Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Men need "release"

Mom: What ever you do, please don't have sex in Vietnam
Pho: You don't have to worry about that. I don't even have sex here.
Mom: How is that possible?
Pho: I don't know, I just don't need it that much.
Mom: But you're a man and men need "release."
Pho: Uhhh... you don't need to have sex to get "release" Mom
Mom: Oh, because they can do it themselves. So you do it yourself?
Pho: ... yes.
Mom: I just learned a new word, "Jack up?... " Something?
Pho: Jack off?
Mom: Yeah!! Jack off! So you jack off?
Pho: *walks away, vows never to enter the kitchen again.*


Rafael said...

Oh noooooo she diidddnnn''''!

dannie said...

hahaha omg!!!! so cute lmao

mich said...

wow. our moms are exactly the same.

J-code said...

LOL I hope I will never ever ever EVER have to have that conversation with my mom! I still remember the day my parent attempted to talk to me about body changes during puberty, urgh! that stills gives me the chills now!

Tofu said...

that sounds like a calvin and hobbes strip that they pulled from the sunday paper before it could be printed

Huy said...

Uh, Pho, whatever is it you jack in the US, don't bring that stuff over here.
It's illegal and you'll go straight to jail.
Plus, it's gross

Lisa said...

WOW . . . . . hahah!

Stanza said...

Would of been worse off if your mom actually caught you spanking the monkey :)

Perry said...

dude... that is so funny! haha... :P at least she shows interest. best of luck to you in vietnam. :D