearded man was talking to Caitlin and I intervened to protect her. "Let's get drinks now!" And pulled her away. Caitlin responded, "he was going to buy me a drink!" Aww man messed up again!


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Stanza said...

Not fair, I wish I had someone coming up to me and saying that I'm cute when I'm alone in a bar :(